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    Montreal, Qc, Canada
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    My name is Mario Auclair, Production Sound Mixer for Film and Tv series.
    Based in Montreal, Quebec.
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  1. View from my cart... Inside Versailles castle
  2. Thanks Glenn, Can't wait !
  3. Aguaclaro

    Zaxcom Hub

    Hey Guys !I'm in a shooting where the ability to use my Mix-8 with my Touch would help me a lot.i know the software update is in advance Beta testing, Is there a possibility to have it ? With the specs to use it ?If not, a release date ?Thanks.Mario
  4. Thanks Jack, i will. By the way, have you tried software version 85 ? I've installed it, it's working well but i have a warning message at boot up " PC 00 does not match Nomad's protocol version 0.01" Didn't have that on 84... Zaxcom forum is down so i can't have a answer. i use a winbook TW802, nomad version 7.72. Cheers
  5. Any news about a release of a serial hub for using Nomad Touch with FP8 or Mix-8 ? Thanks Mario
  6. Thanks Evan, Original creation, done by my tech here in Montreal. Cheers Mario
  7. Master Bag with Nomad Touch and Mix-8 With Soundguys Tablet Holder and Customized Mix-8 Holder Just missing the serial hub from Zaxcom... Still waiting : )
  8. My Master bag Customized Active Antenna Splitter Customized 216 transmitter with 12v dc input and 100 mw booster Automatic switch over power supply with dc distribution
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