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  1. Hi, it took me some time to set the thing up, because of cable problems in my mini basket. But now it's ready to record. I did not use it in an actual production, but I don't see any issues with noise floor or low output. The gain will be on par with the gain setting of my MKH8060 in most situations.
  2. Why not try the ATE308? Much better than the 418s combo. I had both and it's a real difference. Especially when there's a lot of calm ambient stuff. It's also much more flexible as a card/hyper card + figure8 gives a much better stereo ambience than shotgun + figure8.
  3. It's called Optimim Stereo Signal (OSS) and was meant to capture a more natural stereo signal when recording live music primarily. More to read here: http://www.josephson.com/tn5.html
  4. Yes for Stereo Recordings, but Jecklin disc in a surround rig? Never heard of that.
  5. Because there is absolutely no directionality. Setup with a clear direction are preferred here. I'd like a card or hyper card as center mic. Usability and shockmount/windprotection is another issue with an all omni setup, too.
  6. I use two of them in combination with a really small Sony recorder. For it's size, the whole set is beautiful, but I wouldn't consider these as the right mics to use for film/doco shootings. You need a mount and windjammer - preferably a basket with lots of space around the mics (Rycote BabyBall Gag x4) on a spider or surround cross. But 4 omnis are not good for film/surround either. You better use a double M/S or Ambisonic configuration in a basket. That's the only really portable surround combo. Have a look here: https://www.dpamicrophones.com/mic-university/immersive-sound-object-based-audio-and-microphones
  7. I doubt this was the new 308 version. Mine has arrived freshly produced yesterday, but I forgot to get the cable for my basket with Connbox. I'll try it out next week, when I get the TA3>Binder adapter cable. The form is still the old one, while they put a dark blue nextel-like finish with silver engravings on it. Looks nice! It still weights next to nothing.
  8. Still waiting for the Emesser to ship. Should be here within the next week hopefully.
  9. FYI: I ordered an ATE308 but it will take some time for Ambient to fulfill orders. If anybody is interested in a side by side with other figure8, just tell me. I have a MBHO KA800, which sounds very nice and has a relatively low noise floor, but is just to heavy for long booming sessions. I still have my trusty AudioTechnica BP4029 (very similar M/S combo as Sennheiser MKH418). It sounds rather dull and noisy in direct comparison, but get's the occational M/S doco job done easily. Never got any complaints! A friend has the Schoeps MK8. It's the most natural and somewhat open sounding mic, but has a rahter low output and is on the expensive side for sure. I want the ATE308 because it's easy to set up and does not weight too much. Let's see, if it sounds nice, too. It will accompany my MKH8060 or the MBHO KA200/500 for M/S booming.
  10. I used the MKE2 quite often and it's not bad at all. Yes, it's not a cos11 or a DPA and also the MKE1 is a better mic. But neither the MKE2 nor the ME2 are bad mics at all Another cheaper option is the Deity W-Lav Pro. It sounds really good, but it's not the most mechanically reliable option. You can also ask Kortwich for their own miniature lav. It's super small and sounds good, too. Both mics are above 100€. If you want an ME2 or the cheaper regular W.Lav from Deity, you can contact me via PM. I have several and they stay unused as a pure spare lav.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. The overall quality of the Deity Connect is really great, but there are still some caveats. Would have loved to pay double and get even better stuff. I only used the Connect once on a actual production and only for the interviewer on a doco. But I think I can trust the quality and realiability so far.
  12. I don't think that LR6 is any better. Normal alkaline batteries have a higher voltage starting ar approx. 1,5V whereas NiMH have a voltage starting at approx. 1,2V. Every rechargable battery has a slightly different voltage curve and that makes displaying its capacity quite difficult, because they use the actual voltage in order to show the capacity. With faulty batteries, the voltage brakes down quickly, when using them. There's really only one way to measure the actual capacity: You need to load the battery 100% full, than empty it and measure the amount of mA, that was taken out. I only use fresh filled batteries in my Sennheiser wireless and begin to like the built-in batteries in the Deity Connect. I just use them and can refill them every time with my powerbanks even in my bag.
  13. It seems to be broken. I contacted the Deity support and they wil send a replacement. Another issue: When I use the Connect System in my soundbag (ORCA OR-280) with the MixPre 6 II, the RX unit is very close to the mixer and produces some kind of noise in my headphones (Sennheiser HD25). It doesn't matter where I put the cable, it's always there. It's also independent from any gain setting. When I touch the antennas it's getting a little better, but it's always there. I even stopped the 1st take yesterday, as I did not know, if it's also in the recorded file. It's definitely not, but it's still an annoying issue. When I shut of the DUO RX, the noise is gone immediately. Any ideas, how I can get around that?
  14. FYI: Ambient has reworked and updated the Emesser with new components. Might be of interest for some. I think I'll try it instead of my relatively heavy and big MBHO figure8 combo soon! Unfortunately, they don't have a set with a TA3N - Binder connector. That must be bought seperately.
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