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  1. Hi Joppe, I'm really happy with mine but i could use another one in the near futur. So you can add me to the list also! Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I have a couple old COS11 that i don't use to mic people with anymore. The cable jacket got kinda stiff with the time and i switched to DPA for lav since a couple of films already. I do use them a lot in car rigs and i was thinking of modifying a couple to be a gooseneck mic which would be much faster to rig and adjust. I am now looking for a small gooseneck where i could feed the COS11 cable into, glue the mic on one end and solder the connector on the other. My question to you guys is has any of you already try this? With success or not? has anyone found the perfect gooseneck to realise this mod? I tried to use the gooseneck of these small Ikea USB LED lamp which looked great but the gooseneck is unfortunately too tight to fit the cable. Any input/advice is welcome. Thanks, Ben
  3. I am also a very happy user of the V3! I've used it on two 12 weeks shoot so far and am half way into the third one, charging batteries 5 days a week without any issue. Super product, and perfect service! Thanks Joppe!
  4. Try blowing hot air on it, with a hairdryer for example, while laying the cable straight and flat. It should warm up the cable jacket and soften the rubber. Let it cool down flat and straight and it should get rid of all the kinks and twists. I do this with XLR cable and it works pretty good.
  5. Hi everyone! Did anybody try the MCR54 with a Lectro Tx (SMQv and SSM)?
  6. I am using the BSRF AS-122 since 2 years on my cart. Very well built and works like a charm. I found the shape of the BSRF to fit much better in a bag (i have a bag sitting on my cart) and the fact that there is a bit more distance between the two BNC connector make it better than the PSC Multi to my eyes. I also added a passive filter between the antenna and the AS-122 to filter out my IFB and the rest of the RF. I am very happy with the setup. I also have a PSC Multi in my doc bag. I bought it 2nd hand about 3-4 month before BSRF brought the AS-62. I would have rather bought the BSRF for my small bag if i knew before. Anyway i am not unhappy with the PSC, it's just the BSRF would fit much better in my bag. I think PSC and BSRF are pretty similar in terms of specs and functionality, the only thing that made me prefer one to the other is the shape and placement of the connectors.
  7. Aaah! I didn't read it like that on the website when i did my research... Mmmh the BFA would be a great option too! I might rethink my choice then. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Thanks for the tip. The gain and attenuation is a very attractive feature indeed. But the wisycom filter window doesnt fit my need as good as the PWS filter does. I have all my mics within 470-614 mHz and my IFBs within 626-668 mHz. I want to be able to filter out the walkies from the crew (which goes up to 470) and my IFB (which the antenna is situated very close to the Rx antenna on my cart). This filter does exactly that and is about 1/3 of the price of the wisycom. I might rethink this in the future but for now i think the PWS is what i need.
  9. I am in the market for a filtering option for my wireless. I am Using Lectro A1 and B1 and i found this filter that would exactly fit my needs. Here the link to the product: https://www.professionalwireless.com/product/pws-in-line-bandpass-filter-uhf-470-616-mhz/ Has anyone already use them? Any recommendation for or against this product? Thanks! Ben
  10. Hi Joppe, Really cool thing you did here! That's exactly what i am looking for! I sent you a PM for more infos. Benoit
  11. Ben B


    Thanks Alex for the report and the tip. I'll finish the show i'm shooting now and will very probably buy the scorpio right after.
  12. Thanks for your help. I used the plug on today again in the same setting with two sets of batteries without any issues. I have really no idea what could have caused this error but a set of battery not giving enough power for a clean start could be the cause. I only use ladda battery and some are older than others. The one that were in the plug on while the problem occurred where two of the older ones. I'll report here if it happens again and see if i can reproduce the issue when we are done shooting end of august. In the mean time i keep my fingers crossed that it was just the older batteries...
  13. Thanks Larry. Unfortunately in the stress when it happened yesterday i tossed the failing batteries in my empty battery box and since i only have laddas i wont find which one they were. I'll use the plug on again today and i'll see if the problem occurs again. We are shooting indoors in a very old farm in the mountains doing night scenes. It was maybe max 20 degrees celcius in there and the plug on stayed indoors. So it was for sure not the temperature. The idea of making the plug on fail on purpose doesn't excite me much as we still have 4 shooting weeks to go. I'd rather wait until we're done to do a full thorough fail test.
  14. Hi all, Today my HMa (EU version) gave me a strange error. We had a normal morning without problem, we switched batteries at lunch and upon rebooting the unit started the count up 1, instead of two it gave us "Dsperr", 3 and the unit turned on. I had full RF reception but no audio passed through. I tried multiple time to turn it on and off and the same event happened (1, Dsperr, 3 and the unit was on). I switched batteries for others and the unit turned on normally. Very weird... My HMa is not even one year old and i use LADDA rechargeable. The problem happened with one set of LADDA and i replaced it with another set of LADDA and the problem disappeared. I tried looking for this error message online but couldn't find any thing even remotely related. Had anyone already encountered that problem? *EDIT* I just realised "DSPerr" means "DSP error"... (i had a stressful day on set today...). How can two batteries give me a DSP error and two others work normally?
  15. Ben B


    I'm bumping this post. I am seriously thinking of upgrading my 688 to a scorpio but before i make the purchase i'd love to know if people have been using the scorpio - SL6 - CL12 combo and would like to report. There are still a few point that are a bit unclear to me. When using the SL6 you need to power the SL6/scorpio through the SL6 (NP1 or Hirose), correct? So that means you cannot charge the potential NPF battery plugged in the back of the scorpio through the machine? Will any USB A - USB A cable work as a connection between the scorpio and the CL12?
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