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  1. Haha that's even less in numbers!
  2. Well I don't know what your soldering skills are but once upon a time (5 months ago) I thought I could do the sma mod myself on an SK100 tx and destroyed a small component with my soldering iron next to the antenna connection and after that I barely had 3 centimeters of range 😪 lesson learned
  3. Frido Beck

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    Understood. I'm going to demo the TRX743 when available and I hope that fits my needs, next to my existing five zaxcom channels for lavaliers
  4. Frido Beck

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    Next week I'm comparing with a colleague the ZMT3 PH 2 vs his Audio LTD A10 both with Schoeps CMC6 MK41's. If the noisefloor is similar on both systems I'm probably gonna accept it and buying it. On locations with some ambient sound it isn't really distinguichable anyway. I do feel the actual sound quality and frequency response is better on the ZMT3 PH versus the TRXLA setup with external phantom power box. and ZMT3 PH 2 is just so much easier to use on a boom
  5. Frido Beck

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    The relative noisefloor is the same if I use lavalier mics (Sanken COS11 ) but with them I usally set gain at 15-25 and I need more for my phantom microphones (30-40) to get proper levels. So more gain = more noise obviously. So I guess I just need to shoot in locations that have a bit of background noise :). Instead of a rather silent room like this. I've had great results with the Sankens on my 5 channels of Zaxcom but I need to adapt my ears to the noise on the Schoeps through a transmitter. The benefit (why I want it ofcourse) it obviously being wireless from the cart. So I have to weight that in versus the noisefloor. I just hoped that the ZMT3 PH 2 would sound better as my UMP II + TRXLA2...
  6. Frido Beck

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    Got a demo ZMT3 Phantom 2 today for comparison with my Ambient UMP II + TRXLA2 setup. I'm a bit underwhelmed... Or maybe something is wrong with my setup. I hoped that the TRXLA2 being a unbalanced input and extra 3 v into the ambient was the problem for the noise but for me they are too damn close noise wise. I know mic position in this vid is not good but they are the same though. Did a video with Schoeps CMC6 MK41 into the Phantom 2 and CCM41 into the UMP II / TRXLA2. I switch on random moments between the audio tracks: Here is the original audio file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TWYZsmxrSG6BL6Fg30wAoyIwDUQuQI0a For the video I inverted the phase on the second track and normalized them both to peaks at 0 for easy comparison: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zGzTaUQ0CxMQYPMUl9d-lHUIBzhIoPaz I hope you can understand my horrible version of the English Language (Not a native speaker)
  7. Frido Beck

    Zaxcom RX200 and TRX743 stereo

    Yeah, for remote control you either need a Zaxcom Recorder with Zaxnet transmitter, a QRX100 or QRX235 both with optional QIFB (Zaxnet) board, or an IFB transmitter like IFB100/200. I have a non zaxcom recorder and zaxcom wireless so I use a QRX235/QIFB board and on the cart a RFVenue CPBeam 2.4 GHz antenna
  8. Frido Beck

    Zaxcom RX200 and TRX743 stereo

    Call me old fashioned but if it's for atmo without dialogue on it why not roll a portable recorder for those microphones. That way you have way more material that documents the atmosferics thoughout the day instead of 100 short takes of random moments. You could surely use the TRX743 for this and get a Receiver with IFB option or an IFB200 and a directional 2.4 GHz antenna to remote roll/stop/change gain on its own. If you disable the RF transmission on the TRX743 you get way longer batterylife too but you can still control its functions remotely. Maybe roll each scene instead of only each take if you don't want to roll all day
  9. Frido Beck

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    I have a similar setup, Schoeps CMC6 MK41/CCM41 into Ambient UMP II and then into a TRXLA2. The noisefloor is rather high but I don't have a TRX743 or ZMT3 Phantom to compare it with how it should sound. In my mind the ZMT3 Phantom of a colleague I demo'd sounded really good but I don't have any recordings myself. I think I just should pull the trigger on a Phantom 2 and use the TRXLA2 for lavs and keep the UMP II just for backup phantom powering for my recorder or eventually second wireless boom if needed. Problem is, the CCM41 picked up some audible interference of the transmitter directly cabled to it (the Phantom I demo'd)
  10. Frido Beck

    Walkie interference with PSC RF Six Packs

    Which freqs are the walkies transmitting on and do you RF band pass before going into the Six Pack? I see the bandwidth of the six pack is 470Mhz to 870Mhz, rather wide.
  11. Frido Beck

    Time Code

    Ok fair enough. I just rent scratch receivers next to the timecode box if that's needed but I can see for small camera's that can be overkill.
  12. Frido Beck

    Time Code

    Why would you use a Tentaclesync over a UltraSync one on a camera without a timecode input if you have UltraSync's?. The UltraSync one has a screen that displays Timecode and wireless updating of TC from the master clock.
  13. Frido Beck

    Lectrosnics srb and sl6 problem

    What did you do to determine it's an issue that has to do with the SL6? It sounds like you didn't coordinate right if you experience intermodulation between the different frequencies you choose to transmit on.
  14. Frido Beck

    UltraSync BLUE - Timecode over Bluetooth from TCS

    It literally synchronises with the timecode master over RF.
  15. Frido Beck

    IFB question for the masses

    Rent out another IFB receiver for camera operator to put in his pocket.