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  1. Thanks Constantin! It only just occurred to me to look on the SD website for specs. I didn't realize the 744T was much smaller, I've never seen them together. Their website says: 552: 53 mm x 279 mm x 168 mm 744T: 45 mm x 209 mm x 125 mm So, as you say, I can imagine it will swim around a bit but maybe I can find a ways to pad it up until I find a used 744T case.
  2. Hey folks, long time lurker first time poster. [edit: I actually forgot that I posted a few times on here before, so this isn't strictly true] I currently have a Sound Devices 552, but I'm making the sideways move into a 744T, since at the moment my work is mostly about recording rather than mixing. My question is about the case - at the moment I have a Portabrace which fits the 552 perfectly...I'm not sure which model it is exactly. I'm wondering if a 744T would fit in there too? What is the difference in size between the two machines? Cheers!
  3. I don't have a 416 to hand unfortunately. You can listen to the hiss on my 418 here...if I listen to examples on youtube of the 416 it does not seem to have the level of hiss that I found on my 418.
  4. oh interesting! do you have an example recording somewhere to hand? i really want to work out whether this hiss was specific to this mic or whether it is just a 'feature' of the model...
  5. Yes in all of my tests I'm powering both capsules - I had read about that requirement in a review somewhere so I was careful to do so!
  6. Yes that's exactly my thinking - most reviews/discussions about the 418S mention that the side is relatively noisy, but I can't find any mention of the mid being noisy, and certainly with my tests I'm pretty sure everyone would notice that amount of hiss. unfortunately i don't have the mic with me now, it's with the repair guy in germany, so i'm mostly just trying to gather enough evidence to convince him that it is definitely faulty (or that i'm just totally wrong!).
  7. Long time lurker first time poster (i think), hello! Also, I posted this on gearslutz too, apologies to anyone who read both forums. I recently bought a Sennheiser 418S m/s microphone off eBay, since I’m doing a bunch of field recording projects at the moment but I liked the idea of retaining some possibility for stereo ambiences in my recordings. The 418S was recommended to me by a friend who I work with a lot, and I had been pretty impressed by the recordings he had made with it. It seemed like just what I needed. Anyway, when it arrived I was dismayed to plug it in and hear a pretty serious hiss on the mid channel. I compared it to my cheap ME66 and the comparison made it even more obvious. I even set them up and did a quick and dirty A/B test, which you can hear at this link. The result was the same both in my Sound Devices 552 and my RME Fireface interface. To me the mic is unusable. The eBay seller asked me to send it to his repair guy in Germany, who in turn has told me that he tested it and it does not have any faults. I'm inclined to disagree, but I thought I'd ask around to see what other people thought. So my question is kind of in the description: am I crazy to think that this mic is faulty? I know it's a weird mic, but it would be pretty useful for what I'm doing at the moment. There is so much hiss in it, I can't possibly believe that it's supposed to be that way, even if it's pretty quirky. Any help/tips would be great!
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