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  1. Doesn’t look ”top heavy”. Front casters are just too close to each other.
  2. My two cents, I would have used a lot more screws to attach the Alucobest sheet that I see on the bottom shelf, especially along the long sides. Those two screws in the middle and the sheet surrounding them will receive 90% of any shear forces in my estimation (loads like water travel the shortest distance), and if there is a failure, the panel will tear out before the screw bends or breaks assuming you used 1/4-20 screws. I’ll have to check that out. What distributor did you go thru? I have some samples of a 1/4” product with aluminum sheet on outside laminated to corrugated plastic. T
  3. Thx for update and pics. Where did you order the Alucobest from and did they cut and drill it for you? Is it corrugated plastic?
  4. Cool, which caster did you select? Curious, do they charge the same for just drilling a round hole as for making a threaded hole or a complex CNCed hole?
  5. How’s the cart coming? Received any parts from 80/20 yet? I was considering having them do some custom milling for me but not if it takes forever.
  6. What was the total cost of all the 80/20 parts? Some of their specialty parts are very pricey.
  7. May I ask what kind of rack cover face are you referring too?
  8. Check this kind of handle out. I’m sure the diameters vary depending on which drill they are made for. I prefer the ones with a cast aluminum split ring end instead of a strap. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/side-handle-assembly-p-140583.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwlvT8BRDeARIsAACRFiVhxJGcjVptQ35jHkr_7s2FcQdwBmfkiIGz0nK4oXUDsazAKP4J-5gaAgFtEALw_wcB
  9. What size diameter are you attaching the handles to? It is quite clever but Inovativ did not invent it. I’m sure the patent is expired for whoever did. It is the same mechanism used for certain removable power tools handles. I am not sure for which tools, probably for bigger drills. I see them by themself at my local “recycle” place for purchasing anything used. I picked up a few used ones for possible use some day but never have. Not sure where they are since my last move was recent. They may need to be adapted with a rubber collar to reduce to your specific diameter as they are large
  10. Are you referring to lengths of the t-slot framing profiles?
  11. I can’t speak to any previous, discontinued models, but if weight was of no concern to me I too might consider other brands than PENN Elcom. I have installed two of their 18” inch PENN-Elcom 4U drawers in the last two months from different orders a month or so apart and found no flaws in the alignment or construction. Same with three or four of their laptop drawers several months ago and their sliding shelf which seems limited on payload ability but how heavy can the average mixer be, but their shelves seem well made and string relative to their weight. The glides they probably bu
  12. I tested an 18” x 4U PENN-Elcom steel drawer till destruction with it all the way open. Took about 150 lbs. of static load before failure. I didn’t have the rear of it attached yet, but it was the drawer glide that failed on these drawers so did not matter. These glides are strangely designed in a way that unnecessarily reduces their strength right where the three rivets attach them to the sides of the outer shell. Drawer was only rated for 75# And I assume that is a static load rating. if you solve the problem that causes these glides to be the weak link I too suspect that having the rear of
  13. They told me they are swamped making guards to separate people for Covid. Glad, so far, my design does not required any CNCing
  14. Curious how your cart turned out? Any pics yet?
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