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  1. amazing fanny pack recorder! this is the DR701D done right. and it has faders!!
  2. yes I believe so. I think the DAD 6034 is the adaptor for that.
  3. very true. you realistically need many mics for different scenarios.
  4. http://micbooster.com/clippy-em172-microphones/99-xlr-stereo-clippy-em172-microphone.html these look like an interesting option. Very low self noise, and very cheap.
  5. I like the idea of the stereo 4060s for ambiance recording. Then with a tiny recorder you can have an extremely small footprint stereo recording. You can also get the adaptor so you can use a 4060 with your G2 for dialogue. Portability and easy set up are key. Also they are very easy to protect against wind, which is essential. The less equipment you need to carry the better. When you can fit your multi track recorder in a fanny pack or your pocket it makes things very easy. Also discreet, you want to try and attract as little attention to your equipment as possible. Specially if your going to be alone. Great article by soundmanjohn, awesome stuff.
  6. Seems like science fiction, but perhaps in the near future active noise cancellation might help location sound mixers get clean dialogue.
  7. personally i would rather spend my money on microphones than on the recorder. If you want to get good ambiance recordings find a good mic with very low self noise. I would not use the NTG3 for anything else than outdoor interviews. For ambiance better get a stereo mic or even better a stereo matched pair. For simplicity the audio technica BP4025 comes to mind. The nice thing is you can use it inside your blimp and have a nice stereo image with wind protection. For interviews and dialogue you can use your G2 and NTG3. A used SD device or a zoom f4 should do the job nicely. Sounds like an amazing project.
  8. are you sure you got your cable situation correct? it should be SMA male to SMA male from your nomad to your amp. Then for me its RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female from the amp to the antenna. Also I found anything under 5 in zaxnet power does not turn the blue light on. Let us know if anything helps.
  9. Yes! drone amp not droid.. I power it from my power distro using NP1s. I cannot say how power hungry it is exactly but the difference in run time with it on and off is negligible to me. It gets reaaaally hot, but has not failed me yet. Just finished a 5 week shoot. Didn't skip a beat. I was honestly waiting for the zaxnet specific amp they where going to build (are still going to build?) but in the mean time im using this guy.. Its nice I can go from cart to bag in seconds while keeping the power and range from the amp. This is my tiny footprint cart. On top you can see the zaxnet antenna. It also has magnets on its base which comes in handy when shooting cars and stuff.
  10. Ive had amazing results with the Sunhans 3W droid amp. Its tiny, not too power hungry and hugely powerful. Amazing range. Using an external antenna I have no noise issues from the amp. When using the bag antenna I need to bring the zaxnet power down to 5, then its good. I have yet to observe interference problems to other devices. Any thoughts? I like the idea of having something similar inside the recorder. But it would have to be completely reliable.
  11. I agree, I think the Cantar X3 looks like a toy as well.
  12. Zoom did it again.. and only $350. Not bad.
  13. Does anybody know when the mozegear pip will become available? Its been quite a long wait now...
  14. Not bad! Since its not a transmitter its not really stepping on any patent. Its just another recorder as far as anybody is concerned.
  15. Yea my point being how essential a 3.5mm jack is.. and how much im going to miss it on the new iPhone.
  16. both really good alternatives and beautiful machines. Love the Razer keyboard tho, I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously.. I like the new mac book pros.. but I think its funny apple kept the headphone jack. I mean with all their talk that its an obsolete port and everything. I think it says a lot that the only port they decided to keep apart from the usb c's is the headphone jack. Enough said..
  17. This might not be what you want to hear seeing as you just bought the orca.. but the k tek stingray harness is what I use. It is expensive but worth every single penny. I mean its night and day. I have tried many other harnesses but unless they have something like the hard spine thing K tek uses they are all the same. The idea is to distribute all the weight of the bag evenly on your back. I cannot recommend it enough.
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