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  1. Here's my setup. (don't mind the dust i'm cleaning it on the weekend... ) It's a PSC RF Multi in a Stingray Jr. front pocket and 2 Lectro SNA600a. I usually keep the top half of the antennae folded and just open them if i need a better range. I'm just finishing a 9 weeks doc with this setup and it works like a charm. The range has been considerably enhanced and i lost the antenna forest on top of my bag. The distro doesn't use too much power either. I'll be adding a Audioroot power distro in the hole on the right of the right SRb soon.
  2. I can second that! Tried it with my HM and it's just unusable...
  3. It does pass the phantom power. It works perfectly when plugged directly into the mixer. It's just really not RF resistant...
  4. I'll go back to a normal cable for now... But strangely enough the setup MKH416/Tac!t/HM sounded great!
  5. Ah... I see... Thanks for your reply!
  6. Hello, I own a DPA 4017C that i use with my Lectro HM transmitter. I had some issue with the HM and the 4017C and found out that DPA fixed the issue of the compatibility with their newer C preamp and the Lectro HM Tx. DPA switched my C preamp for a new one and the problem was gone. My setup worked perfectly until today... Knowing that the C preamp doesn't have any low cut built in, i thought i would add a Rycote Tac!t cable between the Mic and the Lectro HM to cut on some of the handling and wind noise thus avoiding to overload the HM too fast. I am now facing a second problem.... When connecting my Tac!t cable with my 4017C and my HM i get a nasty mid pitched noise. When i squeeze the cable with my hand the noise disappears, like a grounding issue. All of the solders are ok. I then did the usual narrowing the problem down system and found out that, of course, the mic connected with a cable directly into the 633 sounds perfect, switching to a normal non Tac!t cable fixes the issue, switching the preamp to the B reduces the noise a little bit (on my last problem the B preamp worked when my C didn't) and switching the mic itself (MKH416 with Tac!t cable) fixes the issue as well. Now my question, does someone uses the same setup and did things differently? Does someone could help me shed some light on this? Thanks! Ben
  7. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    So to follow up on my problem with my C preamp and the Lectro HM, i ended up taking contact with the distributor in my country. He contacted the DPA headquarters and they replied "Lectrosonic P48 has a different set up , but we have a fix on the MMP-C to get it work. So I need it here – the C preamp we produce today has this mod built in already". The distributor made me try a brand new preamp he had (i'm guessing with the mod) and, magic, the problem was gone! I went back home with a new working preamp and a smile on my face! Hope it will help anyone with the same problem.
  8. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    That's what i thought... But i was subconsciously waiting for another answer... 😢
  9. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    Naga, now that your preamp has been modified to work with 42V, what happens if you plug it with a cable supplying 48V?
  10. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    Thanks a lot! i'll contact my DPA distributor and see what they can do.
  11. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    Ok, thanks for your reply. I will go to where i bought in a week after i come back from a shoot. I'll bring the recordings did with me then and we will see. I keep my fingers crossed because it is a very nice setup for interior!
  12. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    Yes, Like you can hear on the 3 files i attached on my first post, the problem occurs only when using the C preamp and the HM, C Preamp and cable doesn't have that noise, or B Preamp and HM no noise as well.
  13. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    I'll try to ask where i bought it. in the meantime if anyone else like to chime in, feel free!
  14. Ben B

    DPA 4017C

    Hi all, I'm reviving this thread since i couldn't find the infos i was looking for on here (please feel free to direct me to the right thread if i missed something). I just bought a C preamp for my 4017 and 4018 that i use with my Lectro HM transmitter. Yesterday on the first day i really tested it on the field i noticed some crackling noise (like a dusty vinyl) when using my 4017C. When i went home i tested every combination i have. I switched the capsules, the Preamp from the C to the B, Cable or HM and swapped the cable from the mic to the HM. I found out this crackling happens only with the combo 4017C and HM and with every cable i used between the mic and the HM. I attached some test i recorded. I pushed the gain in audacity so you guys can hear what i'm talking about. The three files are at the same gain on the recorder and the same gain on the HM. Does anyone encounter the same problem and found a fix? Is my preamp faulty? Thanks for your help. Ben MMP-B_HM.wav MMP-C_Cable.wav MMP-C_HM.wav
  15. I'm using the PSC distro connected to 2 SRb and 2 SNA600. i also noticed a raise in the noise floor but not as much as you. I haven't used it enough yet to say if the range has improved a lot or not. Would love to hear feedback from other user with more or less the same setup.
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