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  1. Hey All, Not sure how many of you have seen these? But they have been super handy on set for me.
  2. I do realize. Once I did some more digging about these units I have changed my mind. The battery life isn’t great on these units. I’ll wait until the Deity BP-TRX’s come out.
  3. Considering this for the bag work I do. Selling my Zaxcom ERX’s and going with this. It’s so small I could have a two channel mix going to camera and using my ambient Nano Lockits for Timecode. Yes it’s two units on the camera but they are both so small and light it would still better then an ERX.
  4. QuickBooks! I have it all set up with my accountant and it’s connected to all my business bank accounts and credits cards. I can invoice directly from my phone or computer and clients can pay me through it. My accountant has access to it all making my tax process much easier.
  5. This is some impressive range. I have Shure IEM’s for my Boom Op and love them. They really need to come up with a bag receiver and I’d consider switching over to them in the future. The video also proves you don’t need to crank the power at the transmitter to get better range.
  6. All advice given so far is great. I'd also say if you can't afford the sound devices, Zaxcom or Cantar up front (most people can't) the Zoom F8n is a good place to start for a recorder, if you can manage to get a little more cash look at the Sound Devices MixPre's. You can also go to www.trewaudio.com or www.gothamsound.com and look at their used gear. Also if you have a place near you where you can rent and try stuff out before you buy that's always a good option.
  7. If you haven’t seen these, they are fantastic! Amanda Beggs: Devendra Cleary: Tom Curley:
  8. Still waiting. Would love to replace my Zaxcom ERX’s with these for bag work.
  9. This is a great site the information here is invaluable. I should get back in here more. I did get sucked into all the Facebook groups over the years.
  10. Hey all, Have any of you jammed timecode into a Atomos Inferno? I'm working on a shoot that has one. It's on a FS700 connected by SDI. I'm using Zaxcom ERX for jamming. I get an error message saying the frame rate doesn't match. Yes I checked everything like three times to make sure it matches. I tried adjusting the output voltage. I read the manual. I've now left three messages with Atomos and they haven't got back to me yet. Any I ideas or thoughts would be helpful thank you.
  11. Well that is fantastic! The remote audio ones are half the price of the Audioroots.
  12. This might be a silly question, but would my audioroot system be able to read the data on these the same way it does with current audio root batteries?
  13. Why yes I was making a point. And yes personally I will never use a Zaxcom product again, I know lots of people in Canada who would like to. I was told back in December the issue with the IC would be taken care of. And I have heard nothing about it. And yes did call Zaxcom, not mentioning who I was, and I was only told we are taking care of it. That was a few weeks ago. Now with NAB and new products coming out, I'm sure more people will have interest for there products up here. I apologize for jacking the thread.
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