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  1. Question for karlw. The DSR4 is compatible with the stereo digital Tx DCHT. My question is, is it possible to use two of the four channels tuned to the frequency of the DCHT (maybe in Vector mode) and get two separated channels out? My idea would be to have two DPR on channel one and two and one DCHT sending a stereo signal from a MS mic on channel three and four.
  2. Ben B

    SD833 + LC8+

    Well that sounds like a good match to my set up. It would even fit in the front pouch of my bag!
  3. Ben B

    SD833 + LC8+

    It looks nice! I was wondering how do you connect it to the 833? That 8 pin lemo (it looks like a lemo on the pictures i found) to usb? Can you still map these 8 assignable button to any of the mappable function in the 833? It's also powered through the same cable? I could see this as a small control surface for the 888 i use when i can't take my cart. Because really mixing on these small pots is not very efficient...
  4. I am also using these Professional Wireless System filters. I have the 470 - 616 MHz. I have them on both my cart and in my small bag. They are helpful keeping my IFB (they are in the mid 600 MHz) to overload my Rx as they are pretty close to each other. The Wisycom BFA is of course the deluxe version which i might get one day.
  5. I just finished the feature with this camera and here's my report: It took the TC from my tentacles perfectly. No drift at all said the DIT. I had one tentacle on the cam and one on my Scorpio (Scorpio set to Ext TC continuous). The TC input is a 5 pin lemo and the way the input is placed on the cam makes it easy with a straight connector. It has 2 XLR input mic/line both with phantom power. I tried them both for the sake of it but didn't record any sound on the cam during the shoot. The 2 connector are placed on top of the cam so a right angle connector would be better, although a straight one would work as well depending on the set up of the cam. It was pretty silent during the whole shoot. we had just one set which was very hot and the fan started lightly during a take but nothing crazy. An Alexa mini is definitely quieter but this one is close behind. The mark II version is already out and they fixed quite a few thing which were a bit wonky on the first version so they might have made it possible to deactivate the sound recording like you can on a arri for example. I didn't see the newer version so i can't say for sure. All in all a pretty easy camera to work with!
  6. Hi all, I'm about to start a feature with a camera that i have never heard of until yesterday. We will be shooting on the Kinefinity Mavo LF. I saw the camera yesterday and got it to accept TC from my tentacle. TC input is a lemo 5 pin. Pretty straight forward. I didn't managed to deactivate the sound recording though. It either accept external sound from 2 XLR input located on the top (both "pro" level, line or mic level and with phantom power) or has an internal mic. The best i could do was to turn the gain down to 0db but couldn't completely turn it off like on Alexa mini for exemple. Has anyone experience with this camera? Any do and don't? Anything to watch out for? Thanks! Ben
  7. I have the stanley from https://www.regiestuhl.de/. The website is only in german as far as i know and the chairs are pricey but they last a lifetime! Mine went into snow, mud, sand, concrete, from -20C to 35C and the feet still don't scratch the wodden floor! All the parts are also replaceable. I can only recommend them! Bonus point: you can write what you want on the back or even print your logo.
  8. Quick update. I ended up getting a Netgear GS105E. After some research i found out you can turn of the IEEE in the setup menu of the switch. (it should actually be turned off by default). I do have a problem with powering it via my power distro. The old Lectro power cable i have laying around do not power the switch. I am trying to order a replacement power cord and solder a Hirose onto it to see if it's the lectro plug that isn't working or not. I ordered a Audioroot K-Art with one output regulated at 12V so i might just use that output to power the switch. @Johnny Karlsson what is your setup exactly that you can power the switch through your power distro? I did also have a couple issue where my Dante Virtual Sound card clock sync unlocked and my DVS got muted. After a few minute it locked in again and it worked. I did some research and it's apparently and mac/DVS/thunderbolt Ethernet dongle issue. Has anyone encounter that issue as well? I'm brand new to Dante and i'm still figuring it out. Although i did pass the Dante certification level 1 and 2, when it comes to setup the my own network some things still makes me scratch my head...
  9. Thanks! The edgerouter x looks like what i am looking for. Hopefully the DC plug in the back is the same size as a Lectro one (it seems hard to find any info on the size of that plug).
  10. Thanks Tourtelot for the detailed answer. I did pass the Audinate certification level 1 and will then start for the level 2. What you said about outgrowing the daisy chain network is very true... I remember when i started and built my first cart, when it was done i thought to myself i would never need more than my 6 track recorder and couple lavs... Thanks Johnny Karlsson for the tip on the Netgear GS105. It does say in the user guide of the switch that it has IEEE enabled (which i learned in the Dante certification level 1 and what tourtelot said, you do not want). Did you encounter any problem? It seems like having a switch is the way to go. I'll keep searching for a 1 Gbit, no power saving, 5 ports, DC powered switch. If anybody has a tip on such a switch, let me know!
  11. Hi! I am on the verge to switch to Dante on my cart. I will connect 3 DSQD to my Scorpio. I understand i could just daisy chain the 3 DSQD into the Scorpio but it somehow feels less safe than having a network switch (is it?). I am new to Dante and although i passed the Dante certification level 1, i still have a couple question that need answering to reassure me before buying everything. If i choose to go the switch way, i’ll need one that can be powered through my battery distribution system (Audioroot k-art) as my cart runs off batteries. Is there anyone using sort of the simular setup and care to share their experience? Switch? No switch? Thanks for your input! Ben
  12. Since my original post i also had this issue come up a handful of time. But every time i either just opened the battery door, switched them and closed it again, or changed the batteries and it always worked afterwards. I also marked the batteries that gave me the problem and after charging them the problem and using the same pair again, the problem didnt show up. Not sure what the source of the problem is but so far i could always fix it within 10 seconds on set. Maybe it’s weak battery, maybe they dont sit right in their place or the wrapper of the AA, which sort of start to peel of after a few uses, who prevent good contact, i dont know, but i pretty sure the unit itself isn’t faulty since the battery switch always fix the issue right away.
  13. Ben B

    SD 888

    Thanks Nate! I found it in the user guide... I did read the manual before but obviously not thoroughly enough! My bad for not looking good enough!
  14. Ben B

    SD 888

    Hi! I'm reviving this thread. I just bought a 888 and also got a ta4 to d-tap to power it in my backup bag (not from SD). When i plugged it in it didn't take any power from the ta4 but only from the 2 npf i have in the back. I am thinking the wiring of my cable might be wrong to power the 888. My cable is wired like that: 1 and 3 Red, 2 Black, 4 Ground and on the d-tap side: +: Red, -: Black Does anyone knows the ta4 correct wiring to power the 8 Series? Thanks! Ben
  15. Just curious, what speaker are you guys using for thump track playback? What kind of sub or speaker. When available i usually used the PA available in the club we were shooting at but when nothing is available i am using something like that https://www.ionaudio.com/explorer extreme-explorerextremexus. It served me well so far for quick playback (and spontaneous end of the day parties) as it is battery powered (it lasts forever), weather resistant, has a mini jack input and fits in my car with the rest of my gear. It doesn't produce very powerful bass though and when i have a big set with lots of extras to cover, it is a bit weak. Is there a subwoofer, battery powered, that doesn't weight half a ton with practical input connector out there?
  16. Hi Joppe, I'm really happy with mine but i could use another one in the near futur. So you can add me to the list also! Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I have a couple old COS11 that i don't use to mic people with anymore. The cable jacket got kinda stiff with the time and i switched to DPA for lav since a couple of films already. I do use them a lot in car rigs and i was thinking of modifying a couple to be a gooseneck mic which would be much faster to rig and adjust. I am now looking for a small gooseneck where i could feed the COS11 cable into, glue the mic on one end and solder the connector on the other. My question to you guys is has any of you already try this? With success or not? has anyone found the perfect gooseneck to realise this mod? I tried to use the gooseneck of these small Ikea USB LED lamp which looked great but the gooseneck is unfortunately too tight to fit the cable. Any input/advice is welcome. Thanks, Ben
  18. I am also a very happy user of the V3! I've used it on two 12 weeks shoot so far and am half way into the third one, charging batteries 5 days a week without any issue. Super product, and perfect service! Thanks Joppe!
  19. Try blowing hot air on it, with a hairdryer for example, while laying the cable straight and flat. It should warm up the cable jacket and soften the rubber. Let it cool down flat and straight and it should get rid of all the kinks and twists. I do this with XLR cable and it works pretty good.
  20. Hi everyone! Did anybody try the MCR54 with a Lectro Tx (SMQv and SSM)?
  21. I am using the BSRF AS-122 since 2 years on my cart. Very well built and works like a charm. I found the shape of the BSRF to fit much better in a bag (i have a bag sitting on my cart) and the fact that there is a bit more distance between the two BNC connector make it better than the PSC Multi to my eyes. I also added a passive filter between the antenna and the AS-122 to filter out my IFB and the rest of the RF. I am very happy with the setup. I also have a PSC Multi in my doc bag. I bought it 2nd hand about 3-4 month before BSRF brought the AS-62. I would have rather bought the BSRF for my small bag if i knew before. Anyway i am not unhappy with the PSC, it's just the BSRF would fit much better in my bag. I think PSC and BSRF are pretty similar in terms of specs and functionality, the only thing that made me prefer one to the other is the shape and placement of the connectors.
  22. Aaah! I didn't read it like that on the website when i did my research... Mmmh the BFA would be a great option too! I might rethink my choice then. Thanks for the tip!
  23. Thanks for the tip. The gain and attenuation is a very attractive feature indeed. But the wisycom filter window doesnt fit my need as good as the PWS filter does. I have all my mics within 470-614 mHz and my IFBs within 626-668 mHz. I want to be able to filter out the walkies from the crew (which goes up to 470) and my IFB (which the antenna is situated very close to the Rx antenna on my cart). This filter does exactly that and is about 1/3 of the price of the wisycom. I might rethink this in the future but for now i think the PWS is what i need.
  24. I am in the market for a filtering option for my wireless. I am Using Lectro A1 and B1 and i found this filter that would exactly fit my needs. Here the link to the product: https://www.professionalwireless.com/product/pws-in-line-bandpass-filter-uhf-470-616-mhz/ Has anyone already use them? Any recommendation for or against this product? Thanks! Ben
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