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  1. SRd quad fullrange is gonna be great ! 🥳
  2. In the manual, I see runtimes when both transmitting and recording , but not while the unit is simply transmitting wothout recording... ?
  3. Yep, with the European version, like the a-10 ... deal breaker for me. Damn, I searched and didn't find any answer; I would have expected something like 6 hours without recording, 4 hours transmitting+recording. Or so. +1, they should develop an independant unit (think of a remote) to bypass phones and tablets. Since I saw how things turned out with the 788 CL-Wifi development and updates I've had my lesson.
  4. Daaamn ! I'll follow this thread for sure... best of luck IYS
  5. I just read somewhere you got to disable the Remote function in the tx menu... looks like they spotted the issue and I assume they're working on it (?)
  6. All this operation probably having been financed through… the promotional/publicity budget from day one. 😆
  7. Is it just me ? I've seen LOTS of these for the last 2 years or so. Maybe DPA has some serious QR to take care of ?
  8. WIngman on Android 9 constantly crashes (Samsung Note 9), even with v5.01 update on MP10-II...
  9. Boomboom

    New SD 833

    drpro; concerning the outputs on the Sonosax, you can order it with this optional card also, which would give you 4 outs (unroll the menu on the right) : 🙂 https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-r4p/
  10. I got three of these if ever interested: https://www.point-sourceaudio.com/products/microphones/earmount/ Never used; I mounted those on subjects for a show and the director was worried about the mics being seen so I had to cancel using them (yep, after having a talk with pictures etc about the mics). They're mounted for Lectro WMs though, but could be easily modified here to TA5 connectors or else if wished for… I had to go ''full waterproof'' with that show so the mics are built to make it.
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