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  1. Just randomly caught this. Thanks fellas.
  2. Definitely Mike. In this case there will be a few locked off wides and a few medium/medium close tracking shots. I'm going to try my best to lav the actors using hidden neoprene pouches for the packs and potentially to hide the mics as well, as a backup. -- But will primarily be focussing on booming all the shots.
  3. @ cmassey - Great tips. Thanks a ton. Very logical. This will relieve many headaches before I acheive them. @ abe - Thanks, Abe. I'll keep on searching. @ scott - Perfect. Much obliged, kind sir.
  4. Greetings talented folks. I'm an official greenhorn. Used the "site:" operator to search this topic, but was unable to find specific results so I'm posting this. If you know of other posts I could read, please advise. Hoping to find some advice on getting the best audio for dialog while multiple or single actors are running/moving/jogging. My obvious guess is to hide lavs somewhere other than garments. For a specific wide shot, I'd imagine I could try going through the hairline potentially? Will also be doing some medium shots while tracking actors movement so not sure what the best methods/techniques would be. Also using an 11' pole in addition is an option. Any best practice, tips or any advice you guys could offer would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  5. My guess is it smells very similar to money... LOL
  6. I realize this is an old thread, but if by chance someone knows, has anyone experienced noise issues with the phantom power on the DR-680?
  7. 300 strips of bacon per minute? How can that be a bad thing.
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