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  1. THX for testing that out yourself. Highly appreciated! To be honest, I have a wired Sony FP battery sled, that sits in the bag. Lots of old batteries of that type collected dust. Now, they have a new life. Even more efficient are USB powerbanks and angled USB cables. That way you can still have the AA battery sled as a safety option. Powerbanks are very low profile and soo cheap.
  2. FYI: I ordered a few antennas from Kent at https://www.wa5vjb.com/products2.html Very nice and friendly service. Recommended! Unfortunately, I won't receive my Deity's anytime soon. Probably mid january. I'll do some tests against my G3s, though.
  3. The link is broken for me and just send me to a Deity side without info about the feedback.
  4. Lots of great ideas! As a newbie there's a ton of inspiring builds and ideas for individual small cart building.
  5. That's both what i was looking for. Simple, light for travel and always better than bag only. Nice!
  6. Hi, next year I'll propably have a gig overseas where it's not possible to rent pro sound equipment locally. As I don't have my own cart I'm thinking of building som kind of ultra portable mini cart. I also try to avoid hi shipping costs, too. We won't have that many locations, but mixing from the bag is not what I want, though. We have either 2 or 4 talents, that need to have lavs plus recording some athmos during breaks. What's needed: - Mixer/Recorder MixPre6 together with a Nano Kontrol (Studio), might also be a bigger b
  7. Thank you for the input. Highly appreciated! It is a fact, that we'll never get the same secure long range connection as with RF wireless. But it's worth a try at least for me!
  8. FYI: There are SMA splitters and lots of cheap directional antennas out there. I'll be able to build a true diversity directional antenna system for 2.4 GHz for approx 100 bucks.
  9. Yeah. Four antennas might sound a lot, but if these guys are that cheap - no problem. I think I'm gonna check this as soon as I receive the first Connect set. I see there are lots of simple directional antennas out there. As you said, most of them with RP-SMA for WiFI routers and such. How long shoould the cable be max? I think as short as possible?
  10. Are there ways to improve the antennas of 2.4GHz wireless receivers such as the Deity Duo-RX? It has standard SMB connectors for both antennas, though. I wonder if some kind of directional antennas will improve the range for stationary gigs. Or if these do even exist. I plan to build a 4x TX wireless with the Deity Connect early next year. But I need to do some tests to be confident about these guys working correctly.
  11. You'll need 48V phantom power to run the V-Mic via the D-XLR adapter. That should theoretically just work. See here: https://deitymic.com/d-xlr/
  12. I ran my MixPre6 with Sony NP-F style batteries on a seperate Sled outside the actual recorder. With an older NP-F970 - 7,2V - 6600mAh I was able to run through a day whilst still having 30% left. But I only used 2x wired lavs or 1 lav + 1 MKH8060. You can also use USB Powerbanks with 20.000mAH that should last 1-2 days. These are dirt cheap sothat you can carry lots of them and use them afterwards for other stuff. The Zoom F6/F8 are no slouch either when it comes to power consumptions. The MixPres are okay, but not great in power consumption. If you
  13. We often used the Sennheiser MKH418 or the comparable AudioTechnica BP4029 for small crew doco projects. Both are easy to handle M/S shotgun combos. Sure, they lack the wide stereo athmo of separate stereo recordings, but I still like what we did. Also, it's not the most quiet M/S combo, but still nice.
  14. FYI: The original MZF is a good investment but still lacks a little stronger filtering. I'd advice to ask for the modified version if you buy new. The filter on the MixPre is nice, too, but the gaps between frequencies are huge (40, 80, 120 or 160Hz at 18db/oct fixed) and there aren't too many options. The first downside, that I found for the MixPre so far. I used the MKH8060 without the MZF and 80Hz/18db successful. So you can live without the MZF if neccessary.
  15. Update: I completed my order with a third MBC604 preamp, a figure8 and a matching KA500 hypercard. I really like these mics a lot. Have used them for a few gigs primarily for voice with either a KA200 card or the KA500 hypercard. The KA500 is a really nice mic for booming voices. Did some unscientific tests against the Schoeps (MK40/41 + MK8) in a M/S combo. The Schoeps is a benchmark for me with its most natural sounding off-axis character and generally open and warm sound. The MBHO also have a quite uncolorized off-axis sound, sound gen
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