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  1. This is my MK 41 suspension image.(see General Discussion)
  2. Whoops!! Might try and send that image to Images of Interest. Brian
  3. This is how I configure my Schoeps MK41 with GVC swivel and CMC5U.Note that the cable is not a header cable but the same one that goes into the SD302.It is simply taped hard against the Ambient 460 pole and this is enough to stop cable noise.I put in the 80hz HP filter of the 302 and this is sufficient. You should have a close look at: http://www.cinela.fr/ I have tried this and it works very well,no bass cut off required. Brian
  4. I have had my AD146 for many years and it works very well.Still sounds clean and handles just about anything I throw at it. BVS
  5. Rob,I understand your problem perfectly!! I do a lot of interviews and one of the things to remember is the camera is the greatest modifier of human behaviour.So we must take this into account right up front with most people.I find its essential to make a connection with the person being interviewed if they look or sound nervous in particular.Often its a smile,a light-hearted remark,or finding out if you have friends in common.This is often not possible with the time constraints of today's world.But there would be very few people who don't appreciate your effort to make them feel more comfortable.In doing a major interview it is important to sit down with them beforehand and listen to them,have a cup of coffee,and make them more at ease.Let them realise that they can trust you.Their voice levels will tend to rise as they talk more, especially if its about something they are familiar with. I prefer to use either a Schoeps(MK41 with GVS swivel and a PSC small universal mount) or a DPA 4071 lav for i/vs.The size of the mic matters for most people as the least intrusive is the best. Close all the doors, windows and any where there is an air gap,as unwanted sound will get through.I try and control the background early on before the i/v is even set up.The less fuss the better during the i/v. Hope this helps. Brian
  6. Thanks for your welcome CrewC.Look forward to exchanging views.For many years we developed in isolation downunder and made all the common mistakes and just learnt by trial and error.But with the advent of the internet and it's ever increasing refinements its made it possible to access this massive database instantly from anywhere.You can also make good friends too. Brian
  7. Thanks Jeff for the welcome.Yes I'm aware of your time down here on Last Samurai and I believe the crew enjoyed their time at some of the beaches,cafes etc.in NP.We have a mutual friend and colleague in Mike Westgate who has often helped me over the years. Best Wishes and I'll be a regular visitor from now on. Brian
  8. I'm with Larry on this one.My wife and I sit down to watch a show that is entertaining and informative.The Doco channels,arts,Food and living shows are much more appealing at the end of a long day than anything violent or frenetic action.I prefer to be able to sleep soundly rather than have reruns of violence churning through my brain.Violent shows are now banned from our house. BVS
  9. I should have done this on the 1st day I joined this net. My name is Brian Shennan,been in the film and TV business since 1965,based in Wellington New Zealand,credits on over 50 feature films(see imdb.com),was instrumental in introducing Dolby Stereo to NZ in 1984.I'm a freelance production sound mixer and do mainly doco work now. I enjoy lecturing in sound at the NZ film school occasionally and am willing to pass on my skills and knowledge to anyone who is interested.I have travelled to some remote locations doing docos,the last being to Mongolia.One of the things we do down here that benefits all the sound people is,we get together and put all our best wireless rig ideas forward and discuss their merits.This has been hugely successful and more are planned.We also have an active Wellington audio association that meets each month whose membership spans all areas of sound.We all gain from listening to presentations from our own members and many well known guest speakers. The free flow of information has been great. My congratulations to Jeff for this forum.Its a big help to everyone wanting to extend their knowledge. Best Regards to the group, Brian (BVS)
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