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  1. Sorry if I am being a little slow... but am I correct that it is capable, with internal RX installed, of only 4 TX ‘if’ never clip is used? either way looks great! ps may have a immaculate Nomad 10 for sale soon;-)
  2. Sorry for my ignorance but am I right this tool can’t be fed by the nomad or nova like a ERX3TCD can? As in without another box...We will need a new UHF TX box? thanks Michael
  3. If you are shooting an interview there is no pictorial disadvantage in black shading the camera really quite hot... this will mean the fans have to do far less...
  4. Sorry to be slow getting back to you... KH 120 A but I do wish I had picked up the digital version for its integrated delay functionality...
  5. We bought some Neumann KH 120s and like them... Really easy to setup (in the sense that they are not too room fussy), great documentation, lots of accessories and good sub options... Worth looking at?
  6. Some post effects are light computationally (like eq and some compression for example) ... effects as meta data.? Nothing destructive and completely ignorable? Just a thought from a picture person.. I say this because I def feel that there should be a meta data gain option built into broadcast wav files. At the moment finding 12db+ of gain is not completely simple in some picture editors. Neverclip from Zaxcom pretty much needs post user understanding which is a little fanciful... (Love the idea myself) I belive Gain, compression and eq are all computationally lighter than a high precision 3d LUT on a big picture file... So maybe a Audio decision list with look up table is the way forward...? Just a thought (apart from the gain part which should already be in place) Michael
  7. Was this list ever posted? Thanks Michae L
  8. From some old questionable part of my memory... With Avid MC having a audio track with TC is useful when syncing picture to audio. but since some editors struggle to sync pictures and audio (even when they are TC stamped) I often ask my DIT to do it for them and bin up the combined files (takes him a few minutes)... It may be worth trying it yourself as you will receive a phone call (and you then can talk the person through the process) ....phone calls happen before any post person will look at a manual. Michael
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