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  1. The last time i tried it is some time ago so i dont know the exact error message, but the aatranslator itself was unable to open the aaf file. My version was uptodate and i contacted the programmer of aatranslator that time. As it was a small project (like always im doing post) i just rented protools, opened the aaf in there and bounced the tracks for reaper. I didnt had a dialogue with the editor to try different export versions as the project was quite small and i dont wanted to spend much time on things like that. But all projects i did (different editors, etc.) were similar unsuccessfull.
  2. I'm also sold to reaper for about six years now. As I'm mainly doing music with it I have trouble all the time I'm going to use it for film post. The problem is that reaper is not supporting aaf import. I tried a lot of workarounds over the years inclusive "aatranslator" but unfortunately with no satisfying results. Anybody has success with any workaround importing aaf to reaper?
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    Would be interesting if its comfortable to write a sound report inside the device. With the 788t it was practically very bad so i chose the ambient solution via beetle, but it lacked very much with reconnection speed of ipad and keyboard as well as the option of just writing comments to the previous take.
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