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  1. I had a friend that had a stereo pair, and offered to sell them to me at a reasonable price. Well, compared to the retail price anyway. I got them to my studio, I couldn't get them to work at all. He said the they had broke before and got sent back to Neumann for repair, and he would do that again. That time, they charged him a lot of money to fix these mics that were never really used. When they came back, he asked me if I still wanted them. I said no. It was a very weird design, and very early on the digital mic game. I'm hoping that they are going to replace that model with an improved one. IMO here is a lot of potential for a digital mic, vs this modeling mic trend of which I have not been impressed with either.
  2. The 1/8" thing on the Rx ain't great. I use a RA jack, and tape it down with some gaff, but I feel that is a bit of a hack for such a lofty (price tag) piece of gear. The gain statin is weird. It *should* have very strong line level, it being a headphone amp and all. But it does not. I find I have to crank things on the unit and the camera to the point of a large noise floor. So I usually have to put the camera to mic level, and then I'm at the other side of turning things down farther than I would like, again not in the sweet spot for noise floor. The screen on the Rx is amazing! The screen on the Tx is appalling. I sure wish they would make a Tx that has a TA6 on it. And I hope that we can spit out AES, and they keep the nice large screen.
  3. I had a lovely conversation with the tech at Arri who worked on the camera. He agrees that there is not enough current from an audio device that could do any damage. The fault occurred from a short between the PSC port on the front, and the EXT port in the back. Neither port even has the type of connector that we ever use in the audio world. So yeah, zero percent chance. I think this guy was just looking to place the blame elsewhere. Of course I had the tech write up a note, and it was sent to the producer. Case closed.
  4. He says the audio stopped working the day I had the ERX plugged into it, and he sent it in a month later. So, I need to contact Arri I suppose to find out what they said. I would just love to hear a scenario where the ERX could fry a camera. The ERX doesn't even send +48V. And honestly, an ENG camera shouldn't get fried over that.
  5. I did a two day job with an Amira a little over a month ago. Suddenly, the camera owner is saying that I fried the audio board on it with my ERX-2. Is this even possible? I mean, even a short to put Timecode over there at full voltage shouldn't fry a board, right?
  6. Great, the faders thing has long frustrated me. Another bug that still lingers is on the QRX100. When changing from dual to single, or single to dual, the frequency will read the correct number, but will be not tuned all the way. A reboot later and everything is cool.
  7. The original firmware had this ability, but they took it out, citing its lack of actually saving any battery power. I was bit bummed by this as well.
  8. Also, 5.1 is in its autumnal years. I wouldn't put a ton of time and money into it. The new Immersive formats, Dolby Atmos, DTS-Z and the like, are the now and the future. The cool thing is doing an atmos mix can go out to 5.1, or stereo without a separate mix. But if you do the 5.1, make sure that you check the fold, or just work in the fold. If it is for home, TV youtube and the like, leave those back speakers alone. they will cause some problems on poorly configured playback systems. Which is 99% of home 5.1 systems.
  9. They are lowering renewals by 30% right now.
  10. Sadly most software is going subscription. Although I think Avid has been a bit...sluggish...of late, there have been some cool updates. Track folders, Atmos, etc There is supposed to be a release this month that work with Mojave. I'm trying to become a Reaper-capable person for pinch moments in the field. But oh boy, it is a learning curve. I'd rather pay the $400/yr to keep my PT Ultimate rocking.
  11. Oh, just looks at that specific model It is an analogue guy. I thought it was a digital board like the X-32 that I use (and love). Looks like there is a PFL mode that needs to be disabled, then it should return to mix mode.
  12. Using the iPad or computer software makes setup and routing much easier.
  13. It used to be, then they updated the firmware in the Amira and it is now the same there as well.
  14. Regen then preset is sadly the only way to make it work. The Jam mode doesn't work. If you leave it on REGEN, then an orange warning flash will happen in the monitor, driving the camera Op crazy.
  15. A touch over half a frame. Hmmmm. Not sure if this is a deal breaker. The Zaxcom ZMT transmitters are what, like 8ms? By the time everything happens through the digital mixer that would put things nearly a whole frame behind. Hmmmm. The ERXs are 8ms also I believe, but the range is not awesome. Hmmm.
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