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  1. (Re-posted from Facebook, so you might've already seen this on the Post Sound Mixers group. But these are my words. Thanks for reading.) ----------------------- I've been following Brian's story for a while now. He's one of us, a post sound mixer, who fell on extremely hard times when childhood traumas reappeared in his life as PTSD. The guy had to sell all his equipment years ago and is now running on government programs and donations until he can get the funds, treatment, and business momentum to get back on his feet. https://www.gofundme.com/f/brianparsons?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer Any donations will help Brian: -afford daily needs (food, shelter, basic supplies, travel, etc.) -get a business license (qualifying him for more government programs) -acquire a state ID (which will help him find work, through Fiverr and other means) I've never met Brian in person... I friended him on Facebook because he seemed like a sweet person. I'm one of the few people who follows his updates and supports him whenever I can. I've messaged and video chatted with him many times. He's as genuine as they get. His pain is real and his faith that people will come through for him is definitely real. So if this speaks to you and you'd like to help a fellow sound professional, please check out his GoFundMe. Sharing the campaign is just as helpful as a donation. **He's also looking for sound editing and mixing work**. Thank you.
  2. My 2 cents on this question: The Mixpre 3's control knob is in a terrible spot on the right side of the recorder. When you're recording out the of a bag, this poses a huge problem for access, even with small fingers. The F4's interface is a lot better IMO.
  3. Hey friends, I have a small diaphragm condenser, bought used, that the previous owner kept in a homemade PVC pipe contraption. The pipe is sealed on one end, with the end cap being removable and held in place by how snugly it fits. I wonder if keeping a mic in there could cause problems, because if you pull the cap off it creates a "pop" sound when I create a low-pressure situation in the pipe. Some thoughts; if there's no closed air space inside the mic/capsule/diaphragm, then this air pressure will affect the whole thing evenly and not create any problems. But if there's an enclosed air space, the differential pressure could be enough to put strain on the mic. Any thoughts welcome!
  4. Hey all! Apologies is this feels beaten to death, but I have a question about indoor mic technique. I'm pretty well-versed in the arguments for using a shotgun vs. a non-shotgun indoors. But I've been thinking lately about the effect of distance on the signal-to-ambient-noise ratio. With a shotgun mic, the capsule is inherently farther away from the talent, since there is an interference tube between them. So is the off-axis rejection of a shotgun mic really that helpful when a hypercardioid capsule could be 6-8 inches closer? Thanks, Ben
  5. Hey everyone. I noticed that Rycote claims their lyre mounts are "virtually indestructible". Just wondering if anyone here has damaged one, or if you know what it takes to break one. I might have to buy a replacement lyre and put it to the test myself if nobody has any experience with this!
  6. Found this on my local Facebook job board. It was hilarious once I stopped crying. By the way, hi everyone! This is my first post.
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