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  1. Kind of urgent.. does someone knows how should I wire the DC cable for the qrx100 ? Didin't find this information anywhere. Thanks
  2. Matthias, Just finished the 2nd season tonight. Can you talk about how was this work made? The equipment you've used, the size of you crew, how were the locations, the relation with post, and maybe talk about what has changed from season 1 to 2 and 3 in relation of your work ?! I think it would be very interesting to have this info here. Cheers
  3. I've just upgraded a TRX900LA (S/N: 3796) to newest firmware (v9.86). Since then the Tx is working like the threshold is very very low no matter if I changed it even to zero. And I've changed multiple times all the Dynamics parameters to try to solve this, but I just cannot fix it. Does someone have an Idea of what can be wrong ? mine: speed: normal attack: normal cmp ratio: 4:1 cmp thresh: -4dB cmp knee: 2dB exp ratio: 1:1 exp thresh: -70dB reduce -2dB gain: 0
  4. 3D printers usually makes hard-"heavy"-material products, isn't it? I was wondering if there's somethiing made with some very light and flexible material. Thank you @Karl Wasserman , just wrote them to see if its already available.
  5. Does anybody know any kind of rubber or silicone cover for the JB-1 ?
  6. @Derek H is that CVG series? --- 11 to 52V . Have you ever tried them?
  7. Got it. Thank you @LarryF @John Blankenship and @daniel
  8. @karlw .. are you saying that a shrink tube encapsulating the antenna can help to prevent RF losses even if its touching the talent's skin ? Cool, never thought that such a thin amount of plastic could do some real difference.
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