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  1. Oh, just looks at that specific model It is an analogue guy. I thought it was a digital board like the X-32 that I use (and love). Looks like there is a PFL mode that needs to be disabled, then it should return to mix mode.
  2. Using the iPad or computer software makes setup and routing much easier.
  3. It used to be, then they updated the firmware in the Amira and it is now the same there as well.
  4. Regen then preset is sadly the only way to make it work. The Jam mode doesn't work. If you leave it on REGEN, then an orange warning flash will happen in the monitor, driving the camera Op crazy.
  5. A touch over half a frame. Hmmmm. Not sure if this is a deal breaker. The Zaxcom ZMT transmitters are what, like 8ms? By the time everything happens through the digital mixer that would put things nearly a whole frame behind. Hmmmm. The ERXs are 8ms also I believe, but the range is not awesome. Hmmm.
  6. The room at 1176 (!!) Blvd in LA is pretty useful, but some caution is always needed in doing any shoot out. First off, you shouldn't use your own voice. All of that skull vibration going on when making sound is really misleading. I always use a third party to do the sound making. Secondly, balancing out the perceived volume is key. Different voices will peak differently mic to mic, so there is no way to calibrate it. I insist on having someone tweak the inputs to normalize them when doing an eval. The LA store has an antelope interface last I was there, and twisting those knobs made a world of difference. VK will record the session for you to take home and judge more. I have found the VK staff to be very cool about helping with all of this.
  7. +1 on this. I have done some informal tests, so having some better empirical evidence would be great. I'm wondering if the artifacts you refer to are caused by the decode on the Rx side of things. When the range is stretched, I can sometimes hear the digital stretching. So comparing what is recorded on the card in side the Tx, Vs what is on the other side of the Rx would be interesting. I'm going to listen to season 7 of Homeland on my Barefoots now to see if I can hear the ZMT. Thanks for calling out a specific real-world example Constantin. Dänke!
  8. +1. I would use this almost every day if it worked. Roll now, ask question later. Its the new way.
  9. DSIs new Prophet X is a marvel. One of the deepest monsters I've ever played. One shall be mine before year's end. I've largely been able to avoid the Behringer stuff. But I do have an X-32. (Don't tell anyone)
  10. Sure would be great if those Lads and Ladies from New Jersey could figure this out. This issue brings the number to three industry-standard brands that do not work properly with Zaxcom gear: Arri, Tentacle and Deneke. Could we get the Zaxcom stuff fixed to work with the other industry-standard gear? Like maybe some compatibility mode? If Arri doesn't work with the ERX, then make the ERX work with the Arri? A Denecke mode for the TS-C slate would be great. I miss setting my TS-C to auto jam, and not fishing for the tweaker and magnifying glass to change that dial. And really, to get a RED camera to sync, I have to turn the voltage up pretty far so I get some audible bleed in the audio feed to camera from an ERX. Maybe if us users ask real rice-like, we can make our case for better compatibility from our Zaxcom equipment.
  11. Yeah, I used Ultimates. Such stupid name conventions (super-mega-awesome-to-the-max). I changed the listing, and spelled out that it is a single battery.
  12. I ran a little test with the stuff I use in the field, configured as such. Basically none of the batteries can really get me to lunch or from lunch to wrap. On paper the SMV can, but if things run just a bit long, as they often do, that's where the Tx would die. IOW the worst possible time to die. The interesting thing was the closeness of the battery meter on the ZMT3s. They looked the same until just past the halfway point. The Watson dropped like a rock. Only flashing for less than two minutes before shutdown. I think that's why I haven't thought of the batteries as being that different. I rarely let things wind down that far. Now this next point has no science behind it. I feel like the ZMT3s loose some range at the lower end of the battery life. Several times I have experienced some dropout, when I don't think there should be. Then, a battery refresh clears it up. I also tested the drift of the Nomad Vs my Denecke Slate. It drifted by 1 frame over the 5 hours. The nomad display and the slate were always one frame off, it drifted an additional frame over that time. Naturally the slate said "Sync error 24" as it always does jamming from the Nomad (gross). It is set manually to mode "23" as it will not read the correct frame rate in auto. My quasi-scientific results are: Zaxcom ZMT3 - 75mW NP-50 Watson 800mAh 3:49 in use 2:31 to recharge Zaxcom TRXLT - 125mW AA Li Ultimate SIngle Batt 4:02 in use Zaxcom ZMT3 - 75mW NP-50 Lectrosonics 1K mWh 5:05 in use 3:05 to charge Zaxcom Nomad 12 IDX NP-1 5:23 in use 3:10 to charge Lectrosonics SMV - 100mW AA Li Ultimate single batt 6:30 in use Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 Anker Powercore+ 26800 over 12Hrs, less than 20. 10:30 to charge via 2.4A 5V supply
  13. So the big question: Has this improved your range in any measurable way?
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