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  1. I use an under carpet mat grip made in the USA...it is acoustically transparent and stops the sound of water drops when used under a high wind cover.It adds very little to the weight as it has the consistency of candy floss. It is sticky to the touch on both sides.A quick shake and the water is gone...no loss of high frequencies and it costs next to nothing from your carpet retail store. BVS


  2. On a few shoots I have had to" tune" the stream where they decided to shoot the scenes... this involved looking at the water flow where there were bubbles and disturbed water running. By altering the placement of rocks and getting a smooth flow I managed to get the dialog much cleaner..

  3. http://www.comac.co.nz/modules/SP_webshop/products.php?cat=109

    I use an older solid rubber version of this rubber rope tensioner...
    Plug your XLRs in to the camera then thread the pig tail side of your breakaway Neutrik multi pin connector through one hole of the tensioner and bring the cable around the handgrip or other protusion on the camera and partially into the other hole of the tensioner so its gripped in the other rubber hole...and adjust the cable size to suit......then connect the other part of the breakaway Neutrik and the cable going to the mixer... this can easily be disconnected by holding the rubber with the connector....your main cable comes apart easily and is endlessly repeatable ...

  4. There's a wig shop not far from my place...I walk in and say..."I'm looking for some wig tape"....
    The guy looks at me and looks again...and then again....
    Then he says.." That's the best dam wig I've ever seen !!!! "



  5. One thing I use to do with an actor or person in a doco is hold the lav at chest height while I get them to talk, and move the lav up and down a little to get an even balance of tonal quality..men with deeper voices have the lav at sternum height or thereabouts...women with a lighter toned voice a little higher...bass increases as you get closer to the mouth.  After a while you can judge where its going to need to be to get a more even matching tonal balance.But as has been said before the hiding is the final determinant.




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