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  1. amazing!! thanks for sharing
  2. i see serious potential in the honda element. If you don't want a van that is.
  3. I agree, for me this has little to do with rates or extra bag space.. I just feel the sensible thing is to let post deal with it, just like with EQ. On set we need to focus on the things post cannot fix.
  4. lol yea ok I agree my mind has been changed. This is a post problem, on set everybody should strive for absolute silence. Fix it in post as an emergency and last resort only. Then the producers can pay whoever to do it properly in a studio setting.
  5. I also am not crazy about the implications this technology might have on my current workflow. I mean its hard enough as it is. But we cant fight change.. These are just tools, and as technology advances we all need to adapt, learn and sometimes buy new stuff. I think this technology is promising. Imagine what they will be able to accomplish in five or ten years from now! Blows my mind! And it could be implemented in our recorders just like auto-mix or mix-ahead or whatever. All I really care about is getting the best results: good, clean, isolated dialogue. Whatever helps me get there is welcome. Our job is to protect the performance of the actors, and if they need to go in and ADR everything because the crickets were too loud, that is a loss. But then again maybe this stuff is best left to post production.. They'll be like "don't even stress about that plane bro we'll just fix it in post." I don't know. The filming process is changing so much so fast! Who knows how we are going to be filming movies in thirty or fifty years from now, its kind of scary to imagine. That is if we don't destroy ourselves and the planet before then.
  6. Great review! and good points all round. maybe in the future something similar will be built-in into our recorders.. It is definitely a double edged sword for location sound tho. The only way I would feel comfortable using something like this is if it where all sent to separate isos like it was suggested in the review.
  7. exactly don't even stress about it just get zaxcom (; its amazing I understand if your just curious about this stuff.
  8. I love the CS3e. Im drawn by the dpa 4017 but I have never used it.
  9. Top tip! however remember that aquapacs are for surface use only. If they are going to be scuba diving at any sort of depth you are playing with fire.. or water. Either way sound travels extremely well underwater, so a lazy hydrophone suspended by a cable from a boat can record great sounds of scuba divers down below.
  10. How often do you normally replace your media? just curious.
  11. TRX internal recording is the best thing since sliced bread.. always record on boot up. I had a similar situation where I forgot to arm a track.
  12. You are a brave pioneer. much respect. how and where are you going to make space for the side xlr's?
  13. The deva 24 is looking goooood.
  14. That is a good point, I had not thought about that. Anyways thanks for the feedback.
  15. you had me worried for a second there.. thank you guys.
  16. Has anybody experienced any delay or lag from the faders? I am thinking of buying but have never used one personally. Originally I was going to go for the oasis, but now that the zaxhub is upon us the mix 8 is becoming an intriguing cheaper/smaller option. Any thoughts on the matter?
  17. all this heat chatter makes me wonder how the body copes with such a bombardment of microwaves.. I mean I'm probably still going to buy one anyways, but still..
  18. I will most definitely buy one when its available! How has it been working so far? happy times
  19. I am a big fan of your inventions. Please post pics when you can!
  20. I used to work in LA, then I moved back to Mexico City. It is true the wages are a fraction of what they used to be. Specially since the dollar is worth 20 pesos right now. But its also waaaay cheaper to live here in mexico so things kind of balance themselves out.
  21. I think the budget is an important factor here. I agree there is nothing like good equipment, but the good stuff is normally out of reach for anybody trying to start out.
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