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  1. gooninator484

    688 Frozen at Splash Screen

    Update: After switching to a backup and leaving the 688 off over night it restarted normally this morning. Do you guys have any input on what the last stable firmware version was for a 688 so I can roll it back?
  2. gooninator484

    688 Frozen at Splash Screen

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Is it possible to roll back the firmware if the mixer wont boot up properly? I’ve always managed firmware updates via the cf/sd card via the menu. But if I can’t get to the menu I can’t update firmware right?
  3. gooninator484

    688 Frozen at Splash Screen

    Using my 688 today on set the mixer cut off the monitor audio and the display froze simultaneously. The mixer could not be powered down. I had do a hard shutdown to get it to turn off. (Power off/held down menu button) That allowed it to power off but now will will not start beyond the splash screen. I’ve removed everything that can plug in. Including the aa’s and the memory cards. Still no luck. I’m using approved Sandisk SD and CF cards. I was only using three channels. 2 x SRC’s and a boom. I’m on firmware version v4.51. I’m dead in the water here. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance