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  1. I also do as Richard does and have the top and bottom filters engaged.....the top boost in a rycote and windjammer is necessary to pull in the tops and gives better directionality...switching it out makes me want to instantly put it back in....I did an historical doco a couple of years ago when the CMIT was new...all the interviews were with 90 year olds from Bomber Command in WWII........the CMIT with the top end engaged made there older voices much more distinct and the rerecording mixer asked me what mic I had used....I asked why and he said " because with all the mics I apply a bit more top end for intelligibility but with this Schoeps CMIT its spot on...I don't have to do anything to it..." and this from a double Oscar Rerecording Mixer...very nice.
  2. That Arri D21 sure looks something.
  3. In New Zealand this the requirement for TV 3 audio: TV3 PROGRAMME DELIVERY – 0092 ( Audio Specs Only ) SD Digital Betacam with full stereo mix on tracks 1 and 2, music and effects on 3 and 4 HD High Definition should be 1080i50. Our preference is for HDCam-SR with audio tracks to SMPTE standards, that is: 1. Left 2. Right 3. Centre 4. Sub 5. Left Surround 6. Right Surround 7. Left Total (LT) 8. Right Total (RT) with music and effects on tracks 9 and 10 if available. If 5.1 audio is not available then audio should be as for SD delivery: tracks 1 and 2 full stereo mix, 3 and 4 music and effects. Please note we cannot accept Dolby E. If HDCam-SR is not an option then we will accept HDCam with audio as per SD delivery. We will only accept HDCam-SR, HDCam or Digital Betacam for master delivery. Audio Programmes should be delivered in Stereo format Left audio shall be present on the A Leg or Channel 1 Right audio shall be present on the B Leg or Channel 2 If Mono is to be supplied, by agreement, it shall be dual mono format with identical and coherent audio on both left and right channels so that it may be used amongst stereo programmes. Reference audio shall be -18dB below digital peak that is to correspond with PPM mark 4 on a standard Peak Programme Meter (PPM). The maximum or peak programme level indicated with a PPM shall never exceed PPM mark 6 or 8dB above this reference level. Line up Tones serve to identify individual signal channels and to provide Reference Levels to indicate that without adjustment the programme transmitted will be within the signal level limits specified. At least 1 minute of reference tone (PPM4) between 800 and 1000Hz is to be recorded on Audio track 1 (left) and Audio track 2 (Right) so that the phase is identical on both tracks to allow replat phase checks.This tone shall be accompanied by visual Colour bars and be present on each track carrying programme sound. All tracks to be mute for 2 seconds preceeding programme start. The relative timing of sound to vision shall not exhibit any perceptible error. Sound shall not lead vision by more than 20ms or lag by more than 40ms. (Note: 40ms=1 frame) AC-3 audio specifications are available on request only if programme is to be delivered on HD Cam SR tape with all audio channels as discreet (No Dolby E encoded accepted) .
  4. I have done this so many times over the last 40 years.The wire on the teacher is standard...and I boom the rest with my Mk41 on my pole...the trick is to contain the students in a smaller area...get wide shots in the standard desk layout...these are usually used over the teachers questions...then bring the students a little closer so the swing is easier....once you are over the student talking you watch the faces of the others for the tell tale signs that they want to speak...also it helps to know the names of the students and have the teacher refer to them when he wants their answers. The main camera has the sound sent as a split 2 track and camera mics for the other cameras....remember NO BUDGET. A sync clap at the start of each session is sufficient plus time of day code....
  5. I also worked with David Hemmings in the early 80's on the rerecording stage mixing a feature he directed. Very hard work but we got it done on time and i still have a lovely letter he sent me for my efforts. A real gentleman,very funny and a great snooker and pool player.
  6. I was asked to go into a dugout bunker to be shelled by live Howitzer gunfire...the shells were supposed to land about 100 yards away...but the army had laid dummy explosives to coincide with the landing of the shells right on top of the bunker...I refused as the explosives would have damaged not only my hearing but my mic as well.I never worked with that director again.As I watched the cameraman go into the bunker I turned to the Colonel in charge and said...This is not an exact science is it?...no he said..the shells with the way the wind is blowing could land very close to the bunker...fortunately they didn't.The camera mic did an adequate job.This was an exercise to give the new troops a feeling of being under live gun fire.....shortly after a tank over turned and an Army tank driver was killed and another two seriously injured with burns( not related to our filming).This is not what life is about...it was a TV program FFS.
  7. I have done this before...get a SD744T and take the line outs of the 302 to feed one camera..the tape outs from the 302 feed the 744T and their line outs feed the second camera. The recording on the 744t can be used for the transcription and gives you a syncable track for the third camera.A clapperboard syncs all cameras.
  8. Not quite so much of a problem with the DPA 4071's...much better than many other types...
  9. I've always found that a soft woollen scarf is a great place to hide a mic when they are wearing one...the British sound mixers use it a lot because of the colder climate..so there's a real clue in there to try the soft wool approach I feel. Some sort of loose covering that need not be big and bulky..a small square of soft woollen fabric might be a great solution..make a lav sandwich with it.
  10. I've just finished a series with the EX-1...worked very well for sound...nice and clean.I did stack the level on...set tone at -12dbfs and have my limiter on the SD 302 set at +10...the cards seem to be able to take it...as opposed to those Cams with tape...where its the standard -20dbfs...had two cameras rolling..they set their TC to time of day...I sent sound to both cameras...post loved the sound...
  11. BVS

