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  1. sinnlicht

    Lectro Block Frequencies in CSV or Excel?

    Dear Jim, of course. But if someone had already done it and posted that work here, all could be saved time who are looking for this. RL
  2. sinnlicht

    Lectro Block Frequencies in CSV or Excel?

    Hi Eric, thanks I know where to find the frequencies. I was hoping that someone had converted them to a table that can be programmed into a scanner. RL
  3. Hi All, Trying to program an Icom R5 using ARC5 in order to be able to listen into wireless frequencies for interference etc. Does anyone have lectro block tables in csv or excel format (personally looking particularly for Block 21). Thanks RL
  4. sinnlicht

    Zaxcom STA042 accept spdif 75 ohm Signal?

    Firmware updated successfully, thanks for the help! Below the finished project: Ad-hoc 2-channel TC system with usb-pre2, sta042, zfr100, timecode buddy wifi master, and BDS, with NiMH battery pack.
  5. sinnlicht

    Zaxcom STA042 accept spdif 75 ohm Signal?

    Dear Glenn, while I have your attention, could you post a link to the latest firmware update for the ZFR 100, I could not find it on the website? Thanks RL
  6. sinnlicht

    Zaxcom STA042 accept spdif 75 ohm Signal?

    Hi, this is great news re the transformer. Thanks for helping out on this. RL
  7. sinnlicht

    Zaxcom STA042 accept spdif 75 ohm Signal?

    Martin, I always try to make an effort ...
  8. Hi All, Having read previous entries I understand that the Zaxcom STA042 is actually AES 032 device expecting a 110ohm signal. Does anyone know whether it will work error free with a 75 ohm spdif signal (source here is a sd usbpre2)? If a 110 ohm signal is necessary, will a simple Neutrik NADITBNC-MX 75 Ohm BNC F To 110 Ohm XLR M Adapter do the trick, or is an active sdpif-aes adapter necessary? I called Zaxcom and they did not have any experience with this. Thanks RL
  9. sinnlicht

    Which Lemo Power Plug for Timecode Buddy Wave

    This ebay seller says this $10 Lemo plug will work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/171989556108 And for anyone looking at this later the answer to my first question is 0B.
  10. sinnlicht

    Roland R88 failed playback issue

    Use the SD Wave Agent app to see if the file can be read, and what exactly its spec is, if the files were originally recorded with the R-88. Next step I would take is backup the recorder settings to the SD card (for restoring if relevant). Then factory reset the unit. See if the audio files work then. If you are trying to play back files not recorded on the r-88 there are many Roland 88 codec issues that will prevent that; this would explain why they can however easily be played on a computer.
  11. sinnlicht

    STA 150 + ZFR 100; Stereo Recording half the Quality?

    Dear Rich, Going into the STA 150 would be stereo line out of a SD 302 for example. I have the remote audio CAX3FL3M12PAD cable which allows you to bring a mono line level signal into the mic input of the ZFR 100. Thus I can bring stereo line level via the STA 150 or mono line level directly in the ZFR 100. My question is whether I get better audio by sticking with the mono recording, as the Zaxcom codec on the ZFR 100 may have limitations. Thanks Richard
  12. Hi all, Anyone have experience on whether the stereo recording using the STA 150 on the ZFR 100 will produce inferior recordings in comparison with a mono recording through the audio input? The bonus question is whether anyone has found out whether running an external DAC into the STA 042 results in any transcoding degradation in ZFR100 recording? Many thanks Richard
  13. sinnlicht

    Which Lemo Power Plug for Timecode Buddy Wave

    Hi, that is exactly the answer needed. I was not asking the manufacturer as often members have sourced affordable alternatives or work-arounds for usually very expensive cables. Thanks RL
  14. Hi All, Having updated to the :Wave I would like to make its power cable. I have Switchcraft 761K for BDS and am looking for the appropriate 2-pin lemo for the :Wave. I have a source for these that needs to know if these are "0B" or "1B"? Any help would be appreciated. RL
  15. sinnlicht

    M/S mic for documentaries

    Hi, The biggest problem using M/S is the susceptibility to handling noise. The figure 8 mic will pick up the slightest vibration. To record M/S well you need superb isolation. We use http://ambient.de/en/product/floater/ http://ambient.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/QFL_www.pdf as well as http://ambient.de/en/product/twister/ and cotton gloves on the boom when boomed, along with the best M/S windshield/suspension you can afford. In a doc interview situation we put the M/S mic on a stand using a boom buddy. We use either a AT4053b or AT4051b for interiors, 416 for exteriors, and MKH 30-P48 for the side. If time allows, we will use also simultaneously use Tram50s or Countryman B6s. Veterans may pooh-pooh the AT's but they have worked for us, and having flexibility in the M/S imagery by having the two capsules has been a must. I also do not see the benefit of using the 418 as you need to have a lot more variability in your Mid element to produce reliable results. RL