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    A varied career! Started off at BBC News at Alexandra Palace, then freelance working on BBC Nationwide, then features working with Peter Handford, then staff recordist for Southern Television and TVS, then freelance again. Now clapped out and otiose.

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  1. Nick Flowers

    Blooper Soap Video

  2. Nick Flowers

    On My Radio

  3. Nick Flowers

    Blooper Soap Video

    And now a very old recording. The back story is that this was recorded in the BBC Club at Broadcasting House with John Snagge* and two others. They are analysing the venerable poem Eskimo Nell and attempting to arrive at an Agreed Text from their combined memories. They treat it in an academic manner, but of course the poem is Very Rude Indeed with all of the words that one would not utter in the presence of the Vicar. I was given the tape for this in the late 1960s. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40718050/John Snagge %26 Jack Hulbert - Eskimo Nell(mono).mp3 *John Snagge was a BBC Announcer, here is a link to him in his more usual role.
  4. Nick Flowers

    Blooper Soap Video

    Nice stuff, Jay. Now, this is a real occasion when the tape was left running to record the members of a band called The Troggs. What amuses me are the accents (I believe they hailed from Andover in Hampshire) and the idiotic conversation. Lots and lots of the foulest language, if you are easily offended, move along. No, really: it is pretty inexorable; almost every other word.
  5. Nick Flowers

    Blooper Soap Video

    I heard the audio tape of this decades ago, but this is the first time I've seen the video update.
  6. Nick Flowers

    Ideal Name for Audio Maintenance People

  7. Nick Flowers

    On My Radio

    This is from Handel's Saul. Some nice tunes and a snappy chorus you can hum along to. The plot is that a lady who rather fancies David hears that he is to be married to a high ranking girl: "Ah, lovely youth, wast thou designed with that proud beauty to be joined?" The short answer to this is apparently 'Yes'. Meanwhile, Saul has returned after a battle and the crowd praises David rather more than him. This goes down like a cup of cold sick. "David his ten thousand slew, ten thousand praises are his due" they sing and Saul says: "What do I hear? Am I then sunk so low to have this upstart boy preferred before me?" Again it seems that the answer is 'Yes'. Students of the Bible will know the outcome to all this - all others listen to the oratorio in full, it is full of good bits.
  8. Nick Flowers

    Funny, but not really

    I once was shooting at 'Red Hat' event https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Hat_Society And I got my bottom pinched. But that's not quite the same - I was quite flattered, actually.
  9. Nick Flowers

    Funny, but not really

    I think that my initial reaction would have been the same. It is so ingrained not to speak or to disrupt the shoot while the camera is turning (apart from technical reasons) that I would have endured the rigid digit as you did. But I am pretty certain that I am too cowardly to have confronted the drunk in the street afterwards. In the old days I would have despatched my sound maintenance engineer to give the insolent fellow a sound thrashing, but alas those days are past.
  10. Nick Flowers

    On My Radio

    I think this is beautiful. I hope others here do too.
  11. Nick Flowers

    Norman Collier Faulty Mic Act

    I hope he alerted the person on the mixing desk before his act!
  12. Nick Flowers

    Shirt noise

    I had some limited success with these TRAM MC1 accessories http://www.trammicrophones.com/sale/detail.asp?partno=TR-MC1 although it might make too much of a visible lump in your case. A home made re-shaped large paper clip can sometimes work too. Good luck!
  13. Nick Flowers

    View From The Office:

    Oh Yes indeed. Atmos tracks are so important.
  14. Nick Flowers

    View From The Office:

    Quiet extras, though.