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  1. So what are we looking at here. Is the panel with the Lectrosonics in it less than 1.75” wide? If so, is it a custom made panel?
  2. Looking at this drawing how would that work? How could you leave just part of a RU vacant for ventilation by utilizing the center hole? Not seeing it Looks like those will all fit in a standard, 19” slide out shelf
  3. PS Can someone tell me the purpose of the center hole in each RU on rack rail?
  4. I am finalizing my design for a head turning, extremely versatile location sound mixer cart I will be selling soon. Would like to know the 3-5 most popular mixer models and brands people are using so I can obtain their dimensions to make sure they will fit horizontally and how much vertical space they require. Any help much appreciated. Mark Pope Stabilitech®
  5. Thanks for your email. I will email you. Always looking for more input on the various features people want. This cart is unlike any other and more flexible as to setup than anything on the market, otherwise why bother.
  6. Derek, The black anodizing is relatively durable in my opinion. I will soon be selling a very amazing and versatile 80/20 based cart I have been refining for over 3 years. I have a B.S. degree in architecture and 3 years experience working as a structural engineer for Skidmore. Owings & Merrill, designers of Sears Tower in Chicago. I have been involved in audio/video production since 2009. I assume you are using 15 series in order to be able to use those connectors? i know 80/20 is pretty expensive with their milling charges. Their connectors are very expensive too so
  7. Shut down until all can be tested
  8. Yes, that’s what I anticipated from having moved refrigerator sized furniture up/down stairs with too short a dolly vs with tall dolly. I plan on having best of both worlds.
  9. Thx David for the closeups. I think I know what’s happening. Looks like rectangular or square bar in the t-slot for drawer glide. I am doing something kinda similar in places. Steel drawer glides are heavy, for sure, so using very few of them. What did he charge, roughly, for carts like this and how many could he make in a year?
  10. Good to know since I may not be able to get larger ones. I think the ones I have are Arri and they can’t be much more than an inch in diameter. Funny, the OCD in me is designing this cart to be single handedly amenable to going up a flight of stairs fully loaded. Maybe even multiple flights, depending on your stamina. Wasn’t sure if there was a need but apparently there is.
  11. Thx David. I am learning things overall from the discourse with everyone, often in ways nobody would guess, but grateful nonetheless. As I wrote before, I wish I could see one of these carts in person as the thing I would be most like to benefit from would be close-up details not clear from photos or the video that might actually spur use in a different way. Disadvantage to this type of monitor mounting solution seems to me to be you can’t easily change the height location. Also, I am bucking the current manufacturing trend here, but it looks like it requires a lot of machining. Necessity i
  12. Sure, I have plenty lying around I got from China when the FS7 first came out to fix the too short arm situation. But Those are only about 1” diameter which doesn’t give them much leverage/increases the stress on them. I am hoping to get some rosettes at least 1-1/2” - 2” in diameter. Anybody know of any that size?
  13. The reason for the thicker frame was to provide a better/easier means for protecting the screen and or the rear connection. I had misspoke and written 3RU but it was really 3”/less than 2RU. I’ll work on a 1RU solution that protects the screen. Jeff, from my research so far, as you all probably already knew if I am correct, at least some of the other brands like the Lilliput have the same mounting and overall dimensions. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am still researching brands. Someone had mentioned one that is tiltable already, I believe, that I need to find the mention of resea
  14. Thx Ollie. I’ll see what I can do to accommodate these ideas. As for detachable sections, there are several on the market that basically split horizontally/vertically into two sections. Is that what you had in mind or were you thinking of something more specific or different?
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