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  1. Ok thanks a lot for the detailed response. I do need to look at powering options as I generally just rely on L Mount batts on the 633. So will keep that in mind Cheers
  2. Thanks Rich. I did see that usb on the back of the CL12 and wondered if that would do it. I'll take a look at the manuals and see. Thanks
  3. Hi folks Is it possible to still use Wingman when using a CL12 with a 633? Never used one but thinking of renting. I see the CL12 is connected through the USB so does that mean there's no way to connect the WM dongle? Thanks a lot
  4. Thanks Philip! That's pretty much what I thought
  5. Hi folks Just received a contract for a film I'm working on. There has been an agreed amount for daily equipment rental and consumables but there is no mention of this in the actual contract, only basic pay. Should it be in there? Thanks
  6. Hi Larry Haha thanks so much I will keep that in mind for future. I had a couple of online stores looking for 25 euro + cost to ship the two screws. But actually big shout out to Raycom who today just offered to send two completely free of charge, which is very kind. Cheers
  7. Hi Looking for new screws for my SMb clips. Found the thumb screws online which look great but only in the US. I'm in Ireland and trying to find somewhere to get them in Europe. Or even other generic screws that would be suitable. Anyone any ideas? Cheers
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm sticking with 606 anyway
  9. Sorry yes it's true that I asked about bands in Ireland but I've been getting such conflicting reports of which lectro blocks can be used here that I wanted to get some user experiences. Cheers
  10. Hi there Apologies if this has been asked before but I've found it difficult to find out definitively which Lectrosonics Blocks are suitable for Ireland. Anyone using them here? 606 must be ideal but I've also heard possibly 23 up to 26 being available Thanks
  11. Ah thanks both of you for the info. That clears it up. Cheers
  12. Why I can't find this information I have no idea and it's really frustrating me. I have some g3s which are GB band and work fine here in Ireland. I want to pick up another but it's E band and I'm trying to work out for sure if this is a safe band to use. Can anyone advise? Or link to somewhere that does? Am I being blind?! Thanks
  13. Thanks so much everyone for the replies. The collapsed length is certainly an issue I have been thinking about but for my budget I have been trying to stay around the €600 mark which is why I was looking at the Panamic 5811. I had pretty much decided on Panamic anyway and these comments have confirmed that. I'll just have to work out what I can afford to go with. The Mini 5807 certainly does sound like the ideal candidate. Thanks again
  14. Hi folks I'm investing in my first good quality boom pole but have no way to try before I buy unfortunately. I'm trying to limit myself to around €600 and have been looking at the Ambient QSX 5100 and the Panamic Maxi 5811. I'm trying to find sort of an all rounder to do for both drama and docs, although I know there'll have to be some compromise. Does anyone have experience with either of these poles? Do you prefer one brand over the other? I'd love to get some feedback before making a decision. There doesn't seem to be much 'in practice' information about
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