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  1. thx a lot @ramallo! woah why does they support only the Sennheiser for A format? there is a technical reason for that?
  2. thx yes that's basically what I think but I have big technical limits. for example I'm not able to understand, if I read a manual, what is the best signal/noise ration for each device. it's like people who never learned how to read sheet music. I do that, I open manuals and search for the little I know for example "safety track" (to record a safety track a tot minus db).... but I'm aware it's not enough. My problem is that I earned 3k in one month and half with 2 audio works, but in the past 7 years I earned only about maybe 600 euro in total.... baically I see something is starting to move now and I wish to do "something" to do not continue being a poor man lmao. sad but true lol. people say they like my works it sound good in movie theare, and I'm going to a super cool film festival. honestly I'm so much immersed in the work right now that I coldn't do more research than what I'm doing now. but I wish to "write an escape plan" for when I'll be at the festival, I wish to stamp my firsts business card to give people who works in the sector. So tha's why I'm rushing a little bit. I feel need to do that something, can you give me a suggestion about it please?
  3. another option is to wait a little bit and use those money for a sound school, I really need to learn a lot of stuff. it's not only about equipent I should buy, it's related to all the practice sectors of this work. That's why I call myself a rookie
  4. my budgt is about 3k euro but I need to buy/include the amisonics mic also (I would be grateful for any advice related to it). What do really I wants is to buy a recorder that I can use with AAA projects: with the zoom H6 the DOP came to me and asked "can this device name files and folders before hitting start when we write a new scene info on the Ciak?".... Other than that I like to make fields recording but I noticed that when I record very quiet places there is some noise from the pre amp of the zoom h6. I need a better one about this task. For me recording quiet places at a decent amplitude without noise is very demanding task considering that all my sund design works would be made by fields recording made by me. Now I have about 7 years of experience with audio and indy cinema, this year I'll go to a AAA film festival for a work I made as sound designer with the zoom h6 and rode ntg 3. I hope to find new job opportunities so I wish to upgrade. And with ambisonic I wish to make VR audio high quality recordings for vr video and vr games (I already have bought the VR headset). Do you think the Zoom F8n can do the job for my tasks? thx
  5. thx for help Codyman, unfortunately I live in a rural zone I have not dealers in my zone. I'll check it ouy the SD Mix Pre 10t thx. I'm a rookie with those kind of pro devices and I'm trying now to make a step more in that direction, I wish to ask you please: which kind of "cons" could I encounter on the stage using it? Could I feel the lack of "something" or someone ask me for a specific feature that this recorder have not built in and what theoretically? thx a lot! (sry for bad english)
  6. Hello, I need to buy a new audio recorder can you suggest something with those features please? 1) It’s important I can custom names the files before starting recording, for example the name of the ciak scene, I mean all the info useful for people which will make the post production 2) I need to record 5 tracks with phantom power 3) I need full support for ambisonic audio 4) All the tracks must have a safety backup track recorded to tot. -db to prevent clipping 5) Very good low noise levels, way much better than another model I already own called Zoom H6 but is not enough. The new one must be so good that I can record room tones (I really need to record good quality room tones for work also). 6) Full timecode support 7) I need to send an audio monitor wireless to the script clerk Low battery consume or offering good solutions for it I prefere a recent model if possible Thx!!!
  7. update. the video test that I did is useless. I discovered the cable that I used for this test was broken/soldered strange and went in antiphase. I will update you soon I'm going to make a new test with a new cable.
  8. I'm tryng to find out a solution to bring the safety track rec for the Zoom H6. Safety track allow to rec a second file at minus tot. db to prevent audio clipping. This can save the work if actors screams. If actors scream using a limiter is not good because it compress the sound creating unnatural effect, something similar to a kazoo or a megaphone effect. so a prosumer recording tool should give you the possibility to have the safety track rec option to take two files with different decibel level recording. This will save the dynamic range of the voice if actors scream. And sometimes they will scream if you work in film industry. So I decided to make a test with a Y cable and the Zoom H6 to find a diy solution but I failed the experiment. Current firmware is v2.0. You can find my test here: This test show that is impossible to have a working safety track rec for phantom powered mics on the Zoom H6. Firmware v2.0 does not allow safety track rec for phantom powered mics. I wrote to Zoom company to ask this feature in the next firmware update, it's the only solution. The external unit Zoom EXH-6 will not solve this problem because it does not provide any phantom power. info@zoom.co.jp Safety track is avaiable on many Tescam devices and I suggest anyone to get a recoder that have this feature. I did not wanted to tell this because I don't like to speak bad of a product and make free advertising to another. I hope Zoom Company will balance this situation. update 04-22-2015. the video test that I did is useless. I discovered the cable that I used for this test was broken/soldered strange and went in antiphase. I will update you soon I'm going to make a new test with a new cable.
  9. I contacted the Rode company in Italy. they saw my video and they did a test on their units. they say my boompole is broken and I must get a new one. I will get a new Rode boompole and try. I will update you in the next weeks/month.
  10. I'm going to send it back to the seller. I will have about 300 euro of budget to get a boompole that can allow me to take clean dialogue between two actors (and I hope also to walk with it without produce noise). Do you have any advice in wich boompole could I invest my money please? I do not know the market of the boompoles and theyr pourpose. if my budget is tiny I will take the one heavy as a orcish battle axe but all I ask is to take clean audio. thanks a lot for your help.
  11. so I was thinking about another tech of shock mount that (I never tryed) could be maybe more secure instead the of the Lyre modular suspension tech. I mean something like this (SM8) it support the long shotgun mic NTG8, so maybe I can run with it if I mount something smaller. I have not proof unfortunately. my fear with Lyre system is that the base can touch the lyre system if I start to walk fast (even run). (sorry if I repeat the image but my english teminology is not so much polished to explain myself as I wish sometimes) anyone of you have ever tryed the SM8 with something like a Rode NTG3 as weight and lenght please? could it be even a solution for me now? thx
  12. I had problems with my boomple. it produce a "click" when I move it clockwise and counterclockwise. I did a video I hope it will explain the problem. Did you had the same experience with this Rode boolpole? do you believe is it a defective unit? or it's a common problem? thx
  13. thaks for your help guys can you clarify this point please?
  14. thanks chris, I already own a little (cheap) add-on """pistol grip""" to mount in the inv7 if needed (but I need a screw adapter from 3/8 to 1/4, it is really plastic and it's not this great grip but maybe it could work. it was in bundle with the zoom h4n: I believe maybe a dedicated tool would be better. I need a new shock mount primarily to mount it on my boompole. It must sustain the handle of the "walk" and even "my running". my fear are those: 1) that the lyre system could non sustain the heavy of the mic and collapse this 2 parts making noise when I'm walking or running. 2) my second fear is for the cable for the boompole. I wish to use my long cable and the pistol grip solution seems complicated, the second one seems more simple. I have fear that I can not controll well how to take the cable motionless. 3) my third fear is that the pistor grip in top of the boompole will appear less professional than the other solution. thx again for yor help.
  15. can you give me and advice about which shockmount to buy please? I need it for a boompole. and the mic is the rode ntg3 (almost heavy). I will walk in the field with this boompole I need it for cinema and field recording. the shock mount that I wish are this for 70 euro http://www.rycote.com/products/invision-softie-lyre-mount-with-pistol-grip/ and this for 65 euro http://www.rycote.com/products/invision-inv-7hg-mkiii/ prices are so close and I cannot decide by myself. thx for your help.
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