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  1. Ben B

    SD A20 Nexus

    It looks cool but expensive! for me it would mean switching my whole Rx/Tx 12 channels cart rig and 8 channel bag rig system which would mean a huge investment but i must admit that all the bells and whistles are looking good. If what they say about the nexlink range is true it would solve the issue i had with the battery life of the A20 mini. I am disappointed though that the dc out are disabled when the nexus is plugged onto a 8 serie. I like to be able to switch the while rig on and off with one power switch and have the batterie in the back of the recorder as backup and hot swap solution… EDIT: After watching the video from SD i have to correct myself. Yes the 2 Hirose in the back do exactly that.
  2. That's great info! Thanks. I read in the specs that the Hyperflex 7 handle bends down to 68mm in radius. My drum has a 100mm radius at the base so i guess i'm good to go. I put everything together last week. I put 3 Cables in a sleeve around the drum and it fits nicely!
  3. Hi Marco I ended up getting 25m of it and i put it on a drum. I thought it was flexibel enough not damage it on a drum. I'll try it in november, i guess i'll see if i was wrong with the flexibility...
  4. So the Ultraflex 7 flexibel enough to put it on drums! Interessant! I'll look into it! thanks!
  5. I'm interested to know about the result! I'm looking for a 5m version for my cart and a 20-30 m version to remote my antenna mast. Do you mean the Ultraflex 7?
  6. Good to know about the noise floor. I didn't think about that. That's exactly why i posted this question here. I also did some test with the bag rig have (the other rig with the Wisycom antenna would be for my cart rig). The bag rig is also an SL2 with the same PWS filters but going into either whips or the Betso Bowtie depending on what kind of job i do. Obviously the Tx is pretty close to the whips as it's all in a small bag. During my test i found out that bypassing the PWS filters and going with the whips directly on the SL2 would overload the SL2 RF input with the cam hop TX. when putting the PWS filters between the whips and the SL2, it would stop the overloading. So i guess they do help somewhat to filter out the cam hop frequencies. I guess it's an either this or either that situation where none of them is a perfect solution.
  7. I'll explain myself. I am on the brim to update my antenna to some Wisycom LFA. I am currently using RF Venue Dipole antenna into two Professional Wireless System 470-616 passive filter and then into a Sound Devices SL2 with the 470-614 MHz filter activated. I was wondering if adding the LFAs with filtering as well would then be "too much filtering". In my train of thought and logic it shouldn't be a problem as every filter would then filter the already filtered signal some more, but i thought i'd ask if there was some detail i didn't know about. For info I am using Lectro block A1-B1 for all my booms and wireless and my IFBs and Camera hop are in the Sennheiser B Band (626-668) where i'm trying to keep the frequencies i use in the upper B Block to have as much spacing as possible between the Rx and Tx.
  8. That's great news! One more reason to be excited about the units i preordered! It seems like i'll be buying some more lectro in the near futur...
  9. Are you talking about the new DSR4 or about the DSQD? I thought the DSR4 was still waiting for approval of the FCC to be put into full production. I am also hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that i'll be able to do my next feature in november with my new receivers!
  10. Question for karlw. The DSR4 is compatible with the stereo digital Tx DCHT. My question is, is it possible to use two of the four channels tuned to the frequency of the DCHT (maybe in Vector mode) and get two separated channels out? My idea would be to have two DPR on channel one and two and one DCHT sending a stereo signal from a MS mic on channel three and four.
  11. Ben B

    SD833 + LC8+

    Well that sounds like a good match to my set up. It would even fit in the front pouch of my bag!
  12. Ben B

    SD833 + LC8+

    It looks nice! I was wondering how do you connect it to the 833? That 8 pin lemo (it looks like a lemo on the pictures i found) to usb? Can you still map these 8 assignable button to any of the mappable function in the 833? It's also powered through the same cable? I could see this as a small control surface for the 888 i use when i can't take my cart. Because really mixing on these small pots is not very efficient...
  13. I am also using these Professional Wireless System filters. I have the 470 - 616 MHz. I have them on both my cart and in my small bag. They are helpful keeping my IFB (they are in the mid 600 MHz) to overload my Rx as they are pretty close to each other. The Wisycom BFA is of course the deluxe version which i might get one day.
  14. I just finished the feature with this camera and here's my report: It took the TC from my tentacles perfectly. No drift at all said the DIT. I had one tentacle on the cam and one on my Scorpio (Scorpio set to Ext TC continuous). The TC input is a 5 pin lemo and the way the input is placed on the cam makes it easy with a straight connector. It has 2 XLR input mic/line both with phantom power. I tried them both for the sake of it but didn't record any sound on the cam during the shoot. The 2 connector are placed on top of the cam so a right angle connector would be better, although a straight one would work as well depending on the set up of the cam. It was pretty silent during the whole shoot. we had just one set which was very hot and the fan started lightly during a take but nothing crazy. An Alexa mini is definitely quieter but this one is close behind. The mark II version is already out and they fixed quite a few thing which were a bit wonky on the first version so they might have made it possible to deactivate the sound recording like you can on a arri for example. I didn't see the newer version so i can't say for sure. All in all a pretty easy camera to work with!
  15. Hi all, I'm about to start a feature with a camera that i have never heard of until yesterday. We will be shooting on the Kinefinity Mavo LF. I saw the camera yesterday and got it to accept TC from my tentacle. TC input is a lemo 5 pin. Pretty straight forward. I didn't managed to deactivate the sound recording though. It either accept external sound from 2 XLR input located on the top (both "pro" level, line or mic level and with phantom power) or has an internal mic. The best i could do was to turn the gain down to 0db but couldn't completely turn it off like on Alexa mini for exemple. Has anyone experience with this camera? Any do and don't? Anything to watch out for? Thanks! Ben
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