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    My background is in film and video work. However, I am adding audio.

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  1. MorganC

    Zoom F8

    It's odd but sometimes speed and specs are not a guarantee of performance. Have you tried non Belkin cards? Considering all the brand's of cards I wonder if it's just a comparability issue with the brand.
  2. MorganC

    Oktava mk-012 cardioid planted

    Excellet thoughts Jim. This cleared up my questions. I appreciate you taking the time.
  3. MorganC

    Oktava mk-012 cardioid planted

    So would you recommend using the cub microphones only when on a stage/studio? If so what would you use for trailer use?
  4. MorganC

    Oktava mk-012 cardioid planted

    On the forum topic House of Cards Season 3 they used Sanken Cub boundary mics for the car interiors.
  5. MorganC

    Nice romantic little piece about a Foley Artist at work

    It was ask great but I especially liked the pasta for hair and the gun cockung for the door bolt.
  6. MorganC

    Second Boom on Project Greenlight

    I follow DP Shane Hurlbut A.S.C on his Inner Circle and he frequently discusses shooting with multiple cameras. He has a film coming out next year where the director regularly wanted three camera coverage. The typical set up was all cameras on Movi gimbal set up as Cam 1) a two shot wide and Cam 2 & 3) Over the shoulder. For most of these set ups, it looked like one to two boom ops would be able to cover with good coverage by booming from the same side as the wide camera. So whether its one camera out multiples, I think with a good director of photography it's possible to cover with the usual number of boom ops. And as always good communication! Which is hard if the other departments don't properly value the sound department and set them up for success.
  7. MorganC

    Situation in Paris

    This had moved me and my family even across the ocean in America. We are deeply troubled by this terrible and senseless slaughter. Out thoughts and prayers are with you. As my friend said, "we are all French tonight."
  8. Is there a default order to how most want their mix and poly files arranged and named? I'm just starting to work with higher quality recorders that will allow this control and am wanting to be confident I am following the industry standard if one exists. Thank you for sharing these helpful apps. Sincerely, Morgan
  9. MorganC

    House of Cards - Season 3

    If you don't mind sharing, is there a good resource to watch on the process for painting out the boom? I feel comfortable cutting in the plate but how do you fix shadows and more complicated problems? This is a fascinating topic and one I will be discussing on future productions when I can.
  10. Can you elaborate on the CK69? I haven't heard much about this microphone. Where does it fit in your toolbox?