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  1. MondoBurger

    HVAC astonishment

    Here's an interesting article on the rising, and pretty absurd trend of acoustic office furniture. God bless 'em. Their hearts are in the right place but open offices are just a mistake. http://studyhall.xyz/blog/2018/2/28/why-felt-office-furniture-wont-save-you
  2. MondoBurger

    Show me your bag

    Upgraded my BDS and batteries this year, and if things go well I'll be upgrading my wireless next year.
  3. MondoBurger

    Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Walter Murch touches on this topic a fair bit in his excellent essay Stretching Sound to Help the Mind See (http://filmsound.org/murch/stretching.htm). It's absolutely required reading in my opinion. The truth is that the tools of our trade have steadily become more effective and much more discrete. As I see it. it's not so much that we have lost the privilege of being able to call "cut", but that we've been liberated from the need to. Technology has opened up the bottlenecks in our workflow allowing us a lot of flexibility compared to other departments. The problem is communicating the limits of that flexibility, and the cost of pushing it too far.
  4. MondoBurger

    MKH50, Sennheiser vs Rycote mount?

    I picked up my Sennheiser mount the other day after it had sat, unused, on a shelf for a couple months, and the elastics crumbled in my hand. I think the sunlight may have dried them out. Wasn't a big deal because I typically use the Rycote, but I definitely wouldn't take the Sennheiser mount out in the field without some backup elastics.
  5. Notes on Blindness is a beautiful movie with quite a bit to say about listening, especially in how it relates to cognition and alternative ways of knowing. The rain scene in particular is stunning
  6. MondoBurger

    Question regarding Sachtler sn607

    I've used this bag with a 722 and it fit very nicely. Regular XLR connectors are no problem. The front pocket isn't large enough for a pair of 7506s, but might accommodate smaller headphones. Thanks to it's small size, and elastic waist strap, it's an incredibly easy and lightweight bag to wear.
  7. MondoBurger

    Sound Blankets vs Thick Blankets

    I saw this video a little while ago and thought the results of his test were interesting. Would be interested to know if anyone here can spot flaws in his method though.
  8. MondoBurger

    Custom Necklace Mics

    I've always wondered how they lav'd Richard Hatch when he decided to go nude on the first season of survivor.
  9. MondoBurger

    G3 vs. Sweat

    Thanks for the advice! I will be glad to know where to start troubleshooting next time.
  10. MondoBurger

    G3 vs. Sweat

    I was on an indie short last week using G3s and COS-11s on the talent. On the male actor I had no problems. On the female talent i had consistent dropouts even from 8 feet away. I swapped frequencies, swapped batteries, swapped transmitters, swapped mics, nothing really helped. The only difference between the two was that the man was wearing his transmitter in his back pocket, and the woman was wearing a neopax waistbelt. It was 32 degrees celsius, she was sweating a fair bit. Can sweat really cause that much interference with G3 transmitters? Was there something else I may have missed? I've never had dropouts like that with this equipment in the 6 months since I bought it, and we were in a rural area with very little RF activity going on.
  11. MondoBurger

    Looking for a macbook alternative

    In terms of build quality I'd probably recommend something from Lenovo's T or W series. I bought a T420 6 years ago. It's been dropped, knocked around, stuffed into checked luggage, and despite needing one $50 RAM upgrade, I still use it all the time.That model specifically was one of the last designed by IBM engineers.
  12. MondoBurger


    I did some sound design work for a couple of theatre shows last summer. It was interesting having to adapt from the "get the shot and move on" mentality of the film world to theatre's purely repetitive workflow. Definitely the sort of work I could imagine taking up when I start slowing down.
  13. MondoBurger

    Media center/TV gear talk and setups

    Desktop PC hooked up to a 1440p monitor and a 1080p projector, with Klipsch Promedia 2.1 computer speakers.
  14. MondoBurger

    I love my new Sennheiser 8060

    Invision 7 HG Mk III
  15. MondoBurger

    I love my new Sennheiser 8060

    I chose the 8060 for my first ENG kit and I'm enjoying it a lot. Currently just using a Rycote Super Softie for wind protection and I'm loving how lightweight and low-profile it is, however it is a bit of a tight fit getting the super softie and the lyre grip onto such a short mic.