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  1. Boomboom

    NAB 2019 ... still no ''wish list'' topic already ?

    A10 miniTX : I agree with that ! getting fed up of the ''blocks freqs waltz'' and seriously thinking about gradually pushing my beloved (single blocks) gear aside and make place for a full range kit. Audio Limited would be my first choice and bringing this MiniTX back would probably make me budge… but on the other hand I'm also sick of investing in gear over and over… juggling between expensive blocks changes and simply going with new stuff... As an example, instead of ''upgrading'' for another recorder, I'd like a standalone alternative to Sound Device's CLwifi to be able to operate my 788. As we're speaking now, only Ambient offers it via thie Master Lockit unit + app (and they did a pretty good *time proof* move at that) but it's another $1300 to shell out since you're buying the whole network system hub then; I'd just like the 788 controls for something like $350. I know it's an ''old machine'', but it's still a very good one ! More reliability. THAT, and stopping about this nonsense of releasing ''unfinished'' products on the market. But to the defense of the major brands I'm using now for my work: all of them offer a very good service when stuck with an issue
  2. Feb. 10th and still no discussion about all that gear we've got in our craving minds for 2019 ? I'm stunned… (alright, this topic might be a lure to bring back Senator here with us) 😄
  3. Boomboom

    Sound Devices new firmware - w/ Auto Mute !!

    ⬆️ lol Sven singing old crooner songs !
  4. Boomboom

    Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released

    ...a nice future update would be to re-ignite cl-wifi development (either SD or tier party) for the 7 series owners who still love their machines too. 😬
  5. Yep, memory card door out the very first time I opened it… : / Lectro's better than that at design in general !
  6. Boomboom

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    These have been really great to me for years now… https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/491481-REG/Dot_Line_PC_AA_AA_Battery_Case.html
  7. Boomboom

    Loon Parts

    Speaking of Loon, didn't some well known company (I don't rememeber) took the relay ? I heard something like that but I suppose it's only rumors… ? Got an 11 years old Loon too and still to this time, it's been the best boom I've had.
  8. Well, dots being your recorders… ●--tc--> not <--tc--● not ● <--tc-- --tc--> ● not ● --tc--> --tc--> ● yes! yes! ● <--tc-- <--tc-- ●
  9. Boomboom

    Question re: jamming a TCS :wave

    To me it looks very simple; you got standard IN and standard OUT connections from your Lemo, with the option (through menus) of swapping the IN for an additionnal OUT if you wish, including genlock. So you go with a common Lemo 5 pin wired as all the big players do (Sound Devices, Lectro, etc) and if you'd like to feed another nearby unit from your main one, you can easily do it just through the menus. This is also the connector used for genlock on multi-cam shoots. As additionnal info, since I just received my Ultrasync One units, they provide two cables identified as ''blue'' and ''red'' to ease up on setups I suppose; they're the same. Shell to shell, pin to pin (DIN 1.0/2.3 to BNC connectors). So if you swap your blue cable for a red one, everything should work all right. It's just a ''label'', if you wish...
  10. Boomboom

    Question re: jamming a TCS :wave

    to follow: pin 2 is for IN/OUT depending of what you chose in the menus, pin 5 is OUT only so that makes it kind of a ''souped-up standard lemo connection'' … https://support.timecodesystems.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001143632-What-are-the-pins-used-for-in-the-pulse-and-wave-
  11. Boomboom

    Question re: jamming a TCS :wave

    Yeah but that doesn't answer the question as to why they use the same pin (2) for both in and out ? First time I see that… testing the cables they sell would maybe bring light onto that question...
  12. Boomboom

    Lectro IFB transmitter

    I guess the IFB mode with an SM series wouldn't work with the latest IFB units ? (the M2R rxs)
  13. Boomboom

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    There still is no miracle device yet but very near one ! I reckon I added one feature on top of what I was looking for from the start : -Screen showing TC -wireless sync between units and now: -ability to link to iPhone/android app and show TC on screen for script work or GoPro sync (I doubt sound people buy the GoPro backs from TS because they're not ''one model fits all'')
  14. Boomboom

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Well, I'm at the local dealer right now and it desn't seem to work with only an Ultrasync ONE as a master... 🤔 The "braodcast to app" (to give it a name) is not a function available with the Ultrasync itself ... you probably use the Wave or Pulse unit to broadcast TC then...