    Les Paul RIP

    A friend just posted this...passing it on... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foXSXOAfB4U
  12. BVS

    DPA Lavs

    I use that plastic holder for my 4071's on many occasions....I have the microdot adapters on all 3 mics,also the 48 volt adapters for i/v's...I am using the DPA's with my SM and Audio Ltd transmitters with great success..never any problems..the DPA's sound the best of all I have used..my rig for them I have posted previously but here it is again.. http://www.jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=1679.0 This is a very fast rig to put on,works in most situations...the reason for the size is...a great solid anchor point with the neoprene,keeps the cable below the capsule quieter and the wind fluffy is great for protecting the capsule for clothes rubbing...and in New Zealand's wind.(Ask Jeff about that..lol..) if you want a smaller rig..then try the Superdots Ultra... www.fantastak.com these seriously stick to the capsule...
  13. Probably the best thing you can buy now for your future-proofing is...... old mics........I have just seen a collection that a colleague of mine has.......fabulous.....and he picked them up in second hand stores.....old ribbon mics...all those that you wished you had one...he has several...he has been offered many thousands for some of them...its his superannuation....by the time he retires they'll be worth a mint...many he has picked up for peanuts....think about it....if you think they are expensive now......
  14. Nice...great to see the accessories stripped off..
  15. Re: The Red camera setup photo.....would love the director to suddenly call "Ok can we go handheld now!"
  16. I'm trying these this week..... Tapespec Superdots Self-adhesive ‘Glue dots on a roll’. The quick clean and cost effective answer for: Print finishers, direct mail houses, production assembly lines, mounting posters and displays, attaching samples to magazines etc ..... - No expensive equipment needed - No warm up or set up costs- Safe - No burns or fumes - FDA Approved for food areas - Available in 3 pack sizes * 1000/ 2000/ 5000 dots per dispenser - 3 grades available to suit your application * Easy tack for easy removal * Mid tack removable but with good adhesion * Ultra tack permanent
  17. I saw these yesterday and they are very aggressively adhesive......the ones I saw had 5000 to a pack....I have a few as samples and will try them tomorrow.
  18. As near as I can work out,they have a flat bar that is turned up at either end on a 45 degree angle and each end is then flattened off parallel to the base bar....a bit like an inverted drawer handle in your kitchen...it looks like it is made of a something light in weight and the mic attaches to the base by some means that isolates it mechanically from the bar.It could be made of plastic,rubber,or something light....the mic sits in the inverted bar...its looks as tho it might be about an inch and a half long and a quarter inch wide.....the two ends attach to the shirt or clothing and a space is created for it to sit in and work...I have seen it briefly on several TV shows,some of them from England....it works very well in a chefs outfit....you can actually touch the fabric above the mic and it is pretty quiet..as you can see...I have it fairly clear what it looks like but would be interested to hear from anyone who is using this.
  19. No Eric..not the obvious ones used for TV..no these are used under clothing as a means of creating space and having no rubbing or clothes movement.
  20. I have seen a few of these in use....seems an excellent solution..anyone using these regularly..and if so..how are they constructed...
  21. Loving this thread !!! While I've had nightmares in the past about arriving on location with no gear at all......most of my dreams are of the creative nature......I dream lav rigs....sad really.....should really get a life but 4am is my most creative time...this has been going on for years on and off......some of the rigs are weird and wonderful and very funny....not at all practical......but sometimes I get one that surprises me and it works....had to be some pay off for all this dreaming....lol..... Brian
  22. Beautiful sounding mic the 4071,I have 3 of them....... tried all the others.....prefer the DPAs.
  23. Got rid of my credit cards...just ordered the new Visa Debit card...use it like a credit card but its your own money...when you run out of money you run out of being able to use it...no controls by big brother...you control it...you can use it on the internet just like a credit card....never going back to the money barons....
  24. No not me....I value my life too much....but it sure looks like a real blast to the senses......
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