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  1. My 2 cents on this question: The Mixpre 3's control knob is in a terrible spot on the right side of the recorder. When you're recording out the of a bag, this poses a huge problem for access, even with small fingers. The F4's interface is a lot better IMO.
  2. Hey friends, I have a small diaphragm condenser, bought used, that the previous owner kept in a homemade PVC pipe contraption. The pipe is sealed on one end, with the end cap being removable and held in place by how snugly it fits. I wonder if keeping a mic in there could cause problems, because if you pull the cap off it creates a "pop" sound when I create a low-pressure situation in the pipe. Some thoughts; if there's no closed air space inside the mic/capsule/diaphragm, then this air pressure will affect the whole thing evenly and not create any problems. But if ther
  3. Hey all! Apologies is this feels beaten to death, but I have a question about indoor mic technique. I'm pretty well-versed in the arguments for using a shotgun vs. a non-shotgun indoors. But I've been thinking lately about the effect of distance on the signal-to-ambient-noise ratio. With a shotgun mic, the capsule is inherently farther away from the talent, since there is an interference tube between them. So is the off-axis rejection of a shotgun mic really that helpful when a hypercardioid capsule could be 6-8 inches closer? Thanks, Ben
  4. Hey everyone. I noticed that Rycote claims their lyre mounts are "virtually indestructible". Just wondering if anyone here has damaged one, or if you know what it takes to break one. I might have to buy a replacement lyre and put it to the test myself if nobody has any experience with this!
  5. Found this on my local Facebook job board. It was hilarious once I stopped crying. By the way, hi everyone! This is my first post.
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