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  1. Ben B

    PSC Antenna Distro

    I'm using the PSC distro connected to 2 SRb and 2 SNA600. i also noticed a raise in the noise floor but not as much as you. I haven't used it enough yet to say if the range has improved a lot or not. Would love to hear feedback from other user with more or less the same setup.
  2. Ben B

    Lectro IFB transmitter

    I use one UM400a in IFB mode in my doc bag. It outputs 100 mW and is much smaller and lighter than a T1 or T4. I do use a T1 and T4 on my cart. They are bigger but the controls over them are much better (freq change, gain, etc...) and they output 250 mW. If your work consiste of bag work where you are always next to the action and never too far from the receivers, i would go for a used UM400a (watch that they can do the IFB mode) or a T2 (essentially a UM400 that only do IFB mode). If you have it on a cart where you might end up further away from the receivers and the higher output power could be useful, go for a T1 or T4. But pretty much every transmitter from Lectro that can go into IFB mode will work with the R1a's.
  3. Ben B

    Wingman on Android

    Update on my last post. I updated my Galaxy s8 to the last OS version (8.0.0) and wingman seems to be behaving normally. I haven't used in the field with my updated phone yet but testing it at home seems to be all good.
  4. Ben B

    Wingman on Android

    I tried with my new phone galaxy s8 and it keeps disconnecting. Usually after writing a note. It disconnects and reconnects but looses what i just did. Works perfectly on my ipad. Anyone found a workaround?
  5. Ben B

    Zaxcom RX200 and TRX743 stereo

    Thanks! Huuum the zaxnet was a big plus but i also think a bigger receiver would definitely be an overkill. I do like the stereo Tx though. I will think this through and see what my budget will allow me to buy when the time will come. It is not urgent at all, i am really just checking what my options are to go wireless with my MS. To make it clear it is not for SFX or high end atmos recoding. I run the MS in sync with all the other tracks. I just put the tripod away from the set to capture the atmo of the place while we are rolling a take. I just finished a film where our main location was literally 50 meter away from the airport runway and this setup saved many takes where a plane would land right by us and having the clean MS recording of it make it usable in the final mix (the planes should be there this time... ), or that classic long dialogue right by the sea where the waves crashes on the rocks, to cite only a couple.
  6. Thanks a lot! i will finally be able to clean my SM Tx!
  7. Ben B

    Zaxcom RX200 and TRX743 stereo

    Correct me if i am wrong but while reading the manual of the RX200 i can't seem to find how to change the Tx gain, freq etc... Is it something that is doable with the setup RX200/TRX743? or only with the bigger model like the QRX200?
  8. Hi Larry, Thanks for your quick reply. I have to correct my previous comment because the importer sent me an email an hour ago saying he does indeed have some and will provide me with some of his.
  9. Hi Larry, I am reviving this thread in hope to find some Silver paste for me too. I asked the importer here in Switzerland but they knew nothing about that... Would it be possible to have some sent to me? Thanks a lot. Benoit
  10. Hi all, First of all sorry if this has been talked about before, i did my researches on here but couldn't find the info i am looking for. So please if i missed a thread, guide me to it! In my scripted shoot workflow i am always running a MS to capture some atmo while we roll. I usually set the tripod away from the set to avoid catching any dialogue on it. Until now i have been using a long cable but it has been quite the hassle when changing the shot or accessing that spot i am looking for without having the cable run through the shot, etc... Either me or my boom op spend way too much time rolling and unrolling cable for that mic. So i decided i will go wireless. I have a colleague that uses a SD302 and two lectro transmitter to a SRb (Salut Jürg si tu me lis!) but i thought about that plug on from Zaxcom capable on sending two channel of audio on one freq (TRX743). That's when i thought about the RX200 and TRX743 combo. The RX200 also receives two channel on one frequency. I could also use the zaxnet to change the gain on the transmitter from my cart. Is there any reason this combo wouldn't work? I am a Lectro user and have very little experience with Zaxcom, thus my question. Any advice would be helpful! Cheers, Ben
  11. Ben B

    Arriflex 416 and Timecode

    I did not get the info on how the post would have handled that since we found out that the magasines were missing the LED module before i got to ask the question to post. So me and my 1st AC friend didn't look further and went with a TC Slate instead. I just got back from 3 days of test on location and we did a normal head slate. Nobody was put off by it, it all went smooth as it usually does! So for me it's one less thing to worry about and for the 2 AC's as well. Shooting starts in 3 weeks and the workflow we tested ran pretty smoothly. Thanks again to everyone for their input. Even if i ended up working like i usually do i at least learnt some stuff!
  12. Ben B

    Arriflex 416 and Timecode

    To follow up on what happened after the test, i tried with the first AC for a couple hours to get the TC to go through. I managed to sync the cam with my Tentacle but i was still having an error. After a long search we discovered that the LED module in the magazin, what is actually writing the TC on the film, was missing. It seems to be some sort of add on to the normal magazin. So the problem was quickly solved and we'll end up using a TC slate..... All that fuss for nothing. Beside that it seemed to work pretty well. If the magasin had the LED i'm sure i would have had no problem getting the TC through. The only problem i couldn't solved was to find the info on what intensity of exposure i was suppose to set the LED to for each film stock we are going to use. There is a non exhaustive list in the user guide of 416 but of course non of the film we are going to use were on it and it differs from the ASA number of every film stock (two film stock with the same asa would not have the same intensity of exposure of the LED).
  13. Ben B

    Arriflex 416 and Timecode

    I just got the infos that Cinegrell are still processing film in Zürich. I am on my way to do a workflow test this afternoon.
  14. Ben B

    Arriflex 416 and Timecode

    So just to follow on what happened after discussions with the production. We will use the TC input of the Arriflex since the facility they have contact with have the back end to work with this. I insisted they would make sure it was true and my answer was we did this 3 years ago and it worked. We will also be tailslating to be safe. We will also do a full test shoot (all the way to the telecine facility) before the start to make sure it all works perfectly. To answer chrismedr they are sending the films to Germany. Can't remember exactly where but i think there is no such places in Switzerland anymore. Thanks everybody for chiming in.
  15. Ben B

    Arriflex 416 and Timecode

    I thought to have it as a backup solution in case anything would happen to the camera TC. Noted for the ipad, if TC display then open slate it will be. I have the discussion with the production this afternoon so we will see what we will end up doing. Thanks all for your inputs!