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I am a former structural engineer with a BS in Architecture. In 2009 I started studying digital video/audio production. I have worked professionally as audio recorder/boom mic op but consider myself more of a cinematographer so am a big fan of Haskell Wexler. My first short film premiered at the Mendocino Film Festival the year after they honored his work. I also work thru the Locsl 16 IATSE Stagehands Union in San Francisco. For almost three years now I have been designing and testing carts for the A/V industry. My company name is Stabilitech® and my upright cart for Location Sound Recordists is called Reach™ and my horizontal cart for Camera Ops/DITs/Steadicam Ops is called Stretch™. The pro-type for Reach is finalized. Just waiting for provisional patent application to be filed. Both will be "flight ready" for checking as baggage on almost all major American Airlines (l+w+h) less than 80" and weight less than 100#. Weight comes in around 60#. Both designed to be the most easily customizable and versatile A/V carts on the market.

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