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  1. It's a great idea and I need one of these for sure but jeez, $185?
  2. Still on my first kit. I got a Zoom F8 and Rode NTG3. Good enough for student films and low budget stuff. Plus I also use the Zoom F8 for remote recordings for live shows.
  3. I can't believe I'm just missing this... I'll be in Vegas April 5-11
  4. Sennheiser has a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy that dealers have to follow, which is the reason why the price of the 416 new from an authorized dealer is $999 wherever you go. Yes, some dealers occasionally break this MAP policy, but they risk losing their dealership. The fact that a bunch of stores other than B&H also had the 416 on a "flash sale", I'm guessing it was something that was Sennheisser-approved. It doesn't necessarily mean it's being discontinued or replaced, though, especially since it was a one day thing and not a permanent MAP reduction.
  5. A lot of girls feel they should just ignore the situation so it doesn't turn into something worse. It's sad, but I definitely wouldn't wanna piss off a drunk guy who's bigger than me.
  6. But they're responding like it bothers them that someone dared to ask a basic question. You have to start somewhere. It's not like they're walking up to you in person and bothering you when you've got more important things to do; it's an online message board and you can easily choose to ignore the question if it's not worth your time to answer it. Why bother wasting your time just to give them an insulting and unhelpful piece of "advice"? (I'm sure they know how to use google if they were able to look up a site filled with experienced sound mixers that they can post a question to). If it bothers people so much to have the forum "spammed" with basic questions, I think Jeff should create a new section for beginners to ask any question they want in a judgment free zone. Then we don't have to worry about people being offended that a newbie is attempting to waste their valuable time by asking "stupid" questions -- those people simply can ignore those threads because they're in a different section that they never have to enter.
  7. I read a comment the other day explaining how not everyone who asks what others might think is a dumb question is being lazy... Sometimes they're just looking to start a conversation. Telling them to do something I'm 99% sure they already thought of doing isn't going to do anything but make them feel bad about themselves. Google is NO substitute for human interaction. Some people learn by reading. Some people learn by listening. Both one sided. Others, like myself, learn at their best through conversation. A back and forth. Sure, maybe the initial question can be answered with a quick Google search. But it's so much more than that. Maybe the person you're talking to brings up an additional point you wouldn't have even of thought to ask. Then all of a sudden you learned something that stopped a big problem from occurring had they not told you about it.
  8. Finally got a chance to use my F8 on a student film last night. Damn, it's so much better than the H5 the school lends them. I don't really have much experience in location sound, but I could tell I definitely got better audio than most student films get. I'm very happy with this purchase. I had to boom and mix, so I set it up on a tripod at waste level and then put the iPad on top of the tripod. It made it super easy to see the faders and meters and really easy to take a hand off the boom and adjust something really quick. I don't really like circular trim knobs on a touch device (they are super hard to fine-tune), but the faders are good. The one thing I don't like is it seems impossible to add new folders onto the SD card with the iPad? Not sure if it's true, but I can't figure out how to do it -- so if it's possible, please let me know! It was annoying to have to disconnect the iPad in order to use finder on the device itself and it'd definitely be easier and quicker to enter text on an iPad rather than with the menu knob.
  9. Here's some coverage of the event! http://www.fios1news.com/lowerhudsonvalley/westchester-girls-science-saturday#.Vkh15F88KnP
  10. I want you to know that I, someone who never watches football, kept it on in the background all night long as I was working, just so I could see/hear a whole 30 seconds of your work. good job!
  11. haha, well when signing in I did get asked if I had my photo release form, and I said "No, can I get one?" and another woman said "Your parent has to sign it", and I was like "Uhhh... I'm 21." Lol! Awkward. So even though that's not me in the pic, I probably don't look much older!
  12. Haven't been here in a while; thanks everyone for your replies! I met up with @Jan McL last weekend and we did a workshop about trying to get more girls into the STEM fields. They got a huge kick out of singing songs and doing pretend interviews into the microphones, and trying to hold the boom pole. It was around 32 girls total over two sessions; we hopefully inspired at least one of them!
  13. Wow. That's really amazing. Thanks for sharing that! It's so inspiring.
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