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  1. AnuarYahya

    Deity Connect.

    I think it looks interesting, and the price point is very impressive.. I dont like the internal battery, but I guess one could adapt a workflow to make it work. However, jury is still out on how they hold up in real life. I also wonder how they sound? how stable the signal is? how relaiable they are in the field? and what their costumer service and support is like? I am also very skeptical of it being 2.4ghz and dont like that the outputs are 3.5mm jacks. Also it looks like its made out of cheap plastic. It might be a good option over the rode link, but thats not saying much in my opinion. We will have to wait and see. Eather way its unfair to compare them with pro gear since I doubt their target market is professional sound mixers.. so its probably fine for most people.
  2. AnuarYahya

    DPA slim cable getting stiff and brakes

    I had this happen to four of my 4063s. I wrote to dpa and they said its likley because i cleaned them too much! I used to clean them every once in a while with olive oil but now I feel it was the olive oil that made them crazy stiff. I have since bought new ones to replace the older stiff ones and have refrained from cleaning them with anything but my fingers.
  3. AnuarYahya

    Zaxnet 2.0

    Go zaxcom!
  4. AnuarYahya

    Zoom F8n.

    I am not talking about rental houses, sorry for the confusion. Id like to think that you would charge significantly more if you are using a cantar than an f8. It is not the same, plus you have to recuperate your investment so you charge the fair price. In the future when recorders are only 100 dollars we are going to loose a big chunk of our income. It will only be a day rate for the operator. And its all zooms fault! lol Because producers don't know the difference. It was a well kept secret, timecode used to cost so much.. That would give the pros a chance to make a living. Right now what is saving us is that there is no affordable wireless that are any good. I would not be surprised if zoom try to make some soon. And sound devices is following their lead. I guess you can call it progress, but we are the ones that end up loosing.
  5. AnuarYahya

    Zoom F8n.

    I don't think its right to rent an f8 at the same rate as a 688. If a person is charging production for their equipment, it is dishonest that they charge them like they're using top of the line gear when they are not. Production is not getting what they are paying for.
  6. I've had NP1 cups fail on me.
  7. AnuarYahya

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    amazing, thanks for sharing!
  8. fakebook is just another tool manufactures have. It is a nice compliment but should not be their only source of customer contact. I think there is no responsibility for the manufacturer to reply via facebook. If you really are in an emergency the phone and email are better. However some answers are faster to find on the facebook groups than on the phone so its nice to have. Im thinking of quitting facebook actually, i hate it. The main reason I haven't is because of the sound groups I enjoy. Nothing like the original tho.. JWsound.
  9. AnuarYahya

    Best Shotgun Mic for Singing Guitarist on Location

    id go for a cardioid mic: cmc mk4.
  10. AnuarYahya

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    dirt cheap!
  11. AnuarYahya

    Deva 24

    im confident Zaxcom will get zaxnet in there. Nobody wants it more than they do I bet.
  12. AnuarYahya

    Deva 24

    Whats with the FCC tho??!! No zaxnet would be a huge blow.
  13. AnuarYahya

    'Being There'

    Thank you for sharing! amazing movie! Ima go get a CMC641.
  14. What are peoples thoughts on the matter of compression in the location sound scenario? Thank you
  15. AnuarYahya

    600 MHz gear

    mexico all the way.