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  1. I guess I don't have specific questions really. It is just that I've seen so many open shirts with hairy chests and other tricky costumes, no sign of the mics and always sounding good. Even though there can be lots of moving around etc. I guess I did just wonder if it's just a nightmare to shoot! Or are there any specific techniques they've been using that just work well. Cheers
  2. Does anyone here work on these types of shows? Watching it I am just amazed at how clean everything sounds, no matter what the costume. Lots of open shirts with hairy chests, very tight low cut dresses etc. And plenty of moving/jumping around. Always sounds perfect. I'd love to hear from someone who works on these and how it's managed!
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. I've been trying various things to solve this but so far nothing has really worked. I have never used any gain on the AW. I've now removed the A10 from the distro and just used its whips while the Lectros are on the distro. And I have the A10 on a separate block entirely but still having issues. I don't think I've noticed differences in scans with the A10RX on or off. But I have with the TX on. If it's anywhere close to the bag it seems to make quite a big difference to scans on the Lectros. I'm going to try some more tests today
  4. Thanks I've just joined. I'm starting to get pretty frustrated as it seems like no matter what I do the A10 is interfering with my other radios. I was setting up an ifb yesterday using Sennheiser in the 800 range and getting the same interference from the A10 when the TX was close by
  5. Hi Thanks for the response. Yeah I have it set always to low so far and haven't needed to bump it up. Maybe I'll try using the separate antennas and see if it helps. But I would hope that there is a way to use it all on the same system.
  6. Hi folks I've recently started using an A10 for wireless boom. It's been rock solid so far using a betso sharkie and Audio wireless distro. The problem is (I think) that the tx seems to be interfering with my Lectros. In fact when I put the a10 tx anywhere near the bag with the lectro txs switched on the RF on those channels goes crazy. Is this normal? I've been getting too many rf problems with talent txs (Lectros) lately and I feel it's connected to the A10. I've scanned and rescanned and hasn't made any difference. But the interference that I'm hearing on Lectros sounds similar to the noisy interference when I put the a10 close to the bag, just a lot less Does anyone have any experience with this and why it might be happening? Thanks
  7. Haha. Ok thanks sounds like a good solution. Cheers
  8. Hi folks Anyone have any recommendations for rain protection when using an A10 TX on the pole? Haven't been able to find much apart from the Ambient QWB rain cover. This looks a bit big but maybe could work. Anyone using it? Thanks
  9. Oh nice. I will do that today. Thanks a lot
  10. I did not! I thought it was a plug and play operation unless routing to a computer. Better look into it more. Thanks for the response
  11. Hi folks I'm attempting to use Dante for the first time and not having any joy. Have the DSQD and 888 connected and the lights on the Dante ports are all flashing. But when I try to route Dante to the input channels on the 888 I'm getting nothing. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid. Anyone have experience connecting these two? Cheers
  12. Hi I must be being thick but I got the Panamic maintenance kit to clean my boom pole and I cannot figure out how to disassemble the different segments. I unscrew the Thimble as it says to do but after that it just says "remove from mating section". I have no idea how these come apart. Can anyone explain to me how this works? I must be being stupid..... Thanks! Oh. You pull it apart. Doh!
  13. Just wanted to come back and say that I sent these to Lectrosonics and they are now fixed. And not only did they sort the issue but they did it under warranty due to the fact that I'd already paid Ambient who didn't fix the problem. Lectro were so quick to come back whenever I emailed them and the whole process was really quick and easy. Brilliant customer service. And thanks again to Karl for the help here too. Cheers
  14. Thanks Karl I will get in touch. I'm just going to do some more tests with a colleague and see if we can figure out a bit more. I've spent a bit already only to receive them back with exactly the same issue so I want to rule out anything on my end that might be causing it. Cheers
  15. Yes purchased used over a year ago. Didn't notice this issue when I first used them, not sure when it started. Yes I'm in Europe. I have the Compat set to HBR. Other options on the receiver are m.3/300/110/m.6/IFB/HRB TB. Not sure what you mean when you say test each receiver separately as it's just the one dual receiver? Its currently powered by a single L mount battery in a Hawkwoods adapter. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Cheers
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