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  1. What supplier is a source for the colored, cloth cable that is used by a few people in this thread? Thanks, Bob
  2. Anyone else have experience with the Sound Guys Quick Release System? Thanks, Bob
  3. While this CL posting is not sound specific it is amusing: FILM MAKER WANTED (Pittsburgh) We are looking for someone to film our movie that we made. We also need you to make it for us. thanks. Other than that we will get everything taken care of. Location: Pittsburgh it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Compensation: It depends on how good of a job you do.
  4. I am ordering a couple of these Ambient xlr holders to try out on my boom poles. I'd like to use the thinnest cable for the jumpers. Any cable recommendations? Thanks, Bob
  5. New Mexico, My vdB is probably the same age as yours. I bought it used a good number of years ago. I also have a shorter K-Tek I got new that I like a lot.
  6. David, Thanks for the contact with David Pebworth. I just spoke to him and he is sending the donuts out to me. Thanks again and thanks to Jack also. Bob
  7. I have had this old style vdB pole, 12 foot, for a number of years and it has been a good, quiet pole. Lately though, it has developed a lot of handling noise and, upon inspection, it has some kinks in the internal, straight cable which make a flopping sound when cueing and on other moves. I have decided to replace the cable to try and cure the noise problem. On the old cable there are three small, foam donuts glued to the cable near the tip at eight inch intervals. They would be contained in the thinnest. top section of the pole. I am guessing they keep the cable centered in that section to reduce noise and should be attached to the new cable. What experiences have other folks had replacing the cable on an old vdB pole? What glue would be good to use in attaching the foam donuts to the cable? Are the foam donuts necessary? Thanks, Bob
  8. I have an SRb on short back order with my audio dealer. I intend to use it with two 200c tx until I can afford the upgrade to new tx. I wonder if I should put a hold on that order until this gets sorted out. If the solution is a change in the SRb programing, could that be done remotely or would it need a trip back to New Mexico? Bob
  9. Well the shoot was over the weekend and went just fine. The FOH guy was very cool and gave me two analog outs. He mixes the house in stereo so that is what I got. It could not have been easier. I tend to over think some jobs but I know the more I prepare the better I do. I also sometimes find that, when I ask a question, not only do I get the answer I need but also the revelation that my ignorance is much greater than I imagined. Thanks for your replies. Bob
  10. Thanks Crussell. Interesting about the thumb drive. I don't think i can go that way as they are syncing the 2 5Ds to my sound with a smart slate. Not really sure about every detail as it is an out of town company, trying to get more info. Senator, I could be wrong, but i think the client wants more than a mono mix so they can play with it later. As I said, I may be wrong, and i await more information from them.
  11. Tom, I'll ask about the Omni outs. I was thinking he would be using those for the PA but I guess not all of them. Senator, yes, a rock concert.
  12. I need a little help here. I never work music stuff but have a job this weekend taking a mix from an LS9. For most of the day leading up to the concert I will be using my 664 to get interviews and run and gun stuff. My question concerns the concert. I need to take a stereo mix from the LS9. I am waiting for a call back from the sound guy at the venue but right now I am hoping to be able to tap the stereo mix out. I believe the LS9 mix out is SPIDIF (IEC 60958, according to the LS9 manual). The #1 input of the 664 is AES3 and, according to SD tech support, may or may not work with the SPIDIF . It is a hit or miss situation. Has anyone had experience with running SPIDIP to the 664? I do have an HD-P2 that has a SPIDIF input. Can I just run an RCA cable from the LS9 Mix out to the SPIDIF input of the HD-P2. Would that give me the stereo mix. If so I could then output that to my 664 to record everything on the same card and as a backup. Is this a good workflow? Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob
  13. Peter Engh was willing to make an R21t for me which I received last week. It is the perfect solution. Just what I was seeking. Looking at the quality of the build and finish it is easy to see why his products are so esteemed.
  14. Those Kortwich connectors sure are pretty. I had thought about making some but then figured the more important thing to do is get the mixer running. I'm using regular Neutrik XLR's with the colored end caps for easy ID in the bag. Once that is done I might think about pimping out the the equipment.
  15. Thanks for the advice Eric. You're the wizard of cables so I'll use the Canare. I used to use mini-starquad for those connections but that was overkill. Bob
  16. My 664 arrived a couple weeks ago along with the standard SD manual on that heavy cream colored paper. When I first looked thorough the manual I was expecting some discrepancies due to the recent firmware upgrade but that was not the case. It was up to date; a quick look to the bottom of the page confirmed 1.03 firmware. I just think Sound Devices is such a class act. Bob
  17. I am setting up an audio bag for the SD664 which I recently received and am pondering what cable to use for the Lectro to mixer input connections, right angle XLR to straight XLR. I want to keep the bag as light and uncluttered as possible. I have some Canare L-2E5 on hand and though that it might be the ticket however I also have some Mogami 2697 which would be very lightweight. I think the 2697 might be good for this usage--short cables that never leave the bag. Does anyone have an opinion on these cables or a better recommendation? Thanks, Bob
  18. I did make two cables, one each for left and right channels. Both line level sent to the ring and then grounded the tip and shield. They work fine. I emailed Peter Engh and my assumption regarding the R21t was incorrect.
  19. You're right, of course, mic/line on the G2 input. This should work if I simply make two cables. One from the left channel of the Edirol and into the G2 and a second cable from the right channel into the G2. And then switch as needed. But what I would really like to do is find the Peter Engh hardware as suggested above.
  20. No, I checked his website and did not see the R 21t listed as a current product. I will email him just to be sure.
  21. New Mexico, The R 21t looks like a very elegant solution. I'd like to have one but I guess I'd have find one used as they are no longer made. Thanks for the suggestion. I made the Y-cable and it splits out the signal but there is a hum from the side that is not connected. I left the unused cable from each side float; perhaps I should have grounded it. I am OK at soldering but I don't necessarily understand circuitry. Bob
  22. I run a bag with an SD302 and an Edriol R-09 as a backup recorder. I have been going from the headphone out to a G2 and sending that to the director. I would like go be able to chose between L or R channel and figure with a Y cable I could do this. Could I just keep the stero mini jack in the G2 and run the Y cable to the Edriol? Then switch channels by changing mini jacks. Could I just wire one jack tip and ground and the other jack ring and ground? Of am I missing some wiring issue? Thanks, Bob
  23. A couple years ago, in San Francisco, we stayed at a B&B, The Parsonage, 198 Haight St. It is a great place to stay and the breakfasts are gourmet quality. Bob
  24. Wave Agent. http://www.sounddevices.com/products/waveagent/downloads/
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