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  1. Cable renewing for a Lav Mic is a very specialized job and it's very risky. The slightest damage to the diaphragm in a wrong application will cost much more than the cost of the repair to be made. This operation cannot be made with every cable you find around you. You should have measured and known the values of the cable you will renew such as capacitance, inductance etc, and the new cable must match the properties of the old cable. Otherwise, you will encounter many problems such as noise, being affected by the magnetism emitted by equipment (such as ballast at close range)
  2. Here is an old post that I saw on FB.... SANKAN? made in TAIWAN? Do not try to cheat a great mic with changing just one letter, it is not legal that you're trying to do... How about to replace original Cos11's came for repairing with SANKANs for 45$? 🧐
  3. Very attractive modification Derek, and looks very clean and nicely done! Congats
  4. Yes that was right until 2017. If you are located outside of U.S.A (in Europe for example) we can do this repairing for you. We have customers from U.K, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Bulgaria etc. since 2017. We have Facebook & Instagram pages where you can see many samples of capsule repairing and cable renewing. https://www.facebook.com/cos11repair/ https://www.instagram.com/cos11_repair or you can send e-mail to: c_alingan@msn.com Cihan A little advice to all cos11 users: When you're buying a new cos11
  5. For Cos 11 mic head repairing, you can also contact me... I''m located at Istanbul - Turkey... cheers Cihan
  6. Hi TJW, The aim of these kind of tests is to inform users or people who want to buy this device with specific datas, so they will be able to choose the right device for them. These tests and comments may help companies to see the expectations of the users and that's how they may improve their sofwares and hardwares etc. A detailed test takes huge time on set, and can be very risky sometimes. To write results here also takes serious time. These were NOT personal opinions, these were all test results as I mentioned above. If you have your own exper
  7. We just got our brand new Nano Lockits and made a test on set. Here are our first impressions about them. Tested amount of devices: 3 Test criterias: • Charging time • Battery life • ACN network range • TC drift amount • Setting parameters • TRX Mode ---------------------------------------- • Charging time: It took 2 hrs to full fill each battery. (after making them all empty) The device turns on automatically when you plug usb cable for charging. Unable to turn off this feature.
  8. If a Cos11 is not working due to its connector it's easy to fix it.. try to solder black-white-ground cables to relative pins...done! If a Cos11 have cable tatters it's easy to fix it with heatshrink.. cover it and heat it....done! But if a Cos11 is broken from the bottom of its capsule... you have a big trouble. After having dozen of Cos11 broken from the bottom of their capsules during years on set, I had to find a way to fix it. After some inspectations and workaround, I was finally able to fix all with rebuilding really strong like brand new ones. Thi
  9. I heard differences between all... Lectro LT has significant lows and highs. (great presence) Lectro LMB has only significant highs. Lectro SMB is the weakest and closest lows & highs Sennheiser G3 has significant highs (good presence) The small difference between LT nd G3 was a surprise for me in terms of sonic quality, because I use all Lectros on my setup which costs much much more than Sennheiser G3. Hybrid Technology, DSP, A/D and RF transmitting are different criterias to benchmark. And I love also VT-403... my little fra
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