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  1. I resolved it. Silly on my behalf - didn't have the capsule properly connected.doh!
  2. Hello, I have a new dpa 4017b and am trying to connect it to my A10 and am having issues- it's static and sounding like its picking up rf noise. Does anyone else have experience with this - wondering how to resolve. Thanks in advance James
  3. Thankyou so much for your replies- I'm using a lectro umc16b as distro- I have 2x zaxcom - rx200 and older good stereoline receiver and running the zmt low band and a block 21- both experiencing dropouts. The lectro tx are in block 26. The anntennas are 1 rf venue cp beam and a lectro Alp 620. Been running this on previous jobs well, but experiencing problems in Greenpoint and Queens. That is super interesting re reflective surfaces- The set where I'm having the problems is full of gimballing glass- as in triple reflection problems.. I can post the rf scan if interested when I'm back at stage- It is thick with rf!
  4. ha! yea it's solid and u can't beat that..
  5. Hello, I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced rf interference between the zaxcom zmt and prestons? I've had ac's change channels which has helped, but still getting rf drop outs- I am in Greenpoint in Brooklyn - the rf here is crowded- Im in the lower band of rf - and having problems across the different freq blocks. The rf will be solid then get hit and drop out completely. It's nerve racking. It's happening accross the board on both my zmt and trx742. I've reverted back to the lectro uh 400's which is disappointing. These are in blk 26 which is solid at the moment. Cheers J
  6. Thanks for all the responses - Glenn I will pm you, I'm def interested in the filters - I'll try to change the transmitter to xr modulation. cheers J
  7. Hello, I'm using the zaxcom Trx 742 for boom tx, I prefer to have the transmitter mounted by the top of the pole - when mounted with 416 we have no issues, clean, when mounted with mkh50 we are getting rf interference - see attached .wav file - (mkh 50's have been rf shielded by sennheiser). Tried mounting 50 at bottom of the pole - same problem. Wondering if this a wiring/grounding issue with the xlr. Boom pole is internally cabled - perhaps the coil is effecting it? Has anyone experienced this - any luck with Neutrik dmc series xlr connections? Thanks is advance James 1A-001a.wav
  8. Thanks for the reply - yes, have been talking a lot with Peter Schneider at Gotham- Would be great to hear any recent user opinions
  9. hello, I'm considering using the Behringer x32 and pix 970 for an upcoming show, have been searching through jwsound for posts - wondering if there's some more recent users on this forum that can chime in about the board, quality, reliability etc - It looks perfect for the needs of the job - but feeling a little reluctant to make the jump to a digital board - mostly based on its powering needs - having to use the inverter on the cart - and it's durability - show's going to be location heavy- in and out of trucks, crazy locations. Thanks J
  10. Thanks Jeff - I appreciate the reply. I'll take a look at the yamaha also..
  11. hello, I'm looking into getting the SD 970, was curious about a dante enabled 16 channel mixer - I want to have the width slim enough to be rack mountable on a sliding shelf. I've looking at the soundcraft expression SI Expression 1, wondering if anyone has thoughts/opinions about this board. Thanks in advance J
  12. just finished the job and I thought it was pretty useful having the mix track split - I even split the booms with one getting sound effects and the other on dialogue when not using wires. I can see how on a smaller budget project it could be really useful and done well may save some time and money and give you more part of the final mix as oppose to someone remixing the isos. But having said that, if post is just going straight to the isos then perhaps not much point, you're really just mixing for dailies, and the editor - I favor the mono mix, but as always got to keep the client happy - whatever they want..
  13. How are you saving on post? And what is correcty? Thanks!
  14. Thankyou, appreciate the replies. Not used to the mix split track workflow, just wanted to get some knowledge b4 asking questions. I will indeed ask and assume nothing,thanks.J
  15. hello, quick question, I'm working a couple of days pickups on a feature - have been told that the mix handed in for dailies is split tracks boom L, wires R, isos to be recorded too. Just to clarify I mix as normal - i.e. listen in mono and create a mix as if handing in a straight mono mix, and if I don't use wires then the wire track has nothing.. or is it expected that I'm delivering the wires no matter what on the wireless track even if boom track best..? thanks for your help in advance. Best J
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