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  1. I would try reformatting again. And make sure there are no formatting errors when it finishes. I have had my Nomad act strange when a primary card format went slightly wrong. Before I format I always wait on the format screen a couple of seconds for the drive to load up. Then hit format. Hope thats all that is happening here and nothing more serious.
  2. I thought that I was going to be angry that they removed all the ports and just kept four usb-c's. But I am actually pretty pleased with the new MacBook pros. I think apple did a great job improving my favourite computer.
  3. Better save up for a used CS3e. That mic covers you in all sorts of situations if you can only afford to have one decent mic.
  4. I might go for it.. Don't cheap out on your boom mic, its money well spent. I also would not bother with the NTG3.. its a good mic if you want a battle mic that can get wet or banged up. But sound wise its nothing great. And it only works outside..
  5. lol I agree and I will try to keep my political views out of this thread. However, Mr. Trump is just making excuses.. and that is not a political view, it is my opinion as a professional sound mixer. There was nothing wrong with his microphone. None of the two debaters had ear monitors, they both heard their voice the same, and we all heard them both perfectly. We heard him sniffing because he was sniffing like crazy thats why.
  6. This is true.. and it is good to remember. I apologise for bringing political views to a sound forum. I still believe there was nothing wrong with that mic tho..
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Lfd1aB9YI Please watch this Mirror. I also don't like Hillary, but Trump is on another level.
  8. Mr. Trump is a stupid liar and a sore looser that is what happened.
  9. Nice! yea looking at LCom's website right now.. they have some great stuff thank you.
  10. I miss senator. The lens defines the look.. whether its a chepo lens or an expensive lens they all have their look. The camera tries to capture that look faithfully. Im not saying that the camera dose not matter.. Depending on the sensor or film stock or so many other things but the lens is what gives you the image. I guess they are both important, a camera with no lens is worthless and a lens without a camera also. Maybe this is getting off topic a bit.
  11. I apologise if this has been discussed before. Im almost sure it has I just can't seem to find it. I am looking to get a big omnidirectional antenna for zaxnet on my cart. Most antennas I have been looking at are made with RP SMA connectors. Do the SMA to RP SMA adaptors work well? Do they have any loss in signal? and if so, is it negligible? And secondly, what omni antennas have people found to work well for them?
  12. that add is hilarious.. However, about the lens metaphor; you can see the difference between lenses.. Actually the lens is the most important part of the camera in my opinon. Im not so sure you can hear the difference so clearly between the f4 and 744.. I feel the microphone you use has much more impact than whether you are using an f4 or 744. I am not really suggesting that all pros throw away their 744s.. I mean if you want a workhorse that you can depend on then the choice is simple. But as fas as tools go the F4/F8 are very impressive machines. And they might change everything in a near future. This is a big deal I feel. I mean if zoom can make these recorders reliable enough (which they might be able too) they could really begin to pose a threat to other manufactures that do not have the power of mass production. Then that puts the pressure on for innovation. Zaxcom is a great example; they are on their own, innovating and changing how we work. Pushing the industry forward.
  13. I agree with you, perhaps my statement is a bit extreme. I do not doubt that the 744 is the better machine here, and I would pick SD over zoom any day of the year. But the price gap between the two is just jaw dropping..
  14. Nice trick! thanks for sharing! I have recently placed a clear plastic film over the front of my TXs (the sticky kind you use to protect books). And for good measure I gaff tape around it. It seems pretty sweat proof. Its not as watertight as your bag solution, but for times when time is a factor this seems to do the job.
  15. Ill definitely take a 633 or 688 over any zoom any day.. but the 744t or 788t are beginning to look more like dinosaurs.
  16. There are plenty of android phones on the market that have a headphone jack and achieve all the "features" of the iPhone. I feel the main reason they took it away is because apple cares more about design than functionality.. the same story goes with the decision to remove all ports from their new MacBooks. They are obsessed with making things as simple and as minimalist as possible (which is not always a bad thing) It is true that they need to keep pushing technology forward. It is also true that I bitched when they removed the CD drives from their computers and now I am thankful that they did. But personally it hurts to see this go. I use my phone to listen to music all the time. Spotify has changed my life, and I am always playing tunes on my phone.. its kind of essential and a deal breaker if you ask me. Just like it was a deal breaker to see usb and HDMI ports go away in their new MacBooks.
  17. well its official.. they took it away. I don't like the adaptor solution. what if you need to charge your phone and play music at the same time? And what if you don't carry the adaptor all of the time? I think im going to try android for my next phone.
  18. zoom is killing it. How can someone justify buying an SD 744T now..
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