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  1. Really nice work on the second version, looks like it came that way. If it was black anodized to match I would think the company made it, def a nice part.
  2. That looks like a pretty nice tool overall. I have read that if you use enloops you get not only much longer use time but also much more even consistent heating from beginning to end without it getting too hot.
  3. Thanks for the info guys, I was just wondering if some type of update could change the way they work, as many have said the Limiters are not as good at some things as the old and yes I know the limiters are analog that is def a good thing along with the clean mic pres is the reason I may get one, plus I have the original MixPre and that has the old style limiters which I always liked. So I guess I could use that with it if I ever really needed to. At least they fixed all the other issues that have been reported it seems ...
  4. I thought this might be the right section to ask this question. I have seen many on the web talking about how the analog limiters on the MixPre 3-10 series have some odd issues with the way the limiters work and react with some long release times that can cause strange pumping when trying to record loud sounds in comparison to the the way they work and sound on other older SD gear. Have others on here had this issue and if so has this been fixed? I would think and hope they should be able to fix that via firmware update if it is still an issue as I know they have always been known to have some top notch limiters that due wonders when recording SFX like gunshots and other loud sounds, and would think they would want to continue to do so? Does anyone have info on this?
  5. These do look quite nice anyone test these out yet? Any pics of how they work showing the inside assembly. I see very little info avail.
  6. Cool looks nice, can we see a side view as well?
  7. No problem man, glad my post was a help, Better late then never I always say :-)
  8. I know I am way late on this but just in case anyone else has the same issue, that style of knob was used on a lot of DOD, and Rane audio gear and has an insert, that insert cap can be lined up any way you need independently from the shaft position, I had a whole bag of those around 12 years ago. The knob on the right looks like the same one used on My MixPre which I believe you can't change the position on. Just in case anyone still needs the exact knobs mentioned in this post that are used by many audio companies, and maybe hard to find locally, please check my link. http://www.ehcknobs.com/index.php?id=KC
  9. SmallRig makes very HQ CNC machined gear at a very reasonable price for what you get, they will also work with ideas you may have to make the product better, if one feels it needs it, if the idea is accepted and it gets made they will send you one of the working proto-types. I did a re-design on a bracket for a Small HD Mon that got accepted and they sent me one, very cool company that really does listen.
  10. Thanks ya just a little closer, and in english :-)
  11. Hey Frido thanks for the info on the holder, I will check that out.
  12. That looks very nice, can you tell me where you got the silver xlr holder who makes it? or is that something you made ...
  13. I know this is older but just in case someone revisits this topic, then this seems to be a pretty good test of just how the system my perform in a real world test. Seems pretty good for the cost of it, and the sound quality it seems to have well for DSLR use seems like an option. This shows an interference and soundq test inside and outside, however this vid I feel suffers from YouTube audio compression. The second test from BH is a higher quality encode so is prob a better comparison of the actual sound quality that can be expected. Has anyone compared the System 10 to the Rode Link?
  14. Interesting Idea, but I would think it might stress the XLR connection at the base after a while of use because of the length of a Switch-Craft connector and it being directly plugged in. Just a thought. Cool DIY though.
  15. This site does in fact use its mobile theme to show a simple format of the site on a mobile device, however Google does not like what it sees because its not correctly switching when Googlebot grabs it for the test, I have tested this on many sites including some I developed and they pass, my sites that pass use PHP to detect and redirect to the mobile versions, maybe IPS is using a JS based script or something not truly server side. I find the Google test passes no problem when the detection is done with a PHP based detection just a thought as to what could be the issue but I do not know for sure. I don't use IPS and dont know what it uses to detect a mobile device. Might want to contact the devs at IPS and bring this to their attention. because it means that Google will not give the site a mobile friendly flag in its index even though we see it does switch to the mobile version on a phone or mobile device.
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