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  1. sicijk

    Lectro SMDb RF Power settings

    Yes they are SMDb European mode. I don't have any particular problem. The fact is that I got used to that. Thanks guys
  2. sicijk

    Lectro SMDb RF Power settings

    Hi and thanks for your reply. I tried with the transmitter too.... Cannot change 50 from the menu.... I bought them used and the guy told me that he sent them to someone to get RF power out modified from 50mW to 100mW
  3. sicijk

    Lectro SMDb RF Power settings

    Hello, I have two Lectro SMDB at 100mW. Some time ago I took them to 50mW with App LECTRORM. Now if I try to bring them back to 100mW the transmitter shows - - - - - - - as if it were already set, but on restart it is always shown Pr 50 Any advice please? Thank you