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  1. No, not top heavy, very well balanced. The large bottom shelf with foot resists the tendency to lean forward which you normally get in this type of hand truck. I have relieved some of the weight by cutting anyway unnecessary plywood, which is not really visible in the photo. Also two of the shelves are half inch ply so there's not really much weight on top even though it looks that way. The metal base and especially the tires supply sufficent weight at the bottom. When I thought about building the cart I thought it might be too heavy because of the steel handtruck but the weight is just right, it feels very secure and handles nicely. There is some lens distortion in the photo that causes the upper section to appear larger, in relation to the rest of the cart, than it actually is. The shelf depth is 13 inches. The cart is 22 inches wide. You can see the distortion, it makes the box look out of square, but in fact, it is square(in the carpentry sense of square).
  2. Thanks. It stays together. It's all one piece that is bolted to the hand truck with two u-bolts except for the bottom shelf which is bolted to the bottom steel plate of the hand truck.
  3. A couple years ago i built a very low tech bag cart from material I had in the basement--1/2 and 3/4 inch plywood and a steel hand truck. I used the 3/4 ply for the sides and bottom shelf and the 1/2 ply for the two upper shelves. The bottom shelf has a foot at the front to keep the cart level. This cart is very stable and easily rolls over most terrain. When moving I place the bag on the middle shelf in the box like structure and it is very safe. If I actually have a boom operator I then have the option of standing and mixing from the top shelf or sitting and using the middle shelf. The cart very easily slides into the back of my small pickup truck and rests on its back. This picture was taken before I moved the boom pole holders to the inside of the frame thereby making the cart narrower and protecting the poles. Like I said, very low tech but it works for me. Bob
  4. I don't know what you could charge for an auto mix update. I do know that I am considering the HS-P82 for a cart setup, based somewhat on price.
  5. Tom, The HS-P82 seems to be a competitive choice for a cart mixer. Is there any plan to implement an auto mix feature?
  6. Good news here. Pro Tools is working for me again and has been since Thursday evening when I spoke with AVID tech support. The fix took three phone calls the history of which follows: On the first call I found out that I was not running the latest version of PT8 despite the PT software update button telling me that I was. So I upgraded from 8.0.3 to 8.0.5. On the second call I then reloaded my firewire drivers. Then I copied the files of the session which was not working for me into a new session. I was then able to bring in a new file that played back without any problems. So I ended that call thinking everything was fine but when I renamed the session and saved it I was no longer able to import an audio file that would playback correctly. So, one more call to tech support and this technician decided to analyze my system and found three problems. One was the fact that I was running my Firewire 410 from a hub rather than from the tower, not something I would normally do, but I was so I plugged it into the tower. That did not fix the problem. Th other two issues were that I was running PT files from a RAID and that the RAID was not journaled. I run all my media files from a non-journaled RAID but of course I took his advice and copied the session to a new session on a single journaled drive attached to my computer. (Just for the record the RAID and the single drive are e-sata.] Well it works. I import files and they play just fine. I can rename sessions or start new sessions and PT is working correctly. The other sessions on the RAID still don't work but I can just copy them to the single journaled drive and all is fine. I still don't understand why a system that was working correctly suddenly stopped working correctly. The ticket seems to have been copying to a new drive but what exactly happened? I don't know but I can finish this big project (knock on wood) and then upgrade. The AVID tech guys were cool and wanted to fix the problem so thanks to them. And thanks for all your help, Bob ra
  7. From the photograph it looks as though SD uses some of the size difference to increase the screen size in both directions. As screens go, bigger is better.
