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  1. … at 13:14 about the TC menu in Bluetooth mode… a hint: Timecode Systems. Ditch the box ! 😉
  2. According to the ''how to'' for the dipole, is the gauge of the coax affecting the performance in the end ?
  3. ...and if we add "extreme wind protection" to the equation, any of you dear people here had the opportunity to compare several models ?
  4. Boomboom


    They will, they're already on it. I can't find the link but I saw it this morning. It even got a name that fits …
  5. Boomboom


    Does that mean new quad compact receivers with Dante out ?
  6. ''The primary output carries timecode and genlock/wordclock. This gives you the freedom to choose running it either on straight, Y-split cable or 2 separate leads using the second connector for timecode which also connects to devices that support ACN for metadata transfer. '' Mmmm, I'm not sure I'm totally following; does it mean that it can control, say, a 788 via ACN using the app ?
  7. ''The SD boxes, from 6xx on, are very cool (have had 2), but as an oldster I do wish that the 7xx series had continued. And the recording situation described above is where that design really shines. It could well be that an updated 788 would have to sell for too high a price to be competitive in the world of the F8 etc. But I wish they'd try.... '' You tell me ! the machine's probably too ''old'' to even think about just a newer version of the CL-8 with Bluetooth for app and new features in general to give the 788 a new life… that's a shame ☹️
  8. Since it's sunny here and getting warmer, a little piece of canajun rock'n'roll
  9. There's a few discussions here on this website concerning that. SD, Zoom… and I even ran into a wall with my car's memory cards that need to be ''old'' to work and formatted in fat32 only… but that 2012 car is another story... anyway anyhow, like you said, as I'm looking for a 32Go card it happens to be relatively cheap so worst comes to worst I'll be buying one or two and run a test
  10. 😄 I took the habit of asking first since I bought 3 cards for a recorder that wouldn't work after testing (and they were ''above specs'' of course, but later said to be ''too fast''). No big issue since these cards work A1 into my digital cameras, etc... so, well… but now having quite a few cards around, I'd rather ask than buy another bunch that'll end up as gifts for my nephew's phone or my friend's camera. Thanks for your input ! 👍
  11. It's been seen that too fast a memory card won't necessarily give good results with some products. Faster is not always better from what I've been reading. That's one of the reasons why manufacturers tend to give an ''approved cards'' list nowadays.
  12. I was wondering if any of you tried a 32Gb card that works flawless with the recorder ? The approved cards list is still the same as when they released the unit and it's just 16Gb cards in that list... I guess I'll try one of the same listed cards but with a 32Gb version if nobody did it so far...
  13. 🙂 reminds me of a montage I did from our ''view from the hotel'' on a contract a few years ago ...
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