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  1. Just realised you're saying the hiss is coming from the Mid. In which case that does sound faulty. Side hiss however definitely seems to be a characteristic of the mic.
  2. I don't have any examples to hand i'm afraid. If i remember correctly it was the figure of 8 side capsule with the hiss. The mid was good - probably on a par with the 416.. seeing as it's practically the same. I've spoken with a few other recordists who have said the same about the side hiss.
  3. I've attempted to use a 418s on a couple of occasions. The hiss, like you said, rendered it unusable.. especially for wild tracks and field recording.
  4. Hi everyone, pleased to touch down on jwsound for the first time. I will be shooting a documentary in Tuva, southern Siberia in the summer. Does anyone have experience of wireless frequencies in this area? I will be using G3's and possibly Sony UWP's. Or any experience of recording in this area in general? Many thanks, Lewis
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