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  1. I finished a series earlier this year with 2 X EX-1's...I set my 302 to +10db as the limit and set my tone from the 302 at -20db on the expanded scale of the EX -1 when you hit the Status button...it will never, ever, go over and will sound nice for post production to work with...boom on Left, lavs on Right....monitored as a mono mix on the 302...after checking the returns from the camera..sweet. I sent a mixed feed from the 302 tape output through an Audio Ltd 2020 transmitter..picked up and fed by the receiver to one channel of the 2nd EX-1 and the camera mic on the other channel...sounded lovely. BVS
  2. If you are having issues of humidity with your Schoeps mics....take off the acoustifoam pop filters...I replaced them with something else on the MK41 and have gone without on the CMIT5U....problem gone... BVS
  3. The trick to keeping the temperature just right for a dry-out is to hold the object in the palm of your hand ..then you know how much heat is being applied...if your hand starts to feel too hot,so does the object start to feel too much heat. BVS
  4. Hi Iacopo... Welcome to our forum and your contribution is appreciated...I think you are probably spot on the money with this...I've had the same thing happen... Enjoy the many views that we have here... BVS
  5. Check the earthing on that first COS-11 Dave..it may have a poor grounding in which case it will act as an aerial for local RF. BVS
  6. Just had a thought....lol... If as Jan said the crew all soaked up the reverberation so much...none of the crew were stuck to the walls to cut it down, then it probably doesn't matter too much where in the space you place your absorbent material as the 2nd and 3rd reflections will pass into them at some stage. So on that basis can I suggest that you buy some small polystyrene balls in plastic bags and empty them into some soft material sacks and place them around the area, out of shot. The balls come as packing material for many things and are cheap to buy from a plastic stockist and are totally reusable. They are light and can be manoeuvred into any handy spot...an absorbent trap. BVS
  7. I love working in reverberant rooms and spaces...the trick is to get much more of the direct sound than reverberation...whatever it takes. BVS
  8. A couple of years ago I did an instructional dvd for our Army on the safe disposal of unexploded ordinance..they call them Blinds... I was able to wire the sergeant in charge of the search for unexploded shells as the blinds were lying all over a large shelled area used for 20 years as a target practice range. He was instructing them on where the safe cleared areas were, on what sort of ordinance was dangerous and the difference between dummy shells and the real thing. I felt right out of my comfort zone on this as we were in an area that had live unexploded ordinance lying around on the top of the ground and much semi buried as well. The Army Bomb Disposal experts were with us all the time and we had cleared paths to walk on..but the bombs were close by and we needed to be very careful...some of the triggers can be lethal in unstable shells so movement over the ground was always gentle. Once they had sorted out which were the dangerous ones in a small area they placed explosives beside the shell..never touching them...then ran wires to a base station.. We retreated out of the area to about 1000 yards away and filmed from there behind heavily reinforced concrete bunkers.. I only used the wire on the sergeant while they were searching the area and in set ups for the instructions to the people being trained. We had finished filming only 3 weeks when an Air Force sergeant who had just returned from Afghanistan...a very experienced bomb disposal expert was killed instantly when some of these blinds exploded in an area very close to where we had been filming only a few weeks before. He made a mistake which cost him his life. No one is immune from this. The dvd will be made available for all new recruits to our Army as a matter of course...it will save many lives...and this was why I did this particular job.... BVS
  9. I'm using a Schoeps Mk41 for interior booming...my best advice...listen for the warmest richest tone you can find in the voice...its not necessarily the closest placement...and try to hold that tone in all your placements. BVS
  10. Its a double edge sword Derek...we all do what it takes to get the sound as clean as possible. I have used Stickies as well..particularly in a clam shell mode to stop noise around the cable/transducer point.
  11. I don't use it under a T shirt but for many applications its easy in the sternum and breast cavities...and the jammer tends over time to become smaller with extended use...still works better than other options I've tried. BVS
  12. This is what I use http://www.dpamicrophones.com/en/products.aspx?c=item&category=118&item=24223 I use it on my 4071's and under clothing. The others above are pop filters only. BVS
  13. BVS

    DPA lavs

    If you are hiding DPA's then the 4071 has a presence boost and an acoustically designed bass cut..that is its in the design of the capsule structure...it has an opening around the base that allows for air movement....an analogy would be blowing over the top of a bottle to get it resonating...with the opening it doesn't have that...its a lovely sounding mic... BVS
  14. What rental rate do you get for it? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...the answer is blowing in the wind........
  15. I'm in Wellington New Zealand,enough said. Strong wind is a fact of life.I'm using over my CMIT 5U.....no acoustifoam pop filter. But I am using....a blue carpet stick down material that is sticky on both sides that totally encompasses the rycote.This material is acoustically transparent and over that is a high wind cover. This is a brilliant combination for rain that is constant but not really heavy.Over this in a serious wind and rain situation I'm using a white acrylic material used in the filter systems of an airconditioning duct.It is coarse and rough and sheds its material if used too often...but no wind gets through or rain...and is easily replaceable....all acoustically transparent...it will withstand winds over 50+ mph.A simple shake of the whole unit empties any water and you are ready to go again....Note..no windjammer...it soaks up the rain and you lose high frequencies. BVS
  16. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/05/hearing-touch-synesthesia/ BVS
  17. Noni has got it right...I was working this week with my DPA 4071's and my CMIT 5U and Mk 41 CMC GVC set ups...works to perfection....no contest. BVS
  18. As someone once said....Just Do it ! Its a necessary thing in post on many occasions when there's too much low end in the dialog......70 hz is a good number to cut below. Intelligibility is improved by a cleaner bottom end. BVS
  19. So true Jan...so true...
  20. Has anyone tried these for our sort of work? http://www.bwspeakers.co.nz/default.asp?action=product&p_action=show_product&id=207 Thanks BVS
  21. You'll need your best wind experience and gear to cope....winds of over 70mph+ are common...I'm happy to help if you need any advice +64 21 453322...Adam is spot on with the frequencies. Expect the unexpected... BVS Brian Shennan .
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