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  1. I used to mix on this Neve 12/4 from 1976 to 1984.. It had a wonderful sound and the Limiter/ Compressors were something else... BVS
  2. What pain?..This business will take you into extraordinary situations and give you opportunities to meet people you couldn't hope to meet in 10 lifetimes...being there ..experiencing the moment...and getting paid for it....enjoy your life... BVS
  3. BVS


    I love my 4071's... BVS
  4. Lady, I'm not looking at your breasts...I'm working out where I'm going to mic you.. BVS
  5. THE HOBBIT, Production Video #7
  6. Thats okay I'll be doing it anyway so at the mix you will have a choice... BVS
  7. Always go for the Life Experience...after all its why you're here...some may not have found this out yet..
  8. I've spent quite a few months or more on sound stages with that infernal smoke machine Mike..haven't we all...I tended to move off set as much as I could...it wasn't good for the mics so wasn't good for me either...most of the smoke was water based as I recall and the Effects guy was fairly careful about what he used mostly...I used to get croup as a small child so I was aware off the consequences of long term exposure and took some precautions...we had face masks on set for those that wanted them and I used them a lot when it got heavy. I still have the odd coughing session on bad days but nothing serious. Cheers Mike.. BVS
  9. I was doing a fast turnaround TV series a few years ago with my good friend and DP on the series...it had been a particularly early call time during the winter months.My DP friend came up to me after his morning constitutional laughing ...he said you're not going to believe this but in the rush to get dressed this morning I grabbed some undies in the dark...he pulled up his shirt and down on the edge of his jeans...there was black frilly lace poking out...I wondered if his wife had missed hers that morning.. BVS
  10. This material sticks to itself and to the Rycote without moving...it can be shaped to fit at the end domes of the windshield and it sticks there.. BVS
  11. As you can see its not thick and is totally acoustically transparent... BVS
  12. The roll of sticky blue material to go over the Rycote and under the high wind cover..
  13. This is the air conditioning filter I use over the high wind cover for rain...just shake out the rain and and you are ready to go again..excellent in the high wind too..
  14. There's nothing on the plastic wrap it came in Richard...I'll call in to the carpet shop and ask though.. I'll post some more of the pics off the iphone..and the air conditioning filter material I use for rain... Cheers, Brian
  15. This is the blue sticky material...it feels like Candy Floss that has been crushed down flat ...
  16. I did a TV series in 1992 that shot with multiple glass walls as the office set...you could see right through from one side to the next with 3 rooms between. The glas walls were all movable on rollers and they could track along the back wall from one side to the end of the set. It was the hardest shoot for reflections and shadows that I have ever done...but we did it...thank heavens for the CMC 41 and the GVC...we used plant mics and radios all the time and 2 booms...all mixed to 2 tracks as it happened...onto a Betacam 600... BVS
  17. Try this... http://www.bubblebeeindustries.com/index.php?id=32 BVS
  18. I used my Schoeps very successfully in a sauna with steam shooting off the hot stones when water was poured over them...sounded very good and no hisses or spluts... BVS
  19. Or you could shoot it Mute and add music in Post with subtitles.....never know you might get an Oscar !!! BVS
  20. Thanks TJ....interesting... BV
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