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  1. I've just upgraded a TRX900LA (S/N: 3796) to newest firmware (v9.86). Since then the Tx is working like the threshold is very very low no matter if I changed it even to zero. And I've changed multiple times all the Dynamics parameters to try to solve this, but I just cannot fix it. Does someone have an Idea of what can be wrong ? mine: speed: normal attack: normal cmp ratio: 4:1 cmp thresh: -4dB cmp knee: 2dB exp ratio: 1:1 exp thresh: -70dB reduce -2dB gain: 0
  2. 3D printers usually makes hard-"heavy"-material products, isn't it? I was wondering if there's somethiing made with some very light and flexible material. Thank you @Karl Wasserman , just wrote them to see if its already available.
  3. Does anybody know any kind of rubber or silicone cover for the JB-1 ?
  4. @Derek H is that CVG series? --- 11 to 52V . Have you ever tried them?
  5. Got it. Thank you @LarryF @John Blankenship and @daniel
  6. @karlw .. are you saying that a shrink tube encapsulating the antenna can help to prevent RF losses even if its touching the talent's skin ? Cool, never thought that such a thin amount of plastic could do some real difference.
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