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  1. This is exactly what happened. We shot 33 videos in three days at NAB 2014. Our on-site video editor was working his tail off, as we all were, and a single poorly written letter turned our good friend Dave into an aquatic animal. I didn't get to see the video until it was already uploaded to YouTube, and I immediately alerted the video team of the error, but I also begged them to leave the typo in there, just because it cracks me up.
  2. ...you'd be surprised we're even able to pay people... This doesn't instill one with confidence. This is $50 a day if you're lucky. More than likely, you'll be an unknowing volunteer.
  3. I get the feeling that Windows 8 is going to be a different story. Microsoft is chasing Apple, trying to make consumers feel like the difference between the two are blurring, but I'll believe it when I see it. Windows 8/Metro/Windows Phone seem like they're going to confuse people even more. Tablets the run on ARM processors are going to be able to do some of the stuff that the full Windows 8 is going to do, but not everything. Right there the user has to always juggle in their head what is and isn't possible with the flavor of Windows they're currently using. Current Windows phones like the much touted Lumia 900 are not going to be allowed to upgrade to the Apollo OS, which is going to integrate better with the Windows 8 & Metro tablet OS. It's a big mess if you ask me. Went Mac in 2004. Staying Mac until something better comes along...
  4. Put together blimp for exterior shot, hoist it overhead for the first take, look up, and cannot tell which direction the shotgun is pointing, scene begins, and yes, mic is pointed at the sky, dialog is lost.
  5. I think the Nomad looks nice. At the other end of the spectrum, Sony came out with white version of the PCM M10, which is also pretty cute. But I hear ya, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera makes a statement.
  6. Thanks guys. It sounds trite to say, but it honestly means a lot.
  7. I just wrote this, and I think some of you may get a kick out of it: http://www.sam-mallery.com/2012/03/in-disagreement-with-werner-herzog/
  8. I hadn't seen "Up All Night" before, but last night I watched the episode entitled "Parents," and it had a darkly funny subplot about a boom operator's death. Some here may be offended, but I thought it was pretty funny. When you have some downtime and you want to veg out, I recommend giving it a view (currently, you can stream it on NBC's website).
  9. Not entirely fair. Apple did a lot to promote and support the (RED) charity to fight Aids. And like everything Apple does, after they partnered with RED every other company under the sun copied them, and RED was (and has remained) everywhere. But yeah, there is much room for improvement in the philanthropy department. I'd rather see Apple move mountains that way than to make a behemoth purchase.
  10. Because I owned them, used them, and wasn't satisfied with how they sounded.
  11. I used to own a pair of these as well, and sold them. They were the first wireless systems I bought, but even with Sanken COS11's their sound quality was unaccepatble. I ended up buying a better Lectro system, and life as been good since then. I was hoping I could use my Series 100 in the place of Comtex, but I tried to set it up a few times and it was too much of a struggle. I ended up never using them on a set for wireless headphones. The main problem I encountered was that the transmitter interfered with my SRa receiver in my bag (which I use to receive the signal from my two SM transmitters, which I use for dialog). I tried moving the LMa to the far reaches of my bag/harness, but it still would interfere with my mics, so I just gave up on it. Perhaps someone else on JW has better tech advice, but I ended up selling mine on eBay and buying Comtex.
  12. Voice control has been on iPhone for a while. Hold your Home button down for two seconds, wait for the beep, and start telling your iPhone what to do. Even the lowly 3GS has it.
  13. Forget games, the difference in basic throughput performance between the cosmetically identical iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS was really significant. I'm confident that the dual-core A5 and the dual-core graphics would be really nice to use every day, and quite a noticeable bump over the iPhone 4. I agree that Siri is unappealing, but that low light camera looks really nice.
  14. I just read about this today, and thought some of you might find it interesting: http://vimeo.com/musicstore It's a new service from Vimeo that makes it easier for video makers to find music for their productions. They're offering two kinds of license options: 1) Music from the "Free Music Archive," which has tracks that all have a Creative Commons license. 2) Music from "Audiosocket," which features up-and-coming artists and composers who offer tracks for either $2 each (for personal, non-commercial work), and $98 for commercial stuff. Kind of interesting, eh?
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