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  1. Ive been experimenting using A10's side by side with DPR-a's running booms. they do sound slightly different . both sound good but the A10 sounds a little better to my ears..a bit more natural,fuller in the lower midrange. the DPR is a slightly little more rolled off below 120hz.
  2. Some one I know tried using the minis mixed with standard cmits on 2/3 boom shots and said there was a noticeable difference in sound. anyone compare directly?
  3. Having an extra 14db of headroom will be helpful for those crazy loud scenes.I'm not replacing my legacy mics w/ cores.just get some as needed or when the old ones completely crap out I suppose. screaming into the cores vs legacy I could hear the core sounded more open less compressed sounding w same gain settings.in nutty loud situations i'd imagine my transmitters would need gaining down first though.that said having the extra headroom at the mic will always help. looks like theres a 4060 core[+8db more headroom] version and 4063 coming as well.I'd imagine a core 4071 soon after. I was listening to the core vs 4060.I could still hear some self noise on the 4060's. I think the core 4060's would be great for me.
  4. Got some new DPA Core 4061's. First impressions they sound really good.interesting I was expecting lower noise floor to my legacy 4061's but sounds about the same. overall not a night and day sonic difference but the thing I do hear is on louder stuff the Core versions retain transients and clarity better and obviously don't break up/distort as quickly.that increased 14 db headroom. they're gonna be useful for sure.
  5. Ok gotcha. I'll have to audition the gooseneck when I return the 4080 to you guys this week. thanks!
  6. After handling the new gooseneck version I'm thinking its still too long[2 inches?] to hang from a visor and hide well..like the 4098 its a bit long. Glen is it possible to do a version with a shorter head profile?
  7. I just did a bunch of overhead/visor and under talent car tests with the 4061,4098 and 4080. I was surprised.the 4080 sounds pretty mid forward and very present around 1-4khz ,very very little low end under 120hz.it definitely affects voice range. the cardiod pattern is nice but sonically sounded a bit hard compared to the 4060/4098. mind you not unusable but to my ears the least favorite. I still like the 4061's for reasonably close visor mics.w/ an 80hz hpf, sounds very natural.large suv's/trucks or ambient vehicles are a little more challenging reach wise. these days we almost always wire talent w/ 4061's or 4071's as well .[whispers and last second open windows] the 4098 [higher self noise/lower output]is still useful when you need a bit more reach and less extreme head turn stuff...or from below.still a bit too directional for head turns imo.placement crucial. I've seen the trew 4080 gooseneck version in person,my problem is the head assembly[not the actual gooseneck] is still way to long to hide/stash properly up in visors.its about as long as the 4098..over 2". so the 4080 demo goes back and my quest continues for the ultimate compact/easy to hide,fast and robust sounding car rig. Ive gotta try the 4011 cardiod cap and active microdot cable to lectro next.
  8. Ive got some of the brand new Trew audio 4080 TA5 goosenecks on order.
  9. I snapped another 4098 tube off. I'm over it.
  10. I have a bunch of 4061's and 71's..thought the slims sounded a little weird.boxy less full.
  11. Thanks Jan.I'll give that a go. here's some various 4098/4060's rigs that I've been using.
  12. I have 2 4098's.when they work they're great.pretty good reach,like mini booms but seem too directional for some applications. I've semi burned myself a couple times on car shots when an actor moved to far of axis.or I placed it as a plant on a desk ,the actor stands up and it sounds fairly off mic.not very forgiving. definitely a pretty steep low roll off under 120hz. in a visor can be tricky to hide.not always head turn friendly.when something stealthy and omni is more appropriate I often switch to some visor 4060's,easpecially if there's more head movement Ive sent one back after the tube got broken off. I really REALLY wish DPA would make a full range wide cardioid version w/ shorter length.
  13. the 4098 is definitely higher noise floor than a cmc.never stopped me from getting good usable tracks.
  14. looks really cool.not enough analog inputs for me to justify the 8k price.
  15. love to hear feedback too. I'm hearing the range isn't as robust as 411's.
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