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  1. If your looking for a speaker, I’d like throw this speaker into the conversation. I’ve been using this as a playback speaker for mood music for actors and spot SFX and VOG setups. It’s a fantastic speaker. Pricey, but well worth the investment and has paid for itself with rentals. The sound quality is superb. The volume goes to 11 (125 dB). Volume knob is firm and purposeful. This has been a great effect when pulling emotions out of actors during non-dialog scenes. Actors can feel the music with the bass response and volume, and the effect is powerful. They ask for it now. You can pair up to 5 speakers off each other. I have only one, but can see how this can be a great help if needing to surround a large space. But can’t speak to the range. Battery powered with removable LiFePO4 99.84Wh capacity. Up to 5 hours at full volume and 40 hours at half volume. Charges in 3.5hours and can charge while powered on. The V3 has two XLR inputs that can be mixed with an app. I have a 442 in front to have easier control over the various inputs(2x VOG, Bluetooth, hardline, etc) Bluetooth 5.0…. Although the range isn’t as good as I would’ve thought. I actually use an Alto Bluetooth adapter and run an XLR to directors when needed. The form factor is a big plus, as it’s square and not rounded with ports sticking out. Makes storing on a shelf, safe and convenient, and well as mounting on a hand truck. The connected and dials are all recessed into the unit. And the aesthetic is like a concert speaker. But BEST of all!!! When cranked full volume to 11, it’s SILENT!! No hiss! Which for us is worth every penny! Day zero of shooting we did some camera tests and the directors had a small Bluetooth speaker we are all use to seeing in homes and travel. Immediately the request was we needed to have a louder speaker on the day. So I bought the loudest Bluetooth speaker available and does not disappoint! I did a full volume test outside of our stage, which so happens to be next to an outdoor amphitheater and everyone inside thought a sound check was happening, despite the C19 environment we are in. Made people come from all directions to see where it was coming from. https://www.soundboks.com/products/soundboks-gen-3/ https://www.amazon.com/Alto-Box-Bluetooth-Total/dp/B01NBWON6F
  2. When using 5v microphones, and not 4063’s, the dynamic range for these microphones is finally achieved.
  3. Have you tried going back to older firmwares? Is there a feature between MRX 1-32P and 1.98M that you need? My current setup with an RX12R, on 2.09 has 4 MRX414 on 1.32P, and one QRX212 on 4.13P with no issues. Can you get access to older firmware?
  4. Hello IronFilm, my goal with these settings, and these are not concrete, but rather are baselines for these units. From my years of working like this, I find 28 as our baseline setting for MM-1’s and 20 on all of my Lectro Tx’s. Even at these settings, with dynamic actors that I deal with everyday, the limiters on the MM-1 do engage when volume suddenly changes without warning. This MM-1 setting is to prevent the Lectrosonics Tx limiters to ever engage, even with shouts, as I prefer the limiters on the MM-1 over the Lectrosonics limiters. Ultimately, I prefer zero limiters to ever get engaged and these settings work very well for me on normal dynamic days. These settings are completely adjustable per scene and actor, and we do adjust accordingly, but I will not adjust the Tx gain, as the boom operators can change the MM-1 easier with a click up or down. I never use 0 on the MM-1. Thanks Michael P. Clark, CAS
  5. Hi Whitney, I have seen that, but I remember a more rugged version.
  6. Hello, I would like to remote my Nomad12 CF card to a more accessible position on my cart. I know there was one being used back with the 788t, and I am having trouble finding that device via searches. Does anyone still use these? Thanks PS. - I know I can use the USB. I am just keeping options open.
  7. Rock Posters!! I thought this would be an easy subject to discuss, but I am overwhelmed with the amount of art history with this topic. It's a ton! And I am willing to bet there are some serious history buffs on this subject among us, that I fully encourage to add to this conversation. So... I will only graze this surface with what influenced me in this art, and let it flow from there. I've included a short video with one of the originators of rock poster art, Stanley Mouse, for a small history into this art scene, that started with promotions and marketing guru Bill Graham commissioning artists like Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, and Rick Griffin to create the legendary Fillmore Posters. I was recently reminded of rock poster art, and I immediately transported back to college. Damn, the power of music. You have to love it! From 93-97, I was pretty well involved in the local music scene via the college radio scene, and internships with major record labels. Seen some of the biggest bands in the smallest clubs of Cleveland, and this artist was making many of the poster art for venues that fit only a couple hundred people, and of course even the big venues. Derek Hess and his artwork, spoke to me on a deep level at that time in my life, as he made artwork for many of the bands that also spoke to me. Being a local artist, we had access to his art, as his pieces routinely showed up in the local music Scene magazine. I had to leave Cleveland to realize how well known he was. I now feel fortunate to have been that close and seen his art so easily. Amazingly enough, there's even video with Derek....
  8. Wow!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Well, plans change, and jobs happen..... Crew will not be able to join me... Is anyone else interested or planning on meeting out here? If not, I'll make plans to hit up another course. If someone is wanting to make it out to La Marada, please let me know! Thanks Peace!
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