  8. Mark, My audio interface is an M-Audio Firewire 410 which I have been using for years with no trouble. If there are no audio regions there is no sound when playing the timeline. If I record to a track with no input the motor sound is still there during playback. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PT several times now to now avail. I have been sure to trash the prefs using the suggested program, PT Prefs & Database. I have tried the new user route. I believe I have attempted all the suggested remedies with no luck. My next move is to call AVID tech support. I just need to block out a chunk of time as I imagine it will be a long process. I hope to do this latter in the week. Thanks, Bob
  9. Not only is there so much to be leaned on this forum but just being able to communicate with people with the same interest and issues is extremely valuable. In support of this I have just made my (roughly) yearly donation. Thanks to you Mr. Wexler Bob
  10. Mark, when I export and play the offending files in QuickTime they play just fine. Bob
  11. Richard, I have been using this setup for a long time with no problems and it is just recently that this problem cropped up. Also that table is for the LE version and I have the M-Audio version of PT so it probably does not apply. But thank you for looking into this for me. Bob
  12. Richard, I am on a Mac 10.6.8 Pro Tools 8.0.3 Jay, yes, the new sound files that do not play in PT do play on every other programs on my main computer. Following your instructions I played the files, both the older unproblematic and the new motorboat files on two computers other than my main DAW computer and they both played fine. The specs for both are uncompressed wave, 48K 24 bit. They are both mono as converted by PT on import. So I guess the reinstall of PT is indicated by these finding, correct. I think I will wait a few days until I finish this small project on Audition before I deal with this uninstall/reinstall issue with PT. Thanks so much for your help on this Jay. I have both of your books; they are the first books on audio that I read and I still refer to them and continue to learn from them. Bob
  13. Thanks everyone for your help, however I have not solved this problem yet. I have done everything suggested above, more than once, except a new system install or a new install of PT. Also the problem is worse than I realized. Not only are all new projects effected but my long-term ongoing project, which is my own personal film project, is also screwed. The project plays back just fine until I add a new sound file. The new sound file does not play back correctly but exhibits the same motor noise. This is truly a bummer. I guess the next step is to uninstall/reinstall PT and if that does not work to try a new system install. Before I do these I am going to call Avid tech support. Actually, one thing I have not tried, as suggested by Jay, was to open the files on a different computer. The small project that I have due this week I will edit on Audition, I have not used that program yet so I'll see what it is like. Thanks again, Bob
  14. I have worked on this but not had any luck yet. I am still awaiting a response on the duc.avid site. Marc, when you say reference issue are you referring to the project file connecting to the audio file? If I make no headway by tomorrow I will probably uninstall/reinstall PT. I believe that will not cause me any troubles I don't already have. Am I correct about that? You know I really enjoy working on a computer but sometimes it just, "What the f##k." Thanks, Bob
  15. Thanks Jay. The files play just fine in Premiere Pro or QuickTime. I will try your suggestions.
  16. I am running PT8, M-Powered. When I open a new project, import audio files and then play back the recorded audio files all I hear is what sounds like a small two-stroke gas motor. I have tried opening various files on different new projects and this happens to all of them. It does not matter if I import with or without video or if I use a template or not. However if I open an old project the audio plays just fine. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? I have a short project that i have to edit for this week and I am in a bind if I cannot use ProTools. I would just upgrade to PT10 but I am in the middle of a longer project and do not want to upgrade in the middle of it. Thanks, Bob
  17. I was really glad to see Sound Devices announce the 664. I recently sold my 552 and 744t as I wanted to upgrade to a higher track count. All of my professional gear has been made by SD and I have been very happy with it. I have had no serious failures. If I hit the record button I got my tracks. The build quality is great and I am use to the knobs and switches. I had never heard of a "transflective screen," which is what the 664 will have, so I googled a bit and came up with this: Transflective Displays Transflective displays basically adapt to their surroundings, making them somewhat superior to their reflective counterparts. When color is needed, transflective displays have become very common and often popular to use. A transflective liquid crystal display reflects most of the ambient light that may surround it and adapts to the amount of light within the user's area. In the image below, figure 1 shows a transflective LCD panel in a high ambient lighting environment. In this case, the sensor within the panel allows the backlight to be turned off (reflective mode). While figure 2 shows a low lighting environment, which causes the sensor to turn the backlight on for ultimate readability (transflective mode). Advantages Of Transflective Displays The displays have a split pixel design, which allows it to operate without a backlight (reflective mode) in good ambient lighting and in poor lighting. There is a sensor within the display that tells the display to operate in reflective mode or switch to backlight usage. In poor lighting, the backlight is turned on to properly display the image. This allows the display to be useful in both high and low lighting. A well designed transflective color lcd can operate and maintain high contrast ratio, even in full sunlight of 100 klux. This ability to turn off the backlight in high ambient situations is also a battery saver. Looking forward to seeing this screen in action. Bob
  18. Safari is working for me although I do not have the option to "return to the top of the page." Should that be working? Bob
  19. JohnPaul, How exactly is the top plastic layer attached to the Nomad? Is it stuck on with an adhesive? Not a Nomad owner but considering. Bob
  20. I think I will just back off the upgrade for now. There is just too much going on to deal with it. Thanks for all the replies. Bob
  21. OK, cautions heard and accepted. Thanks, Bob
  22. Just wondering, if I upgrade from Protools 8 to Protools10 in the middle of a project, will I be able to import that project into Protools 10 and finish it there? It is a thirty+ minute film with a video track and lots of audio tracks. I have most of the dialogue edit completed but have everything else to do yet. Is this possible? Is it a good or bad idea? Thanks Bob
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