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  1. Why crippled? You just mark the clips, right-klick and choose the TC reading method. Done.
  2. From Rode there is the VideoMic NTG as a short shotgun or the NTG4+ as a traditional shotgun. Both have built-in batteries and don't need phantom power. I'll try one of these myself with a Deity BP-TRX as a mini boom combo without the need of a bag.
  3. I don't think that you got the point here. What they mean is, that if you're using 2 Duo RX in the same bag - or at least very close to each other - you need to sync them so they won't use the same frequencies. What's interesting is what 'close' actually means for us. I think crowded places e.g. press conferences, sports, concerts and similar events are not made for reliable 2,4GHz wireless. It's always a good idea to be covered for those moments with trad. UHF wireless for that reason alone. But out in the wild, shooting docos in private rooms etc. That's where the 2,4GHz systems like Deity's will shine hopefully. I will have 2x DUO RX, 2x simple TX plus 2-3 TRX and that will make for a nice small and very affordable doco wireless system that can handle nearly every situation from up to 4 talents or 2 talents and 2-3 camera hops or IEMs or recorders or whatever you need. If you fear that Deity's 2,4GHz wireless isn't safe enough for you, just use the TRX as a recorder/TX and it will still be safe as can be.
  4. Why not try the MZL cables instead of the XLR module? It's a rather expensive solution, but the most elegant.
  5. Again. A Sennheiser MZL adapter cable to whatever you like (XLR, MiniXLR, TA3...) can be used instead of the MZX XLR module. It's smaller, lighter and doesn't have any wind issues. I love the 80xx series even more since I have those adapter cables. It even makes my 8060 fit nicely into a Rycote WS1!
  6. I can recommend the MBHO (Haun) modular system. But there's a problem of missing info on the web unfortunately. But the Audix SCX1 series is nothing than a MBHO made modular microphone made for Audix. I have cadioid and hyper card capsules plus a figure8 capsule for the same small amp body. I like them all and use them for some month now. They all live on standard Rycote Inv-6 or similar shockmounts and baskets. Recommended definitely!
  7. FYI: I actualy ordered a custom MZL (Sennheiser mic module) to Binder (conbox) cable for my MKH8060 to be even shorter for a very small basket solution (Rycote WS 1). It will take some time to be made though. PM me, if you want some details.
  8. It also helps to solder the right connector directly on the DPAs instead of going with the MicroDot connection in between. I do so, but gave it to someone who does this on a regular basis (i.e. FTT Kortwich in Berlin - ask for Karl!). I have used Sennheiser, Deity and DPA and some others and found the DPA 4060 to have pretty robust cables. Same for the Senni MKE2, but the cable is really stiff and prone to noise. The most robust is easily the DPA heavy duty stuff - but that comes at a price, too. Being bigger and having stiffer cable are just some.
  9. We use the Kortwich figure8 quite often and I can say it's not noisier than a CCM8. The sounsstage looks problematic but we made many comparisons with other figure8 and we never had any issues. It can be with very close sounds, but how often are you using M/S for that? Just my experience.
  10. I have the figure8 from MBHO/Haun. It's much bigger, though. Comparable to a CMC8 MK8 combo. Small and good sounding is the figure8 from Kortwich, but it's a special construction: http://www.filmtontechnik.de/en/products-from-kortwich/microphone/ We use it often when the CCM8 is too sensitive for heavy booming or on camera. It sounds very good for me.
  11. +1 as well. I did some doco projects with a Sennheiser MKH418s or AudioTechnica BP4029 as a boom mic only. While it was far from a great Stereo recording, the outside athmos were sometimes really spectacular! I'd never use that integrated M/S mic again inside, but outside it's just fine and easy to use in a standard basket. And inside it does not sound worse than any other shotgun in this class. I'd say use a 2/3 combo setup, that you can change quickly. Your MKH 50 for indoor booming. Just a shockmount and a super-softie for example or a Cinela as the best indoor booming shockmount available. Your MKH 416 in a standard basket of your choice for outside booming. Some day, you want a better and smaller shotgun though. The MKH 8060 would be one. For the stereo athmos you'd idealy use another shockmount or basket for the M/S combo of the MKH 50/30 I'm building a comparable setup right now and quickly changing from shotgun to card/supercard is key for me. Recording stereo ambiences will mean a 2nd card with a figure8 in a basket, which I luckily have here. Even better would be 2 cards/super cards for A/B stereo ambiences. Sounds even better in most circumstances. But this will mean a even bigger setup! You can also use 2x lavs in a mini-basket for A/B stereo athmos, too. This will make for an extra lightweight setup! Will soon build something out of DPAs or the cheap Deity W.Lav Pro mics in an old basket lying around.
  12. Maybe that's just me, but things like NoiseAssist or AutoMix have never been part of the official specs. They were added after and it was clear form the beginning that this is a paid upgrade (not update!) for the recorders. The good thing is that you don't need to pay for it if you don't need it. I always ask clients what they want and that something like NoiseAssist is availabe if they want. But it's an extra service. Very simple for my clients, very simple for me. All in all, SD is adding a lot of extras and features for their recorders with additional free updates. I still feel they listen to customers.
  13. I just returned from a job in Tanzania, where I also used the MBC604 with the KA500 for indoor booming and some exteriour athmos. Humidity was quite high and I didn't experience any problems. That was all wired though. As I only have a Deity Connect and Sennheiser EW100 G3, that is what I can test it with only. I'm in home quarantine, so that there's plenty of time for some tests.
  14. Some pics and data right here: https://www.marcotec-shop.com/en/deity-connect-bp-trx-transmitter-and-recorder.html
  15. The ones on the Connect Systems at least have. So I guess it eill. Can't be sure before it's even out.
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