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  1. It consists of a fairly thick aluminum housing, so the penetration of RF signals is not possible. Inside, no components are installed that can cause RF interference such as step-up or -down converter or displays Does that answer the question sufficiently?
  2. This is my new design. I tried to make it as flat as possible. So it fits perfectly in every pocket. Each output can be switched separately and is provided with fuses. Of course there is also a main switch. The outputs are all led down. the smart battery is connected to the Distributon Box via Hirose and can be stored anywhere in the bag.
  3. Hello Karsten, Inspired by your idea I have a box with integrated battery-slot. Hirose are with 2.5A resetable fuses on each output and one is in the loop. The 3 smart bus wires give more information than the "capacity controller". I have heard that an Arduino can read the information and put it on a display. I will be looking for more information.
  4. I will not give the price until next week. More information and pictures can be found here
  5. I just finished my new prototype XLR right angle connector. The end cap is made of anodized aluminum (shielding aspect). The output is 360 ° selectable. The connector can be easily opened and repaired at any time. Currently I have the cap only in black. I have created a small Assembly Instructions video with my mobile. https://youtu.be/3qlnrCjtbfU
  6. hello jeremiah, you can send me an email to info@ops-shop.de and we can speak about the conditions and you can order and pay on my website. at the moment you will miss the ta-connectors on my website. www.ops-shop.de sorry, at the moment it´s only in german language. if you know other people, who would like to have some of my items it would be better for you, cause the shipping costs to america is much expensive. hello jack, it sounds nice. maybe we can make a deal. first i have to find the right cable for the TA-5. normally i use mogami-cable, but i didn´t find the right one and have to order it. please send me an email to info@ops-shop.de and we can speak about the conditions and later you can order and pay on my website.
  7. The strain relief is the 2K glue. The viscosity is high ca. 20.000 - 25.000 mPa·s thats important. The glue can't escape so fast. Rean is still using the foam rubber. I like the Rean TAs because of the bigger latch and the surface feel.
  8. Thank you! This 24€ price is inclusive of the German VAT (19%). The Soundequpment is always expensive in Germany, a Neutrik gold 3-pin XLR which I use cost 4€ and it takes ca 1h per piece to produce a connector at the moment. The business rival in Germany is rare and more expensive than me.
  9. http://www.ebay.de/itm/321141987192?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  10. It is high flexebile. I use it for my connboxes. Ta_ta-ta'ta. Today I can present my version of TA-3 right angle. I have to refine the style a little bit... More pictures soon
  11. I cut it with a Mill and I use anodised aluminium for the endcaps and 2K Metall Glue
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