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  1. Every year I see different companies offering codes for access to the convention floor of NAB show. I'm wondering is there any difference in these codes? Is it just for tracking purposes to see which vendors bring in the most people? Or would choosing one code over another be beneficial in any way? TIA.
  2. Apologies for my ignorance - but when making multiple of these and combining them in a bag how are you binding all the cables together? I'm new making cables other than a simple XLR or BNC and wonder what people are using to tie 6 cables together?
  3. Thanks for the replies all. I've definitely read a lot of the talks on here on rates over the years and I'm grateful for all of that info. I stick hard to a full rate and it's worked out great - weeding out the bad clients for good. And I guess I shouldn't complain - they're not offering peanuts. I've currently got them at $450 for gear. Being a bag guy I've always just charged a la carte - so I really don't have a 'film package' or a rate for that type of kit. A la carte the rate would be much more than that, but perhaps that's a fair rate in a package deal?
  4. Hello all, I'm writing today to see the general stance on an 'indie rate'. I have been doing bag work for nearly a decade now and have generally turned down or priced myself out of all the indie flicks that have come my way. What can I say, I like my predictable 10 hour full rate days and have gotten pretty good at it. Lately however, I'm being asked more and more to quote on indie projects. Sometimes from regular 'corporate' clients who themselves are branching out. One thing that gets said to me often is 'you have to realize this is an indie project...'. As if that's suppos
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply! As far as I know right now, the producer/director and DP are the only guesses I have as to who will be there. It is a feature length indie film with a fair sized cast. I'm hoping the crew will be sufficient, but to this point, it hasn't been brought up. I've got tons of that vitamin powder on standby so it'll be great to put it to use. Good to know about the 'relaxed' way of life. I'm pretty chill myself, so I should fit in! Thank you for replying Vin. As negotiations proceed for this project I may just reach out to you a bit more personally than on thi
  6. Hello all, I'm in discussions with a producer about an indie shoot in India next year and as all my work to date has been confined to North America I thought I would request a little first-hand knowledge from those of you who have done this sort of thing before. I have many questions - some of which I'm sure to forget now and will come back to ask once they arrive back in my brain. Any tips at all are immensely appreciated. 1. Per Diem in India. What would be a good going rate to ask for such a shoot? I usually stick to $75/day for most cities and $25-$50 more for places like New York. 2. Secu
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