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    Blue Stuff...

    Thanks Jim..It had slipped my mind that I'd posted this...its works well..
  2. BVS

    Blue Stuff...

    This is something no one has tried...but I did and it works....rain protection when used under a high wind cover...no rain sounds and no water gets through to the CMIT...and its acoustically transparent. BVS
  3. BVS

    Top stickyy...

    Gosh that link is a while ago...the rig is still my favorite for speed and quietness...I do add a loop and a piece of 0485 sticky about 6 inches below the neoprene sandwich to give support to the cable and this helps. Dive suit repair places will stock the 3mm neoprene...you can tell its the right stuff when one side has a rougher cloth-like surface and the other is super smooth and soft. BVS
  4. BVS

    Top stickyy...

    Yes the thickness helps to move the capsule away from the fabric too...a softer sticky would be the highly malleable and quiet Joe's Sticky stuff also known as Sellotape 0485. BVS
  5. BVS

    Top stickyy...

    stick just one side and let the other move.... BVS
  6. I have solved the problem of humidity with my Schoeps CMC5U MK41...once you have it going cleanly,never pull it apart...I have the CMC5U and a GVC swivel on the MK41... BUT the main problem is not always with the mic capsule but what you put over it as protection from popping or wind. The acoustifoam is the main culprit as I have discovered over a long period of time. It tends to absorb moisture and hold it... We have all found that by taking off the foam pop filter when the capsule starts to splutter that the capsule settles when you move it around in free air......put it back on and away it goes again. I thought about this and came to the conclusion that something else was needed that had been designed to keep moisture and dirt away from a surface...the answer is medical. For $11 local currency I bought a Dr Scholls toe protector which fits nicely over an MK 41 and used an "O" ring to hold it snugly in place. It is designed to keep moisture and dirt away from an injured toe but it is also acoustically transparent. It has a courser foam than a teardrop pop filter and this is the key to it not holding moisture. I change the toe protector every few months and at $11 it's good value. http://www.fortiscdoc.com/shop/gallery/1525763435_IMG_0888.jpg Brian
  7. Hi Mike, I bought a San Disk 16g ultra SD which works fine too.... the problem was the old CF reader which I had with a Nikon camera from a few years back... so I bought a Dick Smith Multi card reader for $50 and its all good now. Cheers, Brian
  8. Ok I worked it out.....I bought a new card reader and it worked perfectly...update completed...thanks.
  9. I have downloaded the zipped file to my iMac but the Mac won't recognise the new formatted San Disk 16 Gig Extreme CF card in the CF reader...it recognises a photo CF card ok... Brian
  10. I went to a talk about 3D at Weta Digital when they were first shooting The Hobbit and the 3D Supervisor said that something like 7% of the general population can't watch 3D and get the appreciation of its depth and quality...I'm one of those people as I only have full sight in one eye...but the sound is wonderful. BVS
  11. I have a friend who bought the first "suitcase phone"..he carried it around like a briefcase..very early days.....it cost him $7000...lol.. BVS
  12. I used a 185 and Shure SM 61 on the red carpet at the premiere of The Hobbit, with my boom on the other channel..there were over a 100 radio mics in operation and a coordinator running up and down the red carpet sorting frequencies..I didn't bother to get the 185 checked...no one else there...worked great. BVS
  13. BVS

    DPA 4060 or 4061 ?

    I use DPA 4071's for dialog.....with my SM and Audio Ltd transmitters....superb. BVS
  14. Birthday Greetings from Downunder Jan... Brian
  15. Lets face it....it could have been a lot worse....
  16. Another thing we have done is to bury a mic or two to give a bigger sound without the crack of the in air mics...also wonderful for recording soldiers marching over them to give a bigger sound of their feet.. Brian
  17. I'm not sure that the high stepping makes any difference... http://gizmodo.com/5928737/this-must-be-the-stupidest-way-to-fire-one-of-the-worlds-deadliest-cannons but the high stepping remindered me of a Visa TV commercial running here at the moment... I thought they might work together..the gun image and jingle from the tvc...pretty silly...but fun.. The other thing is that they are firing over a village to lands the shells on the hill behind...unbelieveable.. BVS
  18. I've recorded a few heavy artillery guns over the years..multiple mics are best..dynamics..and most importantly don't get a mic or yourself in front of the gun muzzle or even parallel to it.....the shockwave is horrendous and can shake anything to pieces...you and your hearing are the most important thing on the range to you...don't be persuaded to do anything you think that could affect your hearing...I got asked by a Director to go down into an underground bunker to record the sounds of shells landing close by...I asked the Colonel in charge..".This isn't an exact science is it?...No he said..the wind plays a big effect on the Howitzer shells and they could land very close to the bunker"...so I refused to go and as it was a video shoot, I put the camera mic on and watched from a safe distance...the cameraman came out with his ears ringing...I'm very glad I made the right call for me even tho the Director never hired me again.. BVS
  19. Another way of securing a loose fitting foam windshield is to put 3 "O" rings around the mic itself and then slide the foam over that...it then sits off the mic and doesn't make any sound as a loose fitting one might... BVS
  20. So do you 48 volts on your mic input to the mixer or Line in? It shouldn't affect the mic input if you are using that but who knows..maybe its more than 48 volts...if its not in the trx/receiver chain then follow to the next part of the signal path... BVS
  21. Chris..try some fun fur facing against the hairy chest..it does quieten it down a lot... Brian
  22. Thanks Crew...here's another view with a bit more detail at fader level..
  23. Hi Pete, Yeah velvet was the go in 1976...and did you notice the orange tie and polyester trousers...and the hair looks like a rug... Cheers, Brian
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