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  1. Can you share your experience with 4017 and Emesser? Is it fit to Rycote for 4017b and how noisy is it?
  2. Funny, I was suppose to work on that project in Moscow with my close friend who was there DOP. But unfortunately that time i was in India:( I have spoke with him and got some answers for you) - They had 3 camera setup in small, noisy hotel room with bad ventilation system. With short time for preparing. - The vent was used only between takes because of very hot room - Zeppelin was still on because of lack of time for setup. Anyway sound from boom mics was not the best cause of "highway" near to hotel. Noise from the roads is usual problem for recording sound in Moscow, because of the size of the road. Even in center of city My 5 cents about Sanken CS-3e. I love it. Its my main mic now. But i just received my first Sennheiser mkh-50 and looking forward to compere them in a field. Im planing to use mkh-50 indoor and CS-3e outdoor. I also always have Sennheiser mkh-416 in my bag as backup mic, which is very solid, good sounding mic for some tough scenes. But CS-3e so much more better, especially indoor.
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