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  1. Boomboom

    New iPower 9V alternative from Tenergy

    Well, apart from the ''swelling'' issue which I didn't encounter, after using and recharging the batts not more than 10-12 times (rarely use comteks on my shootings) one of my 4 batts died. CHarger lights up in green but no power on the comtek… well… a little more than a year and one out...
  2. Boomboom

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Funny, I got that with my receivers (WMs) and I have to send'em to Lectro so they fix it (for free).
  3. Boomboom

    Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    I'm with Mike on this one: can you just imagine the atmosphere, the focus then happiness from a good take on set when recording this way ? wow...
  4. Boomboom


    Stashed an additionnal pair of Ultrasones HFI-580 since it seems they're re-designing the whole thing... damn... I tried the Pro 550; they're going to be my backups. Don't like the sound.
  5. Boomboom

    Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

  6. Now, IF we could get an M2T ''bag edition'', that'd be so great.
  7. I wonder how they can keep their system running at so low rf power (2 mW) ? That's kind of neat if you just need that power and can go a whole day with the batteries.
  8. Boomboom

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    wouldn't spray white grease work ?
  9. Boomboom

    Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    Nice job, love it !
  10. as long as this thing stays juuuust a tad on the side lol
  11. Boomboom

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Ambient here. Satisfied customer.
  12. Boomboom

    New Boom Pole at CineGear

    Nice features !
  13. Boomboom

    Ultrasone headphones for location work. Which ones?

    HFI-580/680. After getting used to them, you'll never get back to those 7506s... unless you appreciate the effect of having pistons force-pressed into your ears.
  14. Boomboom

    New iPower 9V alternative from Tenergy

    Just as a follow up; I received the batteries (iPower 700mAh) and they fit perfectly into the Comteks. I'll see with time what happens with the swelling part of the story. Thanks again guys for the feedback.