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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm sticking with 606 anyway
  2. Sorry yes it's true that I asked about bands in Ireland but I've been getting such conflicting reports of which lectro blocks can be used here that I wanted to get some user experiences. Cheers
  3. Hi there Apologies if this has been asked before but I've found it difficult to find out definitively which Lectrosonics Blocks are suitable for Ireland. Anyone using them here? 606 must be ideal but I've also heard possibly 23 up to 26 being available Thanks
  4. Ah thanks both of you for the info. That clears it up. Cheers
  5. Why I can't find this information I have no idea and it's really frustrating me. I have some g3s which are GB band and work fine here in Ireland. I want to pick up another but it's E band and I'm trying to work out for sure if this is a safe band to use. Can anyone advise? Or link to somewhere that does? Am I being blind?! Thanks
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the replies. The collapsed length is certainly an issue I have been thinking about but for my budget I have been trying to stay around the €600 mark which is why I was looking at the Panamic 5811. I had pretty much decided on Panamic anyway and these comments have confirmed that. I'll just have to work out what I can afford to go with. The Mini 5807 certainly does sound like the ideal candidate. Thanks again
  7. Hi folks I'm investing in my first good quality boom pole but have no way to try before I buy unfortunately. I'm trying to limit myself to around €600 and have been looking at the Ambient QSX 5100 and the Panamic Maxi 5811. I'm trying to find sort of an all rounder to do for both drama and docs, although I know there'll have to be some compromise. Does anyone have experience with either of these poles? Do you prefer one brand over the other? I'd love to get some feedback before making a decision. There doesn't seem to be much 'in practice' information about either of them Any advice much appreciated Cheers
  8. Ah ok thanks so much for the info. I had been looking at those. Maybe worth a try considering what you say about the SWIT ones you've used and they won't break the bank
  9. Like these guys - https://www.google.ie/shopping/product/14554020303112627120?q=wasabi+battery&client=ms-android-huawei&sa=X&biw=360&bih=631&tbs=vw:l,ss:44&prmd=isvn&prds=num:1,epd:8443819684575379290,paur:ClkAsKraXx1jXldxt-a8iXFPPsroUN4_Ynfrg9LwIO3NhkLjsXez-WVazxT8Qi3vA24zotWdCL-7J1QdA01bIdEc82FNocct9ijs9xPPPCE3XcnPUlnZrUQBgBIZAFPVH716iNToIbbzCHpN3rhkwaUyGxp9lg,prmr:1,cs:1&ved=0ahUKEwjqlbq619HeAhXM-KQKHRBxAEYQgjYI_gE
  10. Hi folks Looking to get some NP-F batteries and charger for a 633. Have been looking at a SWIT 8770 set, the Sound Devices advertised XL-B2 (both similarly priced), or then the ones on Amazon such as - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pack)Spare-CCD-TR516-CCD-TR555-CCD-TR3000-CCD-TR3300/dp/B014LY3W9G - which are all a lot cheaper. Does anyone have experience using these Amazon batteries with a 633? Any feedback on specific models? Just trying to gauge whether the SWIT/XL batteries are worth the extra expense. Cheers
  11. Well now that is a major assumption on your part, and you have no idea of what type of work I've done or received. I have worked on location and have a good idea of what is needed for post. I have received a lot of very poorly recorded material with extremely basic errors, and so yeah from my experience I can do better than some. At the same time I've received really good stuff which I would see as a benchmark to reach. I don't for a minute think that location work is easy. But my God is it frustrating to receive total garbage and have to try and fix it, and I think it's fair enough to use that as a motivation to get out recording more! Cheers
  12. Hmmm you are making me interested in researching more into the f8n. I need to hear more direct comparisons between that and the pres on the 633. It would certainly free up more cash of other important things as you mentioned...
  13. Thanks for the info. I know it's the older model but I didn't think there were particularly deal breaking differences, but I could be wrong. Generally I'm going to be buying second hand so I'm just waiting to see what comes up. 633 was initially what I was thinking but I've seen a few 664s come up. How do you find the limiters on the zoom? And in practice, working with the screen, setting up and maintaining gain/trim levels, filters etc? Cheers
  14. No I'd be interested to hear it....
  15. Thanks for all of the replies folks. I'm going to leave the 7xx series due to the factors I mentioned before. I'm basically a post sound guy who wants to move towards doing more location as well (probably as a result of some of the terrible production sound I get). I have a lot of the Senn MKH range, a couple of DPA lavs, and as tempted as I've been to just go out and buy a zoom f8n and get to work I feel that I should hold out for a 6xx series. I may not need something that high end right now and would likely get away with a Zoom for a while. But in a couple of years time I would like not to have to upgrade to something better, and because bigger shoots will likely expect Sound Devices in a kit list. I'm thinking possibly a 644. Buy once, cry once as they say.
  16. Hi folks I have been looking out for a second hand 633 to upgrade from my 442/F4 combo. But now I may have the chance to buy a 788t (older version with hdd) with the CL8 for around the same price as a second hand 633. I'm still gravitating towards the 633 as it's a newer product, more lightweight and consumes a lot less power. But am I mad? Cheers
  17. Are they seriously going to release an updated model that still has consumer level line outs??
  18. Thanks yeah you see I'm mainly a post guy so it would only be the odd occasion I'd use them. So your rental suggestion is probably a good shout. Would just have been nice to be able to use the dpas from time to time
  19. Actually I checked those guys out and they don't seem particularly trustworthy
  20. OK good to know. Thanks. And thanks for the info on the YPAs, doesn't sound worth it at all. Has anyone tried these...http://www.ebay.com/itm/DPA-MICRODOT-MICROPHONE-ADAPTER-CONVERTER-TO-SENNHEISER-3-5mm-LOCKING-JACK-PLUG-/280709486205#shpCntId
  21. Thanks Jordan. They might be the ones to go for. Cheers
  22. It's a microdot but I have the XLR connectors
  23. Hi Guys Apologies if this is a noob question but I'm going to be using a wireless system for the first time (rental). I own 2 DPA4060s and I would really like to use them wirelessly. But I'm wondering if there is another way to connect them to a wireless system without having to spend 172 Euro just on the 2 DPA mini-jack adapters? Would I be asking for trouble by using a cheap XLR to mini jack adapter instead? Thanks in advance
  24. Hi Jez. Thanks for the in depth reply. First, yes 'sync' sounds a lot better. I know Foley and fx are different things but I couldn't think of a word to describe all other sounds bar dialogue. Second, I think I could have worded my post a little better. When reading your reply first I couldn't understand the point you were making, but I then realised what it sounds like I'm saying. I didn't mean actually picking up all other sounds like movements etc on the same track as the dialogue. Not at all. What I meant was capturing all of that separately, like for instance getting the actor to recreate their movements without camera or dialogue to be recorded up close and isolated, and then recreated in post. My main question was that if I record the dialogue (in isolation) with a shotgun then should I also stick with that same mic when picking up sync sounds later? Or is it perfectly reasonable to switch to my far superior MKH 40 for the sync sounds? And I was also wondering if a 40 would give good results for indoor dialogue recording (might end up trading it for a 50) Cheers Thanks for the input. Yeah I'm not surprised you say that. I guess it's just a stretch to be using a 40 for location dialogue
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