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  1. just to update in case it is of any use to anyone; i got a HDMI cable running from the c300 to the mixpre, setting the HDMI output to 1080, I am able to get run / stop with that, with TC coming out of the mixpre into the c300 as TOD / Free run (with no frame delay) and vice versa, the frame delay is still present when using rec run from the camera to the mixpre whether i trigger with hdmi or the TC cable. thanks, Chris
  2. thanks for the suggestions guys! yes the TC is also triggering the record function on the mix pre, but the TC lag or duplication or whatever it is seems like a pretty lousey bug, it basically makes the function useless. SD should be able to fix that. i have an hdmi cable arriving today to see if i can trigger with that while the mixpre sends TOD TC to the camera, but its another (poor quality, lossy) cable that i dont want hanging out the back of the camera / mixer, if it was all locking connectors i wouldnt mind. i dont want the hassle of messing about with waveforms in post if i can avoid it (its the only work around at the moment as ive been recording a backup scratch audio on the camera itself) but im going to be shooting multi cam setups so TDO TC is the preferred way of syncing all the cameras (unless you guys have other suggestions?) im using the mix pre for the 32bit float, i actually have it mounted on rods with the pots facing me so i can sort of mix levels while filming (I am a feature doc filmmaker, often working in difficult / remote / dangerous situations) but the 32bit float means i can recover anything blown out etc. i also do sometimes have 2/3 lavs plus the shotgun. also mounted on the back actually helps with the balance of the camera as i have a heavy cine zoom lens on the front that makes it very front heavy otherwise! Just 1 dual RX hot shoe mounted feeding the mixpre, or i can change the bottom and make it a slot in
  3. Hi folks, First post here in about 6 years I think!! I am a doc filmmaker but one that actually cares about good sound! I am setting up a new camera and sound setup and would really appreciate some advice and suggestions for how to do this properly. I am shooting mostly as a single operator, so I need to be able to do both picture and sound. I am shooting on a canon c300 mk3, and I have a mixpre 6 mk2 attached to the battery plate on the rear rods (recording in 32bit float 96khz). I have my trusty old 416 on the camera (I will likely update that to the cs-3e) and cos-11's going into a wisycom dual receiver. i need to have record trigger working as im doing both sound and picture (sorry!!). At present I had the camera generating TC and sending it to the mix pre via the BNC to 3.5 aux in. Set to rec run. This worked fine for the trigger, but there is a strange thing happening where the timecode of the end of the clips recorded on the mix pre is then duplicated at the start of the next clip, it might be that there is some kind of delay or something happening on the mix pre end. It messes up syncing in post so that method is going in the bin. i was going to send TC from the mix pre to the C300, set to TOD, (is that right?) output from the stereo out on the top, and that works fine, but i cannot get the rec trigger to work anymore. I am talking to SD about that and hopefully there is a solution for that. I am going to be shooting the protests at COP26 in November and there will be multiple cameras, at least one other pro level camera with a TC input, so I have been looking into how to sync the cameras and what the best setups would be. What would you guys recommend? the mix pre will be always attached to the c300 and feeding it TC from its clock, so i was going to use the mix pre as the master, jam it to an Ultrasync One and attach that to the other pro camera. Does that all sound ok? am I doing anything really wrong? could the setup be better? Of course I would love a sound person, but there is no budget for one on this project. thanks, Chris